I hope each of you had a wonderful day today relaxing at home, celebrating with friends and family or just enjoying the day by yourself.  We had the most relaxing Thanksgiving I can remember.  Most of us stayed in our pajamas all day.  Makes getting ready for bed tonight pretty easy!  I have had a corneal ulcer for the past eight days and my vision has been greatly affected.  We were supposed to go skiing for the weekend and my eye changed all of that.  I was so disappointed and felt horrible that Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same.  My husband volunteered to make the whole meal.  This put a little fear in me because he loves Hungry Man dinners and Jack In The Box.  I gave in to his enthusiasm.  My only request was that we could get our ham and turkey from Honey Baked Ham.  This was a good compromise because we may have ended up with turkey deli meat.  To say the least my sweet husband was thrilled to bring home his cans of GENERIC turkey gravy, THREE boxes of Stove Top, EIGHT containers of instant potatoes and a pumpkin pie.  I didn't say anything…ok…I did comment on the gravy.  I'm not perfect! 

We spent most of the day just enjoying each other and relaxing.  We watched "Sign of The Beaver" with the children because we just finished the book.  It was the perfect movie to watch on Thanksgiving.  The story is about a twelve year old boy left alone in Maine 1770s to watch over his family's claimed land until his father returns with the rest of the family.  The father was supposed to be gone seven weeks and he was delayed months.  Can you even imagine how hard life used to be?  The boy, Ethan, is befriended by a nearby indian tribe and they help him learn to survive.  I highly recommend the book.  The movie was good, but nothing beats a great book.


After the movie I took a nap (to rest my eye) while my youngest napped.  When we woke up the meal was ready.  Really.  I think I napped for an hour.  My husband even set the table with the good china and had CLOTH napkins out.  CLOTH.  I expected paper towels.  I love this man.  He commented that it wasn't anything like what I would have done, but I wouldn't have been able to do much this year.  It was such a blessing to still have our special meal even though it was different than usual.  It really goes to show that what makes the day special is who you are with…not what you eat. 

After dinner I begged my husband to go out and rent "Little Women".  He was kind enough to go because I can't drive.  My depth perception is off and I have been knocking things over like crazy…you don't want me driving.   We don't usually sit around all day watching movies, so this was a real treat.  The children had never seen it so it was fun to hear them laugh and sometimes be sad about the characters that I hope they come to love.  We have been reading the book and this was fun to watch.  I never get tired of this story. 


So here I am at the end of the day.  Everything that I have ever wanted is all upstairs asleep.   I am so thankful. I think I am going to join them.