_October 016a

I love traditions and making memories with people I love.

I love that there are certain things that we do as a family that the children look forward to all year.

One of the traditions I have with Madolyn is "Girl's Day".

This was our fourth year celebrating the start of school with friends.

Even though we homeschool I always wanted the kids to be excited to start another school year.

This year we celebrated a little later than usual.

_October 021b

Our day started with lunch at one of Madolyn's favorite restaurants, Augustine Grill.

_October 017a

We all then headed to the outlet mall in our town and began a little shopping.

Everything with jewels and sparkles was Maddy's favorite….can you blame her?

We then headed to the mall for a little more shopping. 

The girls picked up a little pizza and candy for the hotel.


We then headed to the hotel for swimming.


We were a little rushed packing and forgot flip flops and a cover up.  Madolyn headed to the pool in a yellow bikini with Ugg boots on….quite the sight!!!

After swimming the girls wanted to do our makeup and as you can tell …..Madolyn really likes the Tammy Faye Baker look!!!!




This was the way-way-way "After" photo.   The child could not stop with the blush.



I then did Maddy's makeup and she thought it should have been darker…go figure.

Toes and fingernails were painted and then all the girls cuddled in the pull out bed to watch Hannah Montana the movie.


They are such sweet girls.

This time is already going so fast! 

How long do you think she will do this with me?

What I do know is that I treasure her and that in the midst of blessing me with two amazing boys…the Lord also gave me a girl.

How I adore her and understand her.

She is me.

She is my reflection.

Sometimes she will do something so over dramatic and Kelly will just look at me…and I know. I know why she is acting like that.  I know why the tears are falling and even when I don't know why…I remember very clearly not always knowing why I couldn't stop the tears.

Do you remember?

The emotions?  Your first love? Your first heartbreak?

I hope I never forget…I will be a better mother for my little girl if I can hold on to what it REALLY felt like.

I love this little gir
l and our memories that we are making.


For all you gals that have emailed me about my yellow dress…I bought it at Anthropologie.

In my defense…I bought it before the whole South of France, no Anthro thing:-)