It is best thing EVER to see people you adore creating beauty for themselves and others.

I have known Becky for five years and I have watched her go from blogging to making art to creating a whole business around creative cuffs!

I have a few of her cuffs myself and we bought a special one for our Maddy for Christmas this year.

Old leather belts, hand stamped metal and words that mean something to your heart…what is not to love!

Becky’s shop is only open for a week at a time and lucky for you it just re-opened!


The shop is only open for 5 days this time so if you have been wanting one you need to hurry on over.

The best part is that Becky has offered my readers a 15% off discount code!

For Real.

To checkout the cuffs head on over HERE.

Once you find your favorite cuff use the code Jeanne15 at checkout and get your discount.

You know when you see little glimpses into another’s life you can tell about their creative heart?

You know when they are so comfortable in their own skin and their giftings?

I didn’t find my creative stride until I had had my three children and we have slowly figured out how to mix motherhood, a business, creating and home.

When I watch Alisa Burke and her husband with little Lucy they just make me so happy.

They just live creatively because they already knew themselves by the time Lucy came along.

I know they would say they are still figuring things out but I think they are doing something wonderful here!

Alisa has the most incredible new product out and she recently send me a few samples to play with.


Once upon a time I was attending a wedding and couldn’t find a purse that I liked to go with my little black dress. So I grabbed one of my messy graffiti paintings, ripped it off the stretcher bars and sewed it into a clutch. Little did I know that this moment would COMPLETELY change the direction of my creative career! I suddenly discovered an entirely new process- painting canvas and fabric and remixing it into all kinds of accessories. I loved that a piece of art could be completely redefined! 

I got so many inquiries about that first purse that I started making more to give to family and friends, then I opened an Etsy shop, began selling my handmade accessories at craft shows, to boutiques and museum stores, I created custom bags for all sorts of fabulous people (Warner Brothers staff, an Oprah executive producer, Maryam of My Marrakeshjust to name a few) and I even wrote a book about my process. After a while I couldn’t keep up with the demand of making all those accessories and I decided to take a little break and focus on the teaching side of my business. A year or two passed and while I was still making accessories, I had to limit myself just to small specialty orders.

Then something unexpected happened…Demdaco came calling. They had been watching me for a while and thought the accessories I created would be great for a line of licensed products. To be honest I had not even considered something like this but after hearing their concept I couldn’t resist signing on with them! Insert 2.5 more years of development, creating art and some waiting for the right time I am happy to announce that my line of accessories- Heart to Art Remix is HERE!

There are scarves, purses, cuff bracelets and headbands all made from my original painted canvas and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way that everything turned out! Its a little bit graffiti mixed with color and lots of texture- everything is a wearable piece of art! 

The cuff is amazing with the design, art, stitching and buttons.  I loved all of the details and it screams Alisa and her art.

The zippered wristlet is so cool and it is already in my purse carrying my makeup.

These are just a few of the new products that are a part of Alisa’s newest line from Demdaco.

These pieces feel just like Alisa and her art.  I think that is something so impressive about this collaboration.

{one of Alisa’s postcards}

To see more of Alisa’s art and products check out her shop.

You can also visit Demdaco HERE to find the store nearest you.

Thank you Alisa for sharing a few of your newest pieces…they are gorgeous!

Thank you for also sharing your beautiful and creative life with all of us!