My story begins back in October.

I had just met my friends Lissa and Becky in Boise for Brave Girl Camp.


We had only known each other through our blogs at this point.

They had arrived earlier in the day and I was arriving at bedtime.

We had been talking for 30 minutes or so when Lissa and Becky started looking at each other and sharing some pretty weird looks and smiling.'

Lissa asked me if I ever noticed when her comments "changed"?

I had no idea what she was talking about.

They both busted out laughing.

To say I was lost at this point would be an understatement.

Well…I then came to find out that Becky AND Lissa both thought I was an old grandma for months of first meeting me on-line.

The photo that used to sometimes show up next to my comments was a photo of me from July 4th a few years ago.


When I first started my blog I used that photo because it was one of the few with just me. 

I am now WELL aware the the hat wasn't working.

Even when I went to Farm Chicks and I met my friend Kimberly for the first time… she told me that I HAD to get rid of that photo.

I didn't have it anywhere on my blog anymore but it was still showing up next to comments.

The killer was that today my friend Lissa was talking on the phone with Sasha and SHE used to think that I was a grandma based on that photo.

For the love of all that is good.

God bless America.

For the love of ginger.

These are all old favorite sayings of  MY grandma.

What the heck????

I am now just curious…..who thought I was a grandma???

The best part is that they thought my name was Jeanneoli…which is the beginning to my email.

So now I became an old, Italian grandma by the name of Jeannoli….please say that with an Italian accent…it will make it so much more fun.

So….I am very glad that I have new photos for my blog.



I know that I am not young anymore…but please….I am only 37!

Signing off….Jeanneoli….your sweet, Italian grandmother!!!!