Full Wallet


I love this title because believe me….after France my wallet is ANYTHING but full!

Now..I can't let a little thing like money keep me from fall fashion:-)

OK..I can.

If you are anything like me you don't go and buy a whole new fall wardrobe..you just want a few UNIQUE and DIFFERENT pieces to add to your closet each season.


As much as I love Anthropologie I had to give up that LOVE to save for France.


VERY much worth giving up Anthro to stroll along the Seine.


Before I went to France I bought many new items from Ruche and a local store in Ft. Collins (The White Balcony) that carries many of the same brands.


If you have never checked out Ruche you are in for a huge treat. Anthro look….a FRACTION of the cost!


Are you  in love yet???

I thought so!

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  1. jackie

    Jeanne……….thanks for the new shopping experience. I love their clothes and like you said half the price.

  2. Heather

    We have an Anthropologie where we just moved to here in Alabama. They have beautiful clothes and the sweetest smelling purfumes. But, they are very pricy. I would have to shop off the sale racks for sure. I would feel guilty spending that much. I guess I don’t enjoy clothes as much or I guess I would. 😉

  3. Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

    Okay, so I’m really loving your playlist, Jeanne! I usually stop by from my blog (so I have my computer muted…to not have a merry-go-round o’ tunes). But I hopped on over from Shannan’s blog tonight…and my toes are tappin!’
    : )
    Julie M.

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