Friends + Anthropologie + Dinner = Perfection


Sometimes you just need a little time with the girls.


Add shopping and dinner in the mix and it doesn't get much better.


Doesn't time go by too fast when you are with good friends?


A TRUE friend….one that will try to steal your favorite chair for you!


I am waiting for my call from Anthro…it is coming any day now. 


I know you all will love to know that the woman in the dressing room LOVED us.  Of course she did…..she knew her night would be boring after we left.

I always leave these girls wishing for a little more time.

Until next time girls.

(The pictures aren't the greatest quality because I didn't have my good camera.  I just couldn't resist sharing them anyways.)

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  1. Tricia

    It looks like you had sooo much fun! There is just nothing like a good girls night out!

  2. traci

    oh jeanne – what a ball!! looks like what me and my girlfriends would do. girlfriends are the best. i just love that store.

  3. chas at the wild raspberry

    looks like a lot of fun. friendships are such a blessing.

  4. Maisy

    I love my time with my girls. I love the idea of a girls day starting out at Anthro.
    Looks like you had a ball…good for you!!!

  5. Tara

    Now to have a friend that is willing to steal your favorite chair, that pretty much rocks! Love girl time…but mine is usally hanging out at the bar, shhh, don’t tell! I would take a trip to Anthro, and then the bar though too! Good times! 🙂

  6. Carlie Leach

    Hi Jeanne,
    I saw a necklace you made for Alison on her blog. It is adorable! And I think maybe a purse for Bailey was made by you too?? 🙂 Your things are gorgeous. Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say hello. I am checking out your site and it is really fun!

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