This girl is my skipping, twirling, back flip, humming, singing, smiling kid.

She is the kind of kid that can get in trouble and within 5 minutes she will be in your lap kissing and hugging on you.

She hugs, kisses, loves and compliments so much each day.

{Except when it comes to her younger brother. THAT is a whole different post}

She is my only girl and she is this incredible blend of girly girl and athlete.

She likes things with sparkles and she wishes I would let her wear eyeshadow.

She never sits still unless she is reading.

She writes songs and loves her karaoke machine.

Her room is rarely clean and don’t even try to go into her closet.

She makes friends everywhere she goes and always comes home with a new phone number.

{I am not looking forward to the day when the number belongs to a boy}

She asks to sleep on our floor ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

Many nights her request will be with a song or poem all about sleeping on our floor. It is pretty hard to say no after that:-)

So many times when I look at her and see her gifts starting to grow I will wonder what she will become…who she will be.

She knows (really, really knows) that she is loved.

She knows (really, really knows) that the Lord adores her.

The days are long and we all know the years go by so quickly.

I feel it all going faster and faster lately.

Each time I look at her I am seeing something new and beautiful.

I have my ideas of what she will become but I am keeping my mouth shut and I will enjoy watching her unfold.

Lord, thank you for allowing me to be her momma.

Please keep drawing her heart unto yours.


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