Have A Blessed 2009


We spent our New Year's Eve in the mountains with friends.  We had such a sweet time!  It was so nice to get a new perspective.  Isn't that what a fresh start each year is all about?

As we were driving up the mountain we couldn't help but slowly get inspired to live more simply.  More real. 

I have always felt that the mountains and their beauty simplify so much.  I never feel as close to God as I do when I look at the wonders of what He has created.  As you possibly get a new perspective on life this year, I pray that you are filled with deep wonder at the many gifts that you have been given.  It is ALWAYS about perspective.

 IMG_0073a  Sweet Friends

IMG_0085a  Cheers!




 New Year's Day was full of playing in the snow.

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  1. kasey

    Happy New year! we hung out here and had friends over after kiddo’s were in bed. fun.
    looks like you had fun in the snow:)
    i’ll call you later today….

  2. susan

    so true, to live simply is really key. i love seeing the kids all bundled and playing in the snow, we get lots of it here too. it brings back great childhood memories for me too! happy & blessed new year to you too!

  3. traci

    beautiful words and photos. live simply. those 2 words say a lot. looks like you had fun in the mountains. they are beautiful. Happy New Year!!

  4. darcy & Kara

    yes, the filing cabinet is here. you could contact shipping companies to get a quote. OR, call Kasey I hear she is great with rental trucks!

  5. chas at the wild raspberry

    what beautiful pictures of beautiful moments.
    have a very happy new year.

  6. Bethie

    Happy New Year my friend! Yes, we are truly blessed with God’s wonders (especially easy to see here in Colorado)!

  7. paige

    what a precious entry & such true words!
    you are a light to many!!
    happy new year sweet jeanne & ps–i LOVE the shots

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