Grandma Jeanneoli

My story begins back in October.

I had just met my friends Lissa and Becky in Boise for Brave Girl Camp.


We had only known each other through our blogs at this point.

They had arrived earlier in the day and I was arriving at bedtime.

We had been talking for 30 minutes or so when Lissa and Becky started looking at each other and sharing some pretty weird looks and smiling.'

Lissa asked me if I ever noticed when her comments "changed"?

I had no idea what she was talking about.

They both busted out laughing.

To say I was lost at this point would be an understatement.

Well…I then came to find out that Becky AND Lissa both thought I was an old grandma for months of first meeting me on-line.

The photo that used to sometimes show up next to my comments was a photo of me from July 4th a few years ago.


When I first started my blog I used that photo because it was one of the few with just me. 

I am now WELL aware the the hat wasn't working.

Even when I went to Farm Chicks and I met my friend Kimberly for the first time… she told me that I HAD to get rid of that photo.

I didn't have it anywhere on my blog anymore but it was still showing up next to comments.

The killer was that today my friend Lissa was talking on the phone with Sasha and SHE used to think that I was a grandma based on that photo.

For the love of all that is good.

God bless America.

For the love of ginger.

These are all old favorite sayings of  MY grandma.

What the heck????

I am now just curious…..who thought I was a grandma???

The best part is that they thought my name was Jeanneoli…which is the beginning to my email.

So now I became an old, Italian grandma by the name of Jeannoli….please say that with an Italian accent…it will make it so much more fun.

So….I am very glad that I have new photos for my blog.



I know that I am not young anymore…but please….I am only 37!

Signing off….Jeanneoli….your sweet, Italian grandmother!!!!

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  1. mkg

    If the picture of you in the hat looks like you’re a grandma, what in the world chance to we grandmas have of thinking we look OK????? Maybe it was just the Jeanneoli that mixed them up??? You’re new photos are terrific though!!

  2. Tracy

    aaaahahaha, I’m dying laughing. It is so funny what first impressions we make on people and then the longer we chat, read, interact, etc – that picture seems SO far off of reality!!
    i’m guilty. I, too thought you were a grandmotherly type. A fabulously chic grandmother, at that!
    And I know that someday grandma Jeanneoli will make an amazing bowl of spaghetti for her grand-bambinos! πŸ˜‰ She may even let them borrow her hat!!!?! xoxo

  3. Becky G.

    Nope, nuh-uh, never ever entered my mind that you were a grandma!!! I do, however, think of you as jeanneoli! :o)
    And Lord, do you make me feel old! I’ve got 20 years on you. Where does the time go? I feel like it’s only been a month or so since I was your age!
    Blessings, Becky

  4. camille mcclelland

    That is so funny! I didn’t know you till BGC, so I never thought you were a grandma. πŸ™‚

  5. Martha

    Okay I snorted out loud with this post…because I’ll be honest because you asked…I did think your name was “Jeanneoli” and maybe a bit older than you are because I couldn’t see that beautiful face with that hat on…but too funny…by the way your pictures are just GORGEOUS! I actually saw the sideview pic of you on your blog when I visited and thought that so I knew you weren’t a Grandma!
    Although I do admit I am still laughing at this post:) Too funny!

  6. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I’m so happy that those gals helped to clear the air…I’ll confess, I was right there with them! I wouldn’t go the “grandma” route…you were still cute in the pic, but in a very…homey, Laura Ingalls Wilder sort of way. Plus, you sewed. I’m not sure what caused it to clickefor me that you are a, cool chick…but I do remember having that clear realization at some point. Now, come to find out, you’re a total looker and I want to come and steal your entire wardrobe.
    Seriously – this Cracks me UP! Love it!

  7. Melinda

    Too too funny–no Grandma here. The hat doesn’t look that bad.
    At least you have that taken care of!
    Happy Friday!

  8. nic

    found you via flower patch farmgirl…and what a hilarious introduction to you. πŸ™‚ i love the new photos; you’re the most fetching granny i’ve ever seen!

  9. meg duerksen

    still so funny.
    it is hilarious.
    the new pictures are stunning.
    you are so beautiful. πŸ™‚
    our talk has been carrying me through this week.
    thank you.

  10. Jen R

    I laughed out loud because I actually thought the same thing!!! Do you want to borrow my last name? It obviously suits you!

  11. Carmen

    Ohhhh I love this!!!! It’s priceless. For the record, I never thought you were a grandma. haha! But you know grandmas CAN look very young. As young as 34, in fact. πŸ˜‰

  12. Janet

    So funny! Never thought you were a grandma. Your new photos are sweet and beautiful — just like you sound from your blog posts!

  13. Kristin

    this post cracked me up!! yep…that pig type snort you thought came from utah…that was me ;0) seriously funny story..i never saw the photo of you as grandma glad you shared it with us ;0)

  14. sheila

    Way too funny… I am sorry to say that i like your hat, maybe I am old at the ripe age of 39 πŸ™‚ I hope that 2010 has been good to you so far.

  15. Shannon

    lol, this post made me laugh. How funny that they thought you were old. Well you look beautiful and 37 is not old!

  16. stephanie

    Hey there! Stephanie from The Whispering Creek House..I think your stunning at 37! Im 37 too..and Im trying desperatly trying to become who I am after 10 years of a deep dark depression..I have felt a million years old and right now am completly relying on God to bring me back no pics yet..just gotta learn to love me first..the blog I have has been a little part of my life as it comes back..its is amazing how we grow up isnt it? Hugs to you and celebrate..your beautiful…

  17. lissa

    did you get my message about this! I’ve never laughed so hard or so loud. I hope Becky saw that comment. Okay… I give… you ARE a funny girl! πŸ˜‰
    This brings back so many fun and funny memories!!!
    i’m scared to ask but if you’re grandma jeanneoli and Becky is CHewie. Who am I?? The absolutely HOT one???

  18. Nora

    You crack me up. I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda thinkin the same thing as they until I saw pics of you guys from brave girl camp. You are adorable!
    Love the new pics πŸ™‚

  19. shawn

    I for some reason thought u were Jeanneoli, also! I just figured out ur real name by ur photo blog. But, I love your new pictures. Guess I got on the wagon later, because I didn’t think u were a grandma. What a hoot! Blessings,

  20. Allison

    I think I started following you and there were pictures of your kids, so I definitely knew you weren’t a grandma πŸ™‚
    But you look fabulous at 37! πŸ™‚

  21. Jackie

    I did wonder about the Jeanneoli thing, but I never thought you looked like a grammy – a little homespun maybe, like another person commented, but not old (and 37 is definitely not old, especially since I’m older than that and I don’t feel particularly ancient)!! Such a funny story!

  22. The Little Red Shop

    “Her face looks so young and fresh…I don’t know how they could think that,” was my mama’s instant reaction to your granny news.
    : )
    Julie M.
    ps I never thought you were geriatric either…but I might have seen you at Farm Chicks’ when I was visiting with Kasey. Maybe Lissa, Becky, and Shannan need bifocals… hee hee

  23. Lori

    oh, that is SO funny!!! i never thought you were a grandma…but i did have that notion about a few other girls until they posted pictures of themselves…it’s funny how you get an idea in your head about how someone might look or their age…have a great weekend Jeanne!!!

  24. traci

    that is hilarious. at no time did i think you were a grandma. but i believe you are going to be one cute grandma, when the time comes.

  25. Brooke

    LOL. I never thought you were a grandma. I guess I never looked too close at your picture – b/c when I did I thought it was a picture of your child. So, I never really thought of it. haha. However, I did think your name was Jeanneoli. So funny!
    I love your new pics though, you look fantastic – and you seem as sweet as pie πŸ™‚

  26. suzanne

    Oh this is just too funny. It is interesting to see what perceptions we form by the voice or impressions we get from reading a blog, and then find out they are totally unfounded! But then, that’s the beauty of “internet” friendships! Funny story, and yes, you are quite a cutie pie grammie! πŸ˜‰

  27. Maisy

    HILARIOUS!!! You have me laughing out loud~
    I NEVER thought you were a grandma but I didn’t think that hat was working for you. You are….simply put….GORGEOUS…inside and out.

  28. The Flying Bee

    This was so funny! Okay…I did think it for a second, but quickly figured out you weren’t. Now, the one thing I still think about all the time is how you pronounce your name. All this time I have been saying it like Jeanne D’Arc, you know…more French or is Jeanne, like blue jeans? I have always wanted to know, but now I am thinking I really like Jeanneoli!

  29. micah murray

    Hey I do not in any way think you look like a grandma. Quite the contrary…I have loved those boots you are wearing with your yellow dress, and I just have to know where to get a pair. I have looked and looked for a pair to no avail…so…please share your fashionista advice with this 30 something so I am not mistaken for a grandma:)

  30. You can find the fabulous boots at Anthropologie! All of the boots I have ever gotten from them are amazing and very comfortable. Hope you find a pair.
    Subject: [My Weblog] micah murray submitted a comment to Grandma Jeanneoli
    Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 07:55:26 -0800

  31. Tara

    hilarious, truly….I never thought you were a grandma, but when I met you at Farm Chicks I have to say that your beauty really struck me…you are gorgeous and I really really love your new photos…! I do have to confess, I never said your name right, I thought your were Je-anne…I still call you that in my head! hehe!! You are one foxy lady!

  32. Leah C

    Well, I can’t say I thought you were a “grandma”…but the new photos are so much more becoming to you! You have such a pretty face:) Please keep the “Jeanneoli” though; it’s just the best!

  33. Luci

    I love this post, and you are so gorgeous! People get the strangest impressions over the internet, and that’s part of the fun.

  34. Lemonade Makin' Mama

    I’m actually really sad you’re not the grama I thought you were.. I was hoping Becky and I would walk into Lissa’s and you’d greet us with warm cookies and a floury kiss on our foreheads… and smell all grandmothery like old perfume… and tell us stories of the good old days when you’d dance all night with the sailor boys fresh off the boat before you met grandpa… and talk about the war and depression.
    Now I need to find myself a new grandma. Thanks alot.
    (Just kidding)

  35. amy

    no way!! too funny! when i have time i WILL be going through comments to see if anyone else thought you were a “grandma”!=)

  36. Sasha,
    Dont worry…I can still be your grandma. I forget things all the time and will probably lose my train of thought while we are talking:-)
    Subject: [My Weblog] Lemonade Makin Mama submitted a comment to Grandma Jeanneoli
    Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 11:11:16 -0800

  37. Holly

    I like the photo with the hat too! I have always been envious of people who could wear a hat so well! (Your new photos are also beautiful. . .) Have a great day!

  38. elisa hernandez

    First of all I must say there is nothing wrong with being a grandmother. OK, that said I’m glad you got rid of the photo and I absolutely love the first photo…your eyes are beautiful. Aren’t you thankful for girlfriends who are honest and true? Have a blessed day.

  39. amy bell

    i just found your blog…and i am cracking up! i will be back to hear more of your grandmother come out in you!! πŸ™‚

  40. kana

    I so love you Jeannoli….but NEVER did I think you to be a grandma!! Your new pictures prove that I was right. Now you shall be known as the Sexy and Young Jeannoli!!

  41. Jill

    ok, I “met” you too at Farm Chicks and never put you together with the photo I had seen in comments on my blog! You are WAY cuter than that photo! Good to meet you again, and happy new year too!

  42. Oh my goodness – this is too funny!! For the record I never thought you were a grandma at all. As for the Jeanneoli – I JUST got it! I thought this was your given name and everyone called you Jeanne for short. You are not only a beautiful person ~ but a beautiful lady. I love the recent pictures and really ~ do you ever take a bad one ~ you are SO photogenic!

  43. Rachel

    I always think of you as Jeanie-Oli because of that email address. I don’t know than I can ‘undo’ that – certainly not now after this post.
    I don’t, however, think of you as grandmotherly. Nope, never. That photo of you in the hat is cute, not old. The newer photos will certainly dispel any notion of you as old or old-fashioned.
    And for the record, you’re younger than me by a couple of years.

  44. Pony Girl

    What a darling post, cracks me up, how we perceive our blogger buddies! I never thought you were a grandma, but I haven’t been reading your blog that long and I don’t remember that hat picture. However, I LOVE the first picture of you (from the new shots) just beautiful!! πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend!

  45. jules

    Ok, this is truly going to show my age (45)…I just thought you were a cute, wholesome girl with the hat on…you looked young to me….but the new pics….they truly are beautiful….you girls are so fun….jules

  46. JerriR

    Oh I love it…if you are an old grandma…well then you’re the cutest, most stylish, energetic one I have seen in quite some time! ha ha…isn’t it sometimes funny how we imagine people before we really get to know them?!

  47. paige

    i gotta tell ya
    until i got to know you a little better too
    i assumed you were italian
    i know…
    each time you would leave a comment i would hear the voice of tom hanks in ‘you’ve got mail’ when he is quoting from the godfather…i would hear the jeanneoli come out as he would say canoli….
    never thought you were a granny though
    you hottie blondie!!!

  48. Brandie

    Oh my gosh, this is o funny! I never thought that you were a grandma but this had me laughing out loud. I love seeing the new photos but you were cute in that old one too. Bad hat and all;)

  49. Melanie

    That hot little shot in the yellow dress is NOT grandmotherly to be sure, I want a cute profile pic like that for myself…so pretty.

  50. Courtney Walsh

    Well, since I grew up with you and Amy I knew how old you are, but I have to tell you that makes me giggle!! I had several people tell me to get rid of one of my profile pictures too so I feel your pain on that one! Incidentally, it still shows up on most of my comments! lol
    Love your new pictures, Granny!

  51. anne marie

    OMgoodness…………that totally cracked me up…..I personally thought you were like 20 when I saw that photo……
    it’s all in your perception Jeanne…….
    and btw……you are so gorgeous – inside and out –
    at least, that’s my perception………

  52. LeeAnn

    You for sure don’t look like a grandmother in these pictures! cute as ever!
    Oh my goodness, yes I am one of those that thought your name was Jeanneoli. Oops, sorry! But I never mistaked you for a grandma.
    Lee Ann

  53. rue

    I never thought you were a grandma LOL I just thought you were Italian because of the name, until I read your comment back to me with your real name. That’s funny though! LOL

  54. Kim G.

    I didn’t think you were a grandma, and sadly I have the same hat. I wear it in the garden. It’s hard to get a photo of yourself. Your new photo’s are lovely grandma. I mean Jeanne.

  55. Deana Wolfe/Somewhere In Time

    I think you are absoutly beautiful, you l
    look at such peace in your pictures. Keep smiling. I believe my friend Mikal and I met you either at Barn house last summer or maybe Molly Mo’s? Could be wrong, both of us are going to Braves Girls Camp in
    Oct 10, we are so very excited.

  56. LuLu

    Too funny!! I never thought that.But I love your new pictures! Oh my gosh this post has me thinking what images people think of when posting pictures!

  57. Debbie

    Oh, Jeanne! What a hoot. Italian Grandma. That is soooo funny. Thanks for tickling my funny bone. Hope your New Year is lovely. Thanks for all of your prayers for Shauna and Chasity. Love, Debbie

  58. Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

    This is so funny jeanne!
    I never thought you were a grandma or that your name was jeanneoli, however, I do so love te new photos of you, they bring ot all your real beauty!
    xoxo, Tiffany

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