Help Me Choose My New Glasses {survey included}


I love my current glasses by Tom Ford but I love to accessorize and every time I see the awesome glasses from Warby Parker I want them all!

I finally just bit the bullet and ordered five pairs to try on and hopefully find a few new glasses to rotate with my wardrobe and mood.

I was hoping you guys could help me out and give me your opinions.

1. Chamberlain Saddle Sage

2. Baxter Whiskey Tortoise

3. Chandler English Oak

4. Crane Newsprint Grey

5. Oliver Striped Olive

Now that I have tried the glasses out I would go way more bold.  I already have my eyes on a few that I want to try next.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Anne

    I picked oliver striped.I think the color and shape look the best.But honestly Jeanne you look great in all of them!

  2. Karen Taylor

    The first two appeared similar. That style looks good on you. Love number two. Number three is too closs to your skin tone. I also chose #4 because of style. The last pair looked good, too. Now, where is that one pair of bold glasses that will make you feel fantastic when you wear them? Have fun. I need to think about new glasses too!

  3. Sandra Feazel

    Love the chandler English oak and the Oliver striped! Now I want to go get new glasses too! You are so adorable! I saw some really cool ones in Italy, I think maybe we should go back and try on some of those!

  4. Kellie

    I think the Oliver Striped is my favorite. The size and color seem to work best for you. The Chandler English Oak is my second favorite. I like the shape, but I’m not certain they fit your delicate bridge.

    You are just lovely.

  5. dannylion

    pick one? honestly – they all look good on you – you are gorgeous and I could not choose – good luck to you! They truly all look good – pick the one that makes you feel the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sandra Collins

    I think the Chandler English Oak are too light for your coloring, although they are really cute. And the Crane Newsprint Grey are too wide for your face.

  7. tinkeredtreasures

    i keep changing my mind which means, they’re all adorbs!

    i need decorating help. please stop by my blog!


  8. Connie

    The olive fit you much better. The first few have lenses that are too large and the others are too wide. The olive fit just right. It’s so hard to choose glasses. I just bought a new pair and had to return them and drag a friend with me to the eye doctor. I’m glad I did though; it makes a big difference to have another woman’s opinion.

  9. Kolein

    They’re all perfect! Get them all! Throw ’em in a basket and choose daily. Note: the fact that you can wear a knitted hat like that and still look beautiful means that you could pretty much wear anything on or near your face/head and you’d look marvelous. Just a note.

    Btw, this came up on my newsfeed on FB. I never even looked at it until today. Ads for these glasses were constantly running all along the sidebar. ‘Sup with that?????????

    Have a great Saturday!

  10. Ruth Navarro

    In my opinion the # 5 Olive is the one that looks the best on you, they are all great but for your face that is the best one; I worked for several years as a sells manager on a lens Company, and I learn to help people to choose the best, but at the end pick the one that feels the best for you and that makes you feel gorgeous.


  11. Lindielee

    I wonder if like me, you have a small head and can’t wear adult size hats? To me, all these glasses overwhelm your delicate features an look too big for your face. Sometimes I’ve had to buy child size glasses. Just my two scents.

  12. chasity

    They are all so cute…. and I love love LOVE Warby Parker~
    for all that they represent and all that they do for others.
    It’s a wonderful company.
    I hope you got 2 pairs!

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