High {low}

Once a week my children go to an enrichment school for homeschoolers.

My kids love it…I love it…all is well on glorious Thursdays!

It is nice to have a day that everything they tell me is a surprise.

I like to play a game with them on the drive home.

We play high/low.

They tell me one high and one low.

They will also ask me.

We also play this game around the dinner table and it is fun for Kelly to have a better glimpse into our day.

It is really fun, fast and gives us a little glimpse into what the kids are feeling.

So, I thought I would play high/low with all of you.

I am going to include the whole week.

My low this week was having difficulty with production.  This is definite growing pains for me with my business and I am learning a ton.  It has been hard though and stressful.  I know it will be good that I have more help but these past weeks have been uncomfortable.

My high this week was really connecting with Ben.  He is four and so not a baby.  I had a little alone time with him this week and I had slowed down (in the midst of the chaos) to really look at him.  Really.  To notice his small hands that won’t be small much longer.  His kisses are free and abundant.  We blew bubbles. When was the last time you blew bubbles…it is fab.u.lous!  He is my little boy that will get me swinging high on a swing and all I can see are my toes against the clouds.  Please stop growing Ben. Please.

What was YOUR high/low??

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  1. ann in indy

    My low: my job….just not where I want to be trying to figure it out but looking to God for guidance
    My high: pictures of my son’s wedding….breathtaking, beautiful, amazing. perfect gift from God

  2. Victoria@Whimsy by Victoria

    Such a sweet post Jeanne! I think your game is a wonderful way to connect with your family. My high…seeing my hard work and ideas all come together. My low…not enough time and help! I too am feeling overwhelmed. I only have me to do it all…thinking soon I will need another seamstress. I hope your feeling a little less stressed and I agree stopping to realize our babies are not so little anymore and enjoying where there at right now is the best kind of highs! Mine is 6 and graduating Kindergarten in a week…tears falling as I think about it. How did they all get so big?

    Hugs and love friend,


  3. Michelle

    this is good! Let’s see… my highs, celebrating potty successes with my little boy and having him snuggle with me on the sofa this morning. My lows, being annoyed with my husband and yelling upstairs to same little boy to go.to.sleep!!!! I hate raising my voice 🙁

  4. amy

    low.. having a hard heart to heart with d. high.. having a hard heart to heart with d.=) wish i could glimpse in on this weekend in illionis. it sounds like it’s going to be wonderful!

  5. Leah C

    We used to play the high/low game with our girls…need to get back to doing that again! My high this week: getting to go to the NaDa Farm sale & taking your class {but it hasn’t happened yet}! My low: mammogram appt…’nuff said;)

  6. Jennifer

    My high or as I like to call them, “cupcake moment” was finally getting to meet two little girls (sisters ages–10 mo. and 2 yrs) in person who we are trying to adopt. We are praying that this adoption will work out and that we will be selected to be their forever family! My low…having to say good-bye to them after our visit. I feel as if I left a piece of my heart there with them. 🙁

    Hang in there, Jeanne…change is always uncomfortable in the beginning. I know your business will be wildly successful. You are too talented (and kind) for it not to be.

    all my best,

  7. pam

    My high this week has been my 3 year old sleeping until 7 a.m. for the first time instead of 5 a.m.! My low wierdly enough to say is being frustrated with my blog! I want to do so much and I’m so technically challenged. I was celebrating having my first giveaway and have had like 2 people enter but lots of pageviews…Phlbbbt! Go Figure. Monday is my day when my son is in school and I am actually off work. My “Me”day, if it gets treatened I get very protective of that day…no one can have it!
    I’m glad your business is doing so well.

  8. Emma Burgess

    Hi Jeanne,
    I found your blog via Dreamy Whites last week and am so glad I did. I love it, and your work (I’ve even subscribed to your blog- it’s the first time I’ve hit that button on a blog)! I had been thinking yesterday about my little Darling (3 1/2 years) who I seem to be missing as I am so busy with her little baby sister at the moment. So, we had an extra long cuddle this morning and stroked each other’s hands. I loved to read your reference to your boys cute hands after our cuddle. Aren’t they yummy?! Emma.

  9. mgriffin

    I love how your precious ones ask you about your high/low as well…and kisses, bubbles, and swinging with Ben make for wonderful highs!!!! My low…I haven’t seen you in a long while. My high…I get to see you soon:)

  10. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Low: Switching insurance providers – AGAIN – with a kiddo who has a chronic illness.

    High: Planting flowers and pulling weeds while my monkey children climbed trees.

  11. KarenSue

    High…going to my first local bloggers lunch…fabulous!
    another High…winning a blogger giveaway!

    Low…having an argument with my daughter, we have made up..

  12. Katie

    High~ This is the last week of homeschooling for my girls this year and instead of following our school schedule today we read the end of “Little Town on the prarie” and started “These Happy Golden years” I think I fell in love with Almanzo and on top of that I have been dreaming of living in the late 1800.

    Low~ A dishonest loved one has broke my heart 🙁

  13. kimberly

    high~ beginning the reno project on our barn/studio in the SUNSHINE!!! (it has been a loooong spring…)
    low~ an argument with #1 and the growing pains of a teenager becoming an adult….

    have a wonderful trip my friend – can’t wait to hear about it when you return!

  14. chasity

    ugh….it goes so fast doesn’t it?!

    the high so far~ spending the day with my girls and my sister’s children at the gardens where i once worked… and realizing that i am so happy for the decision to be a stay at home mommy.

    the low~ crying at the rock wall i am building wishing to have my sister back.

  15. Debbie

    I love your blog and the music too. My high is my son graduating from high school and being so proud I could burst. My low stressing out about all the things I need to do to get ready for his open house. Thanks for making me think about these things. I will do this often now! HUGS and TWEETS!

  16. alison

    hmmm…my high was when the sun came out yesterday for a couple of hours…i had almost forgotten what it looked like and i sure needed the vitamin d! my low was on tuesday when i got my first ever ticket…for something so silly…i cried like a little girl all the way home…:(…love this idea and we could play it on the way home from our enrichment homeschool group!

  17. Jen Osborn

    my high this week is so easy – celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary
    knowing that we made it when everyone told us we couldn’t …. making it despite HUGE obstacles being thrown in our path … learning to laugh when we wanted to cry … watching our babies turn into people right before our very eyes!

    hmmm … my low – realizing I’ve been hibernating from my writing since I typed the last letter of my book, and having to figure our how to get back at it when I really have no clue … blah 🙂


  18. Nathalie

    What a great game… hope you don’t mind me stealing…

    My high(s) this week: Getting a Mothers Day card and gift card from my young adult children. To understand how much it meant, you would have to know that 5 years agao, my oldest had struggled with a drug addiction and at times, I did not have contact with him. The last year, he fought his way thru his addiction and I now have my baby back… so to a card with a gift and even a return of some borrowed money was a huge high.

    My low, was having to hear my parents bicker during their short visit.

  19. Michelle E. Black

    We call this roses and thorns at our dinner table. Some days have more thorns than others and others the roses are abundant! Today my roses are blooming in my front yard as well in my heart. My three kids are all thriving in their own way bringing some great laughter. The thorn is having a dear friend recovering from brain surgery at such a young age of 30 and not doing well with the pain. Some things we are powerless over.
    <3 M.

  20. joanna

    my highs: visiting with cousins from England, visiting an orchard and blowing bubbles with my boys ages 4, 6 and 8 (and I agree it is fabulous!) lows: trying to balance my budget for the month…
    ( we also love playing this game around the dinner table…I am often surprised on what my kids pick as their high and low)

  21. Laura

    My low was hearing how hard my husband’s work week was for him. He works so hard.
    My high….it’s hard to choose because there were so many. Probably the news our neighbors became first-time grandparents this week.

  22. Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

    One of my highs was receiving my order ~ oh-so beautifully and lovingly wrapped packages ~ from you! Thank you! I raced back to your site to order the same for a friend to {no surprise} find you were sold out. Congrats on your success and wishing you patience and gentleness with yourself through the rough patches.

    The low was seeing my boyfriend’s pain as he struggled with his elderly mom’s health problems and his brother’s battle with cancer.

    The last time I blew bubbles was a year ago at a sring brunch hosted at my friend’s farm. Thankful for that memory, as she passed away after a very brief illness earlier this year.

    Blessings to all. May we find the time to enjoy life’s lovely and precious moments! xoxo

  23. KMS

    love this…so sweet — everything on your site is so inspiring. so happy to have found u! 🙂

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