Creativity is everywhere and I am constantly in awe of the talent that oozes out of so many.

Isn’t it absolutely breathtaking the music that gets composed, the fashion that is designed, the paintings that are finished and the photography that captures moments, memories and beauty?

Those are only just a few examples of the creativity that flows all around us.


Everyone once is awhile there is someone that captures my attention and holds it longer than others.

I have been loving all the creativity that comes out of the sister team behind Rodarte.


Laura and Kate’sĀ story is truly inspiring.

Two sisters that started a clothing line with the money from one of their record collections (must have been a pretty good collection…is was around $16,000).

From the beginning they received attention with the few pieces they designed.


Anna Wintour….yes, of Vogue…noticed them and I am sure her nod was priceless.

I love that two sisters are doing this.

In a short period of time they have taken the fashion world and Hollywood by storm.


I didn’t care for the movie Black Swan but Rodarte designed all of the ballet costumes that Natalie Portman wore.

The costumes were breathtaking and truly an example of the artistry behind costume design.

Here is to dreamers.


You can see their latest line HERE Ā (please pause my music first).

I would wear almost everything in this line.

It is stunning, great lines, wearable, classic….perfection in my eyes.

Who is your creative crush?