I interrupt Franceapalooza for a life update.

I had to show this cute boy.


He won't be four for a few more weeks and he just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.

That's right….we build them really cool around here!

This same super cool kid has been asking for a mohawk for about six months now.

I really thought he would forget about it.

Change his mind.

Move on to something else.


I had told him months ago that he could have it once he turned four….never dreaming he would actually still want it when he was almost four.


So….because I am the coolest mom EVER and because a promise is a promise….and because it is just hair………

(and because I fibbed a little and said he was getting a mohawk and then asked the girl to cut a faux hawk)

Picnik collage 



You have to love a place that gives your kid a mohawk and a tatoo….I was just waiting for the cigs and beer!

Side note….his sister cried when she saw him because she was so sad that his curls were gone.

Ben on the other hand has nicknamed himself "Bad to the Bone Ben"…what are you going to do???