I would just like to encourage you this first day of 2020 to claim whatever “land” you have and to “build” upon it.

Whatever you currently have is enough! So often we are in a hurry for what is next that we can forget that where we lay out head right now has potential and promise.

If you have an apartment, rent a room in a home, townhome, small home, live in suburbia, or have 100 acres.

Name it, honor it, gather there, pray over it, swing open your doors, plant something if you can, make it better, know your neighbor’s names and through that “land” you make the world better. Even if it is just a few acres of it!

Love you all and Happy New Year! Let’s get building!



This quote is from my very favorite book from 2019, Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling and the Mystery of Making by Andrew Peterson.