We were happy with two….really happy.  Then when the youngest was about three I started to deeply desire a third.  My husband was not aboard on this idea.  Life was good.  We could get projects done, we were sleeping through the night and we were even taking little getaways….just the two of us.  So as we were still thinking about a third we found out we were pregnant.  We were so excited and then I was so sick.  Sick like I had never been with the other two.  I couldn't get out of bed and I would cry wondering why I ever wanted to be pregnant again.  I am one of the rare women that actually loves being pregnant.  I always think I am a lot hotter than I really am….you get the picture.  When the morning sickness subsided I was six months along.  The rest of the pregnancy went amazingly well and around 40 weeks our Benjamin was delivered by c-section.  No matter how many times I have delivered a baby it is truly the most amazing day of my life.  I am so in awe of these little people and the amazing privilege the Lord has given us in raising them.  Benjamin has been such a blessing in our family.  We didn't even know what we were missing. I can't believe that he is now turning two.  I am excited though because two is really my favorite age.  He is this incredible little person with likes and dislikes and I can tell that he is just so excited that he can do so much.  He does think it is a little too funny when I have to chase him down the street….besides that part he is perfect! To tell you the truth I am starting to desire a fourth…….But as my daughter told her Sunday School class, "My daddy had an operation on his penis and we can't have anymore babies".  On that note……


Spending the morning at Tiny Town.



Funny faces at the camera! 

A rare family picture.


Waiting for the train to take off….