Have you been waiting??? {The Ellison Is Back}

I wasn’t going to have another run of the Ellison camera bag but you guys sent me the sweetest emails EVERYDAY asking me to make more!  No joke!

So, because I truly, truly, truly listen to you and what you are loving from the line….we did one final run of the Ellison before the winter line.

I don’t have a lot….only about 100….so if you have been wanting one I encourage you to get it now.

Thank you for loving the Ellison so much and sharing it with your friends!

You can get your own right HERE.

You can also see a little video telling you more about the Ellison….



Jeanne Oliver Designs – Ellison Camera Bag from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.

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  1. Jennifer

    YIPPEEEEE!!!!! I have been waiting…..and waiting!!! Just ran over and snagged me one before leaving this comment. Thanks so much Jeanne for making one last batch of these lovely camera bags. I am so excited!! 🙂

  2. Kristin Baugh

    Love this bag! It is so cool and stylish. I would love to have one of these.

  3. Jessica

    Oh man…I really love this bag. I found you through the funky junk blog. You have some AMAZING stuff 🙂

  4. swedekaryn

    this is such a great idea. I look forward to ordering (or winning) one. I see many great advernturesd with this bag. Thanks for making more and using your great designing talents.

  5. Amanda asweetliferocks

    Oh, Jeanne, you have been such an inspiration to me for several years. This is a fantastic post!
    Movie? Definately “Julie & Julia” Have u seen it?
    It’s about love, blogging, cooking, friends………..everything I love and live for!

  6. color printing

    Wow. The bag is very stylish and lovely. I like the compartments and the fact that you can put in your camera accessories inside. It’s not the usual camera bag that you see. It’s splendid!

  7. Funky Junk Interiors

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ellison bag but especially enjoy using it for my laptop! Thanks so much for a fabulous and beautiful super kickin’ bag for us lucky ducks that snag one. 🙂


  8. Kim

    I LOVE the ruffled messenger bag. Thanks to Donna at Funky Junk for introducing me to your website!!

  9. Debbie Esteppe

    I absolutely love the Ellison Bag—hopefully, when my ship comes in I will order one. xo

  10. Patty Green of SISTERS ANTIQUES

    It’s impossible to pick my very favorite piece from your collection. I do see one purse that keeps catching my eye EVERY time I see anything of yours… and that’s the wonderful creamy white ruffled purse. I really love that… so feminine and romantic. Have a good weekend!

  11. Rachel

    Ummm… I was heartbroken when you decided to end the run. Because it was hands-down the PERFECT bag that I’d been wanting…

    And tis a bit of a splurge for me. But considering that I use ONE PURSE until it wears out, this will mean I get to look stylish instead of lugging around a basic black camera bag with plastic fasteners, ha! 🙂

    I ordered mine… and I haven’t stopped smiling today.

  12. Angie Hendrix

    Thanks so much to Funky Junk for making me aware of our wedsite. I love everything, having a hard time deciding what to order 1st. Thanks again and can’t wait for your fall line as well.

  13. Rebecca Ragan

    Hey Jeanne! I will be ordering an Ellison in the next week or two for my sister in law’s birthday! She is going to absolutely die when she opens it! It is perfectly “her.”



    1. jeanne Author

      FYI…they are almost sold out again. I just didn’t want you to try an order in two weeks and it was gone!

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