Be Transformed

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and thought….I wish I looked older?

Have you ever been hanging out with your girlfriends…you look at each of them…and you are jealous of their sunspots and crows feet?

Do you wish that restaurants would give you the senior citizen discount?

Do you want to be called ma'am?

Do you long for college boys to ask to carry your groceries and then leave you alone?

Have you ever dreamed of being one of The Golden Girls?

If any of the above are true for you…you need the granny hat.

That's right.

It is magic.

The GRANNY HAT can take any relatively young woman and instantly transform her into a granny!

Are you 18, 25 or 37?

It doesn't matter.  You will be instantly OLD!!!!


All your aging dreams will come true.

To win this gorgeous aging hat please leave a comment and the winner will be TRANSFORMED.

It is obviously time to pass along the granny hat!

Just promise to please send a photo after you apply the hat so we can all ooohhh and ahhhh at your geriatric beauty!!!!

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  1. Tracy

    ………the funny thing is – I thought to myself “She looks so good for her age” – but I couldn’t place *just* how “old” you were.
    You are so hilarious – I love having a completely opposite first impression that seems so outlandish compared to the Jeanne I know now! And she sure as heck ain’t no granny with sunspots and crows feet!
    This would be so fun – to pass this hat along blogland – and see where it goes …. sorta like your version of a ‘flat stanley’!
    Happy Monday~

  2. Elaine Power

    Hee you are funny I think you looked gorgeous in that hat! I however am not any of the above but as the years are going so fast I am sure I will be there before I know it! Hope you find a lucky owner. πŸ™‚

  3. Lori

    Jeanne, thank you SO much for making me laugh this morning!!! i woke up in a super poopie mood {very bad day yesterday, long story that i won’t bore you with} and now i have a big smile plastered on my face!!!

  4. JerriR

    Too funny girl! BUT you want to know something when I looked at this pic of you the first time and even now I think you look like a little girl…so that hat must really have “some” magic powers…either way you always look cute & stylish so doesn’t really matter! πŸ™‚

  5. Amy Muffoletto

    Okay I thought that hat was so cute…. You are such a unique soul. It never crossed my mind you looked older in that hat cause I have seen other posts and your beauty. Besides what is age anyway… it is just a number….I love seeing the different stages in life… Each year we grow in wisdom… I have a head full of gray hair….Started when I was 16. I was embracing the fact I was going gray early as my mother and my grandmother but one day I was pushing my 2 older boys into Walmart and a “nice older lady” was coming out of the store and begins to laugh…I sort of looked at her cause I figured out she was laughing at me or maybe with me and she said… “You are going gray early like I did!” Hmmmmm…I was 28 years old. It kind of hits you and that day I bought my first box color for my hair….. Too funny you are passing on that magical hat…. Hugs sweet friend, Amy

  6. Luci

    I’ll take that hat! And I was also thinking it should be passed around blogland like Tracy said. Post your granny photo and pass it on…

  7. mkg

    I think you look great in that hat!! Maybe if I wore it, the hat would work its magic and I would look YOUNGER:) Have a wonderful day!!

  8. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Oh my goodness! I would be honored to have your granny hat:) You rock little miss jeanneoli.
    But Honey says if you call me chewie one more time he will hunt you down…for some reason he doesn’t like that nickname. Not kidding!

  9. Nathalie

    I must say.. I never aspire to look any older than I am…. just younger but that hat is too cure so… make me look older…

  10. Leah C

    You are too funny:) Hey, the “granny hat” just might make me look younger…it would hide all my grey hairs!

  11. kristin

    oh if i only could win…all my dreams would come true!! i just found three gray hairs so i’m well on my way to being transformed ;0)
    girl, you seriously crack me up!! thank you for starting my morning off with a smile!

  12. tracey

    You’re hysterical Jeanne! At least you have a profile pic, I’m still the faceless black shadow!
    All of your new photos are so stunning that it makes up for any that you might not have liked so much from before (LOVE the pic of you in the yellow ruffle dress)!!!
    πŸ™‚ T

  13. lissa

    are those soon to be available in your etsy store? I would like mine with a large purple silk flower and a red ribbon wrapped around it please!!!!

  14. Bev

    This absolutely cracked me up, and I dont know what it says for me but I LOVE the hat. I’m about to move to sun-drenched Texas and am dumb enough that I plan to put in a garden. I NEED this hat!

  15. Sabrina

    This post was great! Honestly, I wish I looked older. I know that sounds weird, but I do not look my age. I know, I know I shouldn’t complain… but it’s hard to be taken seriously sometimes. So I definitely need a Granny Hat!!!!

  16. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    This is hilarious!!! I actually have longed to look older sometimes..being 33 and looking 18 doesn’t always have its perks…it gets “OLD” hearing people say “Oh my gosh! You’re 33!? I thought you were like 18 or something!” ~ So maybe I NEED the granny hat to get some respect LOL! I’m lovin’ your photo blog by the way!

  17. Rebecca Nixon

    Ok ~ you are gonna make me pee my pants…u r too much!
    P.S. Sorry, I don’t need the hat! My crows feet stand on their own!

  18. Annette Q

    hahaha! So so funny! I was thinking “WHAaaaT?” in the beginning. How do you come up with these posts?! Just brilliant πŸ˜€

  19. shawn

    Oh Jeanne you are beautiful! I will take a try at winning the hat if it makes me look as magnifipoo as you! I made your wreath. Thank you for the inspiration! You can see pictures on my blog!!!

  20. The Tiny Homestead

    haha! I have to say of the list you posted, yes I would like college boys to carry my groceries and then leave me alone! You look positively adorable in that hat.

  21. Nancy

    I love the hat and thought you looked like Illinois farm girl…Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farms….never once did I think you were a senior. ANYONE who reads your blog knows that! I have a VW convertible bug, pass the hat on my way and I will PROUDLY put it on and put the top down, even though it’s only 25 degrees here in Kansas today!
    Love, Smiles, Hugs and Laughs,

  22. Kim

    You crack me up girl! Just think of all the money you will save on skincare products with all that brim coverage! However, I happen to think you look fabulous and wouldn’t part with that sweet piece of karma if I were you!!
    Hugs, Kim

  23. Suz Reaney

    What a good laugh for this cold Minnesota morning…you just crack me up! You will make a very pretty older woman, Jeanne!!!

  24. Mary Rogers

    Oh my goodness I would love to have your Granny hat. I have a collection of them that I have aquired from my Grandmother and my husband’s mom who passed away from Cancer. I’m planning on having a HAT PARTY for my birthday in March and inviting all the girls from my family to join me for tea and cookies that day. (And I’m only turning 38!) It’s going to be a blast.

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