Galena {I Heart You Still}

Galena, I love you!

Blah, blah, blah…..

I know I have told you many times over the years how much I love this little town in Illinois…but I am going to tell you again.


I can’t help it….

Historic downtown, trolleys, water, huge trees, sculptures, wonderful restaurants, quaint coffee shops, many local artists, music on the street, gorgeous old homes with the American flag flapping in the wind….

Do you understand?

Do you now know why I keep telling you about this town?

I always tease Kelly that we are going to move here (even though I would never want to deal with Illinois winters or summers again.  EVER.) and I am going to have a studio downtown.  I always pick the MOST expensive building and then tell him about my studio, shop and then area for teaching.

I am sure my dream studio/shop will be walking distance  to our incredible, historic home that has already been renovated perfectly to my every wish:-)

A girl can dream.

Galena….I heart you.  So, until next time…..

Is there a town that you dream about?


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  1. Traci

    i love that town too. a couple years ago i saw a building for sale. i pictured a book store on street level. a studio on the second story and i could have a living space on the third. i have a picture of it somewhere. dreams are fun.

  2. Tracy S

    Oh I love Galena. Haven’t been there in ages – but love it too for all the reasons you describe. I think the last time I was there was for a wedding of friends some from chicago and some from Iowa – so it was a good meeting point – and beautiful place for nuptials. Enjoy your day and dreams.

  3. Paula Parrish

    Hello Jeanne,
    Love IT! Galena, IL sounds just like my hometown in IL that I grew up in with historic buildings and old time charm (everyone knows everyone). Moved away to sunny Florida in the 80’s just needed a change. Traded snowmobiles for surf boards. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  4. Michelle

    Ahhh…. it looks perfect…except for those winters! I dream about Savannah GA. I even had my husband hang some photos he took while we were there so I could wake up every morning under live oaks covered in Spanish moss… sigh.

  5. Lorie

    I have been here. My husband’s relatives live an hour away from it in Freeport. They took us here a year ago. I LOVE it too. Especially the big water tight flood doors at the end of the street. I don’t know why they fascinate me so, but imagine having to use them! Glad you love it too. I have MANY great pictures from our time there!

  6. Vickie

    This little town just flooding last week. That county got about 11 inches of rain in one night. 🙁

  7. Lara

    Oooooo, I think I could defintely live there. What an adorable town. I can see you there too 🙂
    Your youngest looks like an angel in that image, Jeanne…my, oh, my…so cute.

    Let’s talk this week–missyouloveyou.

  8. Kahra Gilley

    I dream of living in ANY historic town, in ANY beautiful historic home within walking distances to ANY and ALL local shops and attractions! Maybe one day 🙂

  9. Stacey

    I love to hear your dreams….I want a shop just like that in a town I dream of…that town changes with each new visit I make….Steamboat Springs, Co, Bozeman, Mt, Colorado Springs, Co, Maui, Helena, Mt, Whitefish, Mt….

  10. Lori

    If you are going to dream Jeanne ~ dream big!! I love little towns like this ~ historical houses and downtown areas ~ check check! Now if you can just move your favorite town a little south you will be all set!

  11. nicoleigh

    I dream of Fort Collins and Cody and/or Cheyenne, Wyoming! Very different but amazing towns! I was just in Dubuque on Monday. I need to go back there {as well as Galena} and tour on my own. I always seem to be in that town with students {for work}.

  12. Therese FitzRandolph

    I love your website! Your photographs are so lovely. They capture and essence and spirit that isn’t seen so often. Thank you for sharing your work.

    P.s. May I say that I LOVE the music on your site…many times I just click on your site so I can listen. : )

  13. Connie Brauer

    Jeanne –
    One of my favorite places also! Something is always going on every weekend. When I see those steps, I think “Field of Dreams”. I think I need a fix now and should plan a weekend. As previous poster said, area was flooded very badly last week so maybe this fall.
    Connie (aka Lou)

  14. Daune | Cottage in the Oaks

    Sounds like a wonderful place……my place? Blowing Rock, NC {Jan Karon based her books ‘The Mitford Series’ on this town} There are a few others—but Blowing Rock always feels most like home. Historic homes with so very much character, just a walk to the quaint downtown, everyone knows everyone, genuine artists galore….could go on and on! 🙂 I already have the home renovated, garden growing, studio and shop space, and maybe even a coffee shop with a bookstore…..

  15. Kimberly

    While I am fairly certain I am no longer able to live in the midwest (big ole no on those humid hot summers and freeeezing winters) I too dream of a small town there – mine being in Minnesota. I think it is the fact that so many of my favorite childhood memories are there. It tugs at my heart a little each time I think of it – maybe it is time for a visit~
    Love you sweet friend,

  16. 1 Funky Woman

    We love Galena too! Its been a while since we’ve been but a friend just spent a week there and loved it. So I can’t wait to return. I can see your studio downtown, how perfect!


  17. Funky Junk Interiors

    YES. It’s a beach resort 45 min from me. Every summer I swear I’m going to live there OR at least have a little year round cabin in front of a lake. 🙂

    Funny thing? I live in a quirky little town now that I’ve come to absolutely adore. Which leads me to believe I may be home after all…


  18. judy hall

    We’ve had many occasions to travel through and visit Galena and we fall in love with it’s charm every time. If anyone ever has the chance
    to go a bit off the beaten path to go through this charming town, I promise, you’ll fall in love with it also.

  19. Lorie

    GOrgeous!! There are so many fun little towns near where I live in Texas, I love to spend time in all of them. ESPECIALLY around Christmas!!

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