Have you heard the news???

{you have got to love family}

Fans of the Sadie purse are flocking like crazy to get their hands on the just released purse!

Same great style…..new vintage fabric.

You will want to run down the lane and click your heels too!!!

You can find the limited edition Sadie purse HERE.

The Sadie goes anywhere……..

…on the court….

…..doing the lawn chores…..

…you will be the most stylish lady at the pump…

…..who doesn’t need to look good in the garden?????

As you can tell….we are having a good time here on the farm!

You can pick up your Sadie HERE.

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  1. mgriffin

    awesome!!! and truly so beautiful! happy for the lucky few who get one of these!

  2. Champagne Maker

    SO CUTE! Would chase down my own if I weren’t being a good girl trying to save my pennies for vacation! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am enjoying my Mary Kate dress!!!!

  3. Jill Harris

    Darn … that bag is to die for! Wish you would have had those at Nada … I would have practiced that ten finger discount you taught me … KIDDING!!!! Love, Love, LOVE this bag and gorgeous fabric it’s created from! Wiping drool from my chin ….

  4. Valerie F.

    Fantastic! I’ve been looking for a new fall purse, and this beauty is right up my alley. I work at my local Anthro, and I guarantee you all the gals are going to be jealous and asking where I got mine. So excited and can’t wait to find it in my mail!

  5. Leah C

    Most adorable post ever…what a fun family!! And the Sadie purse is adorable, too; but, I heard the news too late. Says “SOLD”…sad for me, but good for you!! 🙂

  6. LuLU

    Darling post and Just as darling bag!!!!! I love it….your collection has been such a hit! I love my dress I order, wore it to a wedding a few weeks ago….it’s my favorite! Your bag has already sold out…..I’ll have to wait!
    Have a great weekend,

  7. elyse

    what fun photos!!! believe me, i’ve got a bag in mind for fall.

    also LOVING your shoes, cutie.


    1. jeanne Author

      The beautiful model is my sister. She is in most of my print work. The shoes were hers too:-)

  8. LoriKay

    I love your posts … even when you are selling … sweet! (You are an inspiration for my own business endeavors … coming soon.)

    1. jeanne Author

      Yes. So sorry. They all sold out within 12 hours!! More Sadie’s are coming…with a new fabric.

  9. Lisa

    That bags rocks! Your advertising rocks! You look stunning! Very smart… I wish you bunches of success! Woot Woot!
    Take care,

  10. Allegra

    This is SUCH a cute post! Those pictures made me giggle and that bag is SO adorable –in the field, at the pump, on a tractor 😉 You’re the greatest 🙂

  11. Grace Happens

    Hi Jeanne! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Isn’t Alexis just the sweetest friend? I just adore her. Would love for you to share any pics you want on your lovely blog. Hopefully one day we can meet in person! I have heard a lot about you too:) xo grace

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