Home Sweet Home

I have to share a town with you that is really one of my very favorites!



Growing up in Illinois we would often make the hour drive to Galena to enjoy the beautiful drive and store after store of antiques.



I loved those Sunday drives and I also think all those days in antique stores really set a foundation in me to love those things that are rare and old.


When Kelly and I got married we didn't have a lot of extra vacation time so we even spent our honeymoon here. 

Picnik collagey

We stayed at different Bed and Breakfasts, shopped, ate good food and truly enjoyed our first few days as a married couple.

Even now…I can not go home without taking the drive to Galena.

The town may not have as many antique stores as it used to, but this is a quaint and lovely town filled with history.


I always dream of buying a home here and making Galena the town that we raise our children.

This is only a dream because my husband could never get a job….minor detail.

We would only be 45 minutes away from my parents and the farm the children love so much.

Here is a peek at the homes I found.

The prices will shock you! 

 At least in my neck of the woods…you couldn't even buy a townhouse for the price of some of these historic homes.

















This is the view that comes with the above house!





I know you are packing your bags right now!

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  1. mkg

    I enjoyed your photos of Galena and its sites….lovely, especially the last home:) May I pack your bags????

  2. Lori

    thanks for the tour Jeanne…it looks like a really special place to live…those homes are lovely and the views stunning!!!

  3. Tammy

    I like the $269,000 view but would like the last house…teehee!
    Hi…I found your blog in the book Blogging for Bliss…lovely place you have here!

  4. amy

    look at those prices!! and i am sure each one has a decent yard, too!! galena is beautiful!

  5. Amy Muffoletto

    Wow… You are right. Looks like the perfect place to buy a home and raise children….Just retire there and let your grandkids come stay with you for the summer…. Hugs sweet friend. Love all the pictures.

  6. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    AAAwww what great pics. That is one place I haven’t been to and I know I would LOVE it. Reminds me a little of Stillwater, here in Minn.
    Thanks for the sweet words earlier.

  7. Tricia Whisler

    It looks like a beautiful town, I have never been there. Gorgeous homes you picked out, I love them all but the last one is amazing!

  8. koralee

    My bags are packed…here i come…i am moving into the house with the view…if only it was that easy!!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful little piece of small town USA! Hope to visit someday!

  9. the wild raspberry

    jeanne…you got some really enchanting photos of this delightful town.
    shopping on your honeymoon? right…i’m believing that one…
    you’re right about the views…breathtaking.
    have a great monday.

  10. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    What a lovely town. The houses are beautiful and I can’t believe the prices. The best part would be being close to your parents, though. Wouldn’t it be nice to pack your vintage bags and suitcases…?

  11. Roban

    It does look like a lovely town! I personally liked the homes on the lower end of the cost spectrum…. And that view from the last one is priceless!

  12. andrea s.

    wow! Gorgeous houses at amazing prices. Everything is so picturesque…a place I think I would love to visit {or live!}

  13. paige

    what a precious town with such amazing surrounding scenery. i can easily see how you became so enchanted with the area….& so close to the farm and family-what a wonderful dream for sure

  14. tammi

    OMG I’ll take all 6 I could’nt buy half a house around here for those prices.And nothing as beautiful. I stumbled across your blog somehow and I love it.

  15. Allegra

    Your photos just remind me how overrated California is. i’m not even going to think (after this) about how our rent is probably the equivalent of a mortgage payment on one of those gorgeous places!

  16. Tara

    Shoot with prices like that i am packing the whole family, even the darn dog and moving!! WOWOWOWOWOW, I could have a house with land…do they pools too, that would be a bonus, considering I am with a pool man! HA! Thanks for making me realize my house is way over priced, now I sad. 🙂

  17. kristin

    Well Beautiful….can your husband work from home so you could live there? Loving the pricing on these gorgeous homes.
    Great day to you!

  18. lorraine lewis

    It is a lovely town. I love these historic towns. Everything was built with such great character and meant to last. Makes me sad that buildings are not built with such detail anymore.

  19. Brandie

    I am packing my bags and making my decorating choices;) Love these. I keep longing for a great big old house with a huge front porch and a crazy big back yard with tree-climbing trees for the boys. Sigh.

  20. Holly

    I remember quite a few years ago, I saw the town in a Midwest Living magazine. I loved it then, and I love your pictures now! It does look heavenly. . .just listen to the breeze whispering through those trees. . .

  21. LuLu

    I love seeing different homes in other places and wonder what it would be like to love there.Those homes are stunning and seem to peaceful. I can see why you would love to raise your sweet family there… i would too. bummer about the minor detail of a job.

  22. Anne Marie

    We have been there every year (near our home) and absolutely love it! except the shops aren’t as unusual and unique as they used to, but still a great place to go –
    just for the sheer romantic walks…….

  23. tracey

    Oh I know, Galena is beautiful! There are so many things you seem to like about the midwest, maybe you need to think about moving back here:) Happy Monday!

  24. heather

    We’ve been to Galena several times and love it as well. We’ve taken little “daycations” there and stayed in a bed and breakfast near the main street. There are lovely little wineries and old restaurants that I love, too. One of our favorite paintings was actually bought in a little gallery there for us by my mother-in-law. But it’s been four years since we returned so thanks for reminding me.
    I can tell you miss the Mid-West a little and I don’t blame you. 🙂

  25. Nancy

    I bought a book called “BEST OF THE MIDWEST” by the publishers of Midwest living magazine and Galena is on the list of places to visit. Now you just sealed the deal. It looks absolutely charming and the houses are beautiful!

  26. Janet Doherty

    I love love love Galena but I too have the same problem with the Accountant getting a job there. Maybe a summer home?? on the river:) Good shopping and beautiful scenery.
    Wish you lived closer…

  27. Sue

    That’s Galena, Il. right? I LOVE that town! I grew up just southeast of Chicago (in Lansing) and we went up there for daytrips or weekends several times. It is simply charming. Lucky you for living so close 🙂
    (those houses are to die for, and the prices… well let’s just say I live on the east coast now where even in this economy prices are still insane!)
    Sue E .

  28. stacey

    I am in a quandry as to whick house I should purcahse. they are all so charming and so afordable compared to our CA real estate. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  29. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    Jeanne ~ I have told you this before, but I absolutely LOVE your blog…you really inspire me to start my own! I was just bragging to my husband about you : ) As soon as I get the time to create one, I will go out and buy the new book that you’re featured in ~ Congrats! That’s so exciting!

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