Holiday Housewalk | 2018

Thank you Jen Rizzo for inviting me year after year to be included with some of the most talented men and women I know in your gorgeous holiday housewalk. Thank you for allowing this artist that loves home so much to hang out with all of these design and DIY bloggers that make creating home an art. Guys, I have been a part of Jen’s housewalk since the beginning! That means this is my eighth year! So crazy and fun to look back over the years and see how my style has changed. What has not changed is my deep love of home, gathering and family.

Make sure you start the housewalk at the beginning by clicking HERE. If you are coming from Chronicles of Home I am so glad you are here! I know you are already so inspired by all of the homes over the past two days and lucky for us…we have a whole week of inspiration coming!

Decorating our home for Christmas is one of my favorite things. I don’t go crazy and I usually use only what I have and I forage from our land. Even though it may be simple I know that when the sun goes down and the white lights from all of the trees are on…our home feels like magic. It feels warm, cozy and inviting. Simple white lights can transform a home. Over the years my decorating for the holidays gets simpler and simpler and my hope is that my heart is more and more present. Home is one of the most beautiful words I know and welcoming you into our home is one my favorite things. Come on in.

We have three children and this year we are sharing two out of the three bedrooms in the tour. Let’s not get crazy and share all three! Let’s just celebrate that a few are clean this very minute. Well, I honestly don’t know what they are looking like at this moment.






















Thank you so much for touring part of our home and please say hello to Duke Manor Farm for me! Her fireplace is a dream and wait until you see it all dressed up for the holidays.

I hope while you are here you will check out our online art + lifestyle online courses! Our heart is to provide affordable and easily accessible online courses that support you as you live a creative life.  Whether your art is home, the garden or on canvas…Become the artist you have dreamed to be!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  2. CathyG.

    Omg!! Just stunning! But I did love your old house as well!!! But all those windows!!! That’s my favorite thing about your home! All that natural light!!! Have a beautiful Christmas my friend!

  3. Kathleen

    I was feeling frazzled and then found your post. Scrolling through the pictures and enjoying the simplicity and beauty of each detail calmed me down. Thank you!

  4. Louise

    I looove that you have a real tree! Even the better artificial trees don’t compare. Beautiful decor!

  5. Amy

    Beautiful as always, Jeanne! Can I ask where you got the rug under your dining table, as well as the one in the sitting area (with fireplace)?


  6. Genern

    Loved all the trees and decorations. So simple and pretty! Could you share what type of lights you used. I love the micro lights but can’t find any that have the warm golden glow. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Geneen

    Loved all the trees and decorations. So simple and pretty! Could you share what type of lights you used. I love the micro lights but can’t find any that have the warm golden glow. Thanks for sharing!

  8. marilyn shannon

    Your home is so pretty. Love the organic feel. I would love to see the outside too!!

  9. JeanFB

    I agree with Kathleen’s comment above – your home has such a beautiful simplicity, letting the quiet of nature shine through and warm every room. And I love that even though it is decorated for Christmas, your beautiful artwork isn’t overpowered. This is definitely my kind of Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing!

  10. cindy

    Love the elegant simplicity of your home. We share similar taste and ideas.
    I noticed the book, Black Mountain College in one of your photos. I went to a small college in Black Mountain, Montreat College. I visited Montreat on my last visit to Asheville to see my Dad. Not much has changed. Thank goodness.
    Thanks for sharing your home, it is beautiful!

  11. Kristine Tremblay

    Love your style, always have. First time I have seen your home. It is completely you and I adore it.

  12. Catherine Neron

    It is nice you opened your home up for the holiday. I enjoyed the tour. Your style is just makes a person want to stay. Merry Christmas.

  13. carmela hershey

    Beautiful and one of my favorites to stalk!! Would you have a source the stunning wallpaper?

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  15. ndaleccio

    just so beautiful and warm ! may God fill your house and your family with many blessings!

  16. mercedes scott

    Oh my, your home is magical! It exudes “home and warmth” even through pics! Happy Holidays!


    Hi there! I just LOVE your house. Hopefully, you will see this as it is an old post. Could you share where you got your mater bedroom bedding from?


  18. Lindsay Wong

    Your home is so beautiful! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your dining table?

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