Brave Girl Camp has made me think of many beautiful things about my life and the dreams I have for the future.

I started to think about how many people I have told my dreams to.

Why don't we always share our dreams?

I quickly realized how many people in my life don't really know a lot of the things that are quiet whispers in my heart.

That is ok.

These are sacred.

I have only begun to whisper those dreams out loud myself.

It took me a few years to even say them in my head. 

I would think about those dreams and picture them.

Sometimes clearly and other times in a cloudy fog.

I have started to share these bold, big and beautiful dreams with my husband.

I am not talking about small dreams.

The big ones.

The ones that once they slip past your lips you almost wish you could take them back.

Once they are out…people know.

When people know then there is the chance of failure.


I am the kind of girl  that really likes to do things that I know I will succeed in.

I have no plans on looking like an idiot in front of people.

The past few weeks since I have been home from Brave Girl Camp I have shared some of those dreams with my mom, dad and a good friend.

One of those people even laughed a little….and I was ok…a little bruised…but ok.

It is powerful to speak your dreams out loud.  Dreams take a lot of work. Support. Encouragement.

Why not let the people that love you be there to give your dream a fighting chance.


I had an interesting conversation with my mom last week. 

We were talking about dreams and I shared one of mine with her.

When I did it made me cry.

I felt really vulnerable and exposed. Maybe even a little foolish.

She had just heard a pastor talking about how we dream so small for ourselves sometimes.

God dreams big!

We need to dream so big that when they happen we will give all the credit to him.

Dreams that are so big that they could only happen when we give them to him.

I want to be a big dreamer.

I might fail. I might succeed.

I might look like an idiot.

I want to dream for myself and family the way I want my children to dream.


I want to dream so big that all the glory will go to the Lord for blessing my dreams.

How big are your dreams?

Are you dreaming for yourself like man does or like God?

"God delights to do impossible things through improbable people to impart exeeding grace to undeserving recipients".

Chip Ingram


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