Once a week my children go to an enrichment school for homeschoolers.

My kids love it…I love it…all is well on glorious Thursdays!

It is nice to have a day that everything they tell me is a surprise.

I like to play a game with them on the drive home.

We play high/low.

They tell me one high and one low.

They will also ask me.

We also play this game around the dinner table and it is fun for Kelly to have a better glimpse into our day.

It is really fun, fast and gives us a little glimpse into what the kids are feeling.

So, I thought I would play high/low with all of you.

I am going to include the whole week.

My low this week was having difficulty with production.  This is definite growing pains for me with my business and I am learning a ton.  It has been hard though and stressful.  I know it will be good that I have more help but these past weeks have been uncomfortable.

My high this week was really connecting with Ben.  He is four and so not a baby.  I had a little alone time with him this week and I had slowed down (in the midst of the chaos) to really look at him.  Really.  To notice his small hands that won’t be small much longer.  His kisses are free and abundant.  We blew bubbles. When was the last time you blew bubbles…it is fab.u.lous!  He is my little boy that will get me swinging high on a swing and all I can see are my toes against the clouds.  Please stop growing Ben. Please.

What was YOUR high/low??