How Big Are Your Dreams?


Brave Girl Camp has made me think of many beautiful things about my life and the dreams I have for the future.

I started to think about how many people I have told my dreams to.

Why don't we always share our dreams?

I quickly realized how many people in my life don't really know a lot of the things that are quiet whispers in my heart.

That is ok.

These are sacred.

I have only begun to whisper those dreams out loud myself.

It took me a few years to even say them in my head. 

I would think about those dreams and picture them.

Sometimes clearly and other times in a cloudy fog.

I have started to share these bold, big and beautiful dreams with my husband.

I am not talking about small dreams.

The big ones.

The ones that once they slip past your lips you almost wish you could take them back.

Once they are out…people know.

When people know then there is the chance of failure.


I am the kind of girl  that really likes to do things that I know I will succeed in.

I have no plans on looking like an idiot in front of people.

The past few weeks since I have been home from Brave Girl Camp I have shared some of those dreams with my mom, dad and a good friend.

One of those people even laughed a little….and I was ok…a little bruised…but ok.

It is powerful to speak your dreams out loud.  Dreams take a lot of work. Support. Encouragement.

Why not let the people that love you be there to give your dream a fighting chance.


I had an interesting conversation with my mom last week. 

We were talking about dreams and I shared one of mine with her.

When I did it made me cry.

I felt really vulnerable and exposed. Maybe even a little foolish.

She had just heard a pastor talking about how we dream so small for ourselves sometimes.

God dreams big!

We need to dream so big that when they happen we will give all the credit to him.

Dreams that are so big that they could only happen when we give them to him.

I want to be a big dreamer.

I might fail. I might succeed.

I might look like an idiot.

I want to dream for myself and family the way I want my children to dream.


I want to dream so big that all the glory will go to the Lord for blessing my dreams.

How big are your dreams?

Are you dreaming for yourself like man does or like God?

"God delights to do impossible things through improbable people to impart exeeding grace to undeserving recipients".

Chip Ingram


All photography from here.

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  1. deborah

    I found my way here to read this. I am right there with you. Wondering and dreaming BIG, but often doing so quietly…for the same reasons. Taking baby steps forward feels safe…LEAPING is scary, but that is where the greatest rewards will come. So gald to have peeked into your little place here…it is lovely. xo

  2. mkg

    Keep dreaming big, bold, beautiful dreams that fill your heart with passion, joy, risk, and the wonder of seeing God show Himself GREAT through you!! I want to do some of that dreaming myself:)

  3. Jackie

    Yes! I feel the same way…I tend to keep things to myself too, but how will we know if our dreams can come true if we don’t share them and live them? Sometimes I’m too afraid to even think about it, but other times I’m so excited that I want to burst with all the ideas. We just need to surround ourselves with people who believe in us and make us believe in ourselves.

  4. Julie

    You know, I don’t even know what my dreams are any more! And I doubt I have told ones I’ve had to many people. It is a deeply personal thing… I’m so glad that you have people around you that you feel safe to share them with. πŸ™‚

  5. Tracy

    I am so in love with this.
    Dream BIG – so when it happens we can give all the glory to the Lord.
    I needed that.
    I’ve been bruised by telling my dreams to people, too. I’m like you – and want to do things I pretty sure I’ll succeed in. It is HARD to be so exposed for a type-A like me!
    I am so encouraged to speak my dreams. To dream BIG. So big it may be a bit uncomfortable.
    I can’t wait to hear about how He has blessed your dreams. He can do the unimaginable, impossible and incredible!

  6. Karyn (French Charming)

    Such a timely post for me sweet friend. I hope all of your dreams come true. Don’t worry what other people think, I really feel that when you put your dream out there it is the beginning of making them manifest!
    I’ve had some hair brain ideas and at times maybe I have looked like a fool. I’ve had some of my dreams come true and was able to own my own business, it was the only time in my life that I knew I was doing EXACTLY what I was meant to do.
    You have so much to offer…never stop dreaming! Thanks for this lovely post!!

  7. Lemonade Makin' Mama

    Am I dreaming for myself like man does or like God? I honestly never stopped to ask that of myself!
    Today I’m dealing with the place where the dreams got dashed and I find myself wondering that exact thing. Were they just my dreams, or were they God’s dream for me?
    Something to chew on…

  8. Martha

    I really LOVE the dream BIG…it is so important…and more and more lately I have been sharing those. I have become…someone who is starting to share…still have some dreams I keep in…I’m not perfect or close to where I want to be yet…but encouraging…and supporting…one another is what it is about…how do we find those true supports…by sharing what is near and dear to us…even if we get hurt along the way…really beautiful post!

  9. melody ross

    I heart you, Jeanne Oliver…forever and ever and ever and ever and EVER.
    I so needed to read this today.
    you are a gift……beautifully packaged, even more beautiful inside.

  10. traci

    such a beautiful post jeanne. i have never thought of dreams this way. i need to start dreaming big!!! xo!!

  11. tammi

    Thank you for your fabulous post. I too have big dreams that I share only with myself. To share with anyone else would be like wearing my heart on my sleeve.I would feel to vulnerable. One of my(small) dreams is to be a blogger someday but I am afraid no one would read LOL.

  12. Christi

    This reminds me of Esther…for such a time as this. What if she had been afraid? —Perfectionism can be such paralysis. It’s fear. Fear to fail. Fear is not of God. It’s the enemy’s scheme. Just as the lion roars to paralyze it’s prey.
    Thanks for sharing…I so enjoy your blog!
    Brenham, TX

  13. tracey

    YOU should dream big Jeanne, we can all see that you are a star on the rise and destined to continue to do great things…you are so very talented!!! I left this quote on Becky’s blog one time, but it is one of my favorites, so I will share it with you. I came across it one time but didn’t write it down right away so I might botch it up a bit, but here’s the jist of it: ‘when my time is done and I stand before You, I want to be able to say, “I have nothing left to give, because You gave me a gift…and I used it…”‘
    πŸ™‚ T

  14. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    This was so nice to read. I used to have BIG dreams, but somehow set them all aside and have kept them covered up since becoming a wife and a mother. I sometimes feel that I owe it to myself and to God to respect my own dreams and not just the dreams of others. I know that I would be supported if I ever spoke up with them, but like you, am fearful of not succeeding in those dreams. Thanks for such an inspirational post Jeanne!

  15. Mikal

    Oh my stars… what a powerful message you’ve shared… I’m inspired… fearful, but inspired!
    Thank you,

  16. Karina

    Amazing post! I am so…fired up!
    Your words bring to my mind this quote…
    β€œCome to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew.”
    Guillaume Apollinaire
    (French Poet and Critic who helped to direct poetry into unexplored channels, 1880-1918)
    God bless you & take care,

  17. christina

    jeanne… what a happy accident this was stumbling across your blog. this post is so inspirational. so many people are afraid to embrace & truly live their dreams, not realizing a dream is a gift given to you to be shared with the world. living out my dreams has been both my life’s greatest joy and greatest struggle. several years ago, when i took the plunge and opened my first store, my father gave me a book titled “the dream giver” by bruce wilkinson. when my dream was challenged this year by the economic crisis, i read the book cover to cover. it is truly one of the most inspirational books for dreamers and i think would be a wonderful guide to help you navigate your dreams. a dreamer is a person who’s life is in motion, and this is only the beginning of a grand adventure.
    sage creek

  18. Lora

    Love the pictures and this blog so much. My husband and I are trying out a new business… multi-level marketing.. and there are so many skeptical people who have absolutely lost the ability to dream. I have sheets and sheets of paper and computer files of ideas that I come up with and plan everything out. Some of them are just dreams, but some of them I’ve actually tried. It makes me sad for people who go to their jobs everyday and come home every night and never dream of anything more. Thanks for your wonderful post.

  19. jules white

    Jeanne, how beautiful. thank you for sharing….words that inspire, words that i completely identify with, and words that need so meaningful….have a great day or should i say evening, jules

  20. Debra

    I loved your post today. We DO need to dream big and give God the glory! We have to stop being afraid of revealing our dreams for fear of failure for with God there is no failure. sometimes He just gives us a different answer to our dreams!

  21. Lara Blair

    Awesome post, Jeanne…I totally agree about how we dream so much smaller than God does for us. Through my own life I have dreamed some that have come true (to my utter amazement) and I have some stuffed in the very corner of my imagination that never seem to reach the surface of exposure…I think it’s the scared of being laughed at part…but it’s also important to be brave and say them out loud…writing them down is even more powerful.
    I keep a book by my bedside called “Think Big”…it’s a book of quotes that I read to myself before going to sleep. Little thing/big difference. Makes me feel like anything is possible.
    I’m excited to see where your dreams take you, my friend!

  22. Annette Q

    I started dreaming big through the Mondo Beyondo course just recently and was so surprised at all the dreams I had locked away. It was a real eye opener, but I’m too scared to share the big ones with my loved ones for fear of humiliation. From reading your post I know that I need to get over that, thanks Jeanne πŸ™‚

  23. Lori

    Jeanne, even the comments to your post are amazing…i love the quotes that some of the girls shared…thanks for being so inspirational…i tend to keep my dreams tucked away inside myself in a place only i can see…well, maybe i should share them…a little bit anyway…

  24. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    Great, great post, Jeanne. I had some big dreams when I was younger, like travelling in Europe, doing my PhD and living in Paris. I did it, and you’re right, you have to be fearless. My dreams now are smaller, but still important and special to me. I say, go for it, Jeanne!

  25. Chelsea

    I feel like if I share to many of my dreams, and I dont accomplish them or they change I look like failure and feel like a failure. Therefore if I don’t declare them they aren’t real world dreams, just internal thoughts.

  26. Courtney Walsh

    Felt recently as I was praying that God was asking me what I wanted. I told him one of my little dreams and felt like he was saying “Think bigger…” I thought my little dream was still kinda big… so I thought a little bigger and still heard him say “Think bigger…” You’re so right… he loves to drop these seemingly impossible dreams into our hearts so he can show us that he meant it when he said nothing is impossible for HIM.
    I pray you write down the biggest dream of your heart…and then think of a way to make it even bigger… That’s what God wants to do for you. πŸ™‚

  27. The Flying Bee

    This post was so inspirational! Thank you Jeanne! I have dreams that I want to come true, but have fears, too. I am trying to pursue some of them with a passion and love so big that it pushes all fear aside. I know that with God I can do anything. I want to dream God size dreams!!!

  28. Leah C

    This past year, it seems my heart has had no room for dreams; but I know they are there in the shadows. I, too, don’t like to fail or look foolish. I need to start dreaming again…dreaming bigger & better! Thanks for the nudge:)

  29. kristin

    Oh I love this!
    I will pray for ALL your Amazing dreams to come true.
    Really, I am gonna pray. I promise!
    Thank you for this great dream reminder.
    We all needed this today. Or, I did! Smile!

  30. lissa

    Jeanne I love that you’re dreaming BIG! If anyone can accomplish their dreams I KNOW it’s you! I already told you last night what I think of your talent! You’re amazing! I LOVE YOU FRIEND!

  31. Alyssa

    That was just what I needed to read today πŸ™‚ Perfectly written – I resonate with you completely. I also keep my dreams to myself as a protective measure. The past couple years though, I’ve starting sharing and doing more than I ever have before. My husband is my confidant and motivator – I thank God for having that in my life πŸ™‚ I continue to work on this aspect of my life….

  32. Rachel

    Such a lovely post! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I fear dreaming big because I don’t want to be disappointed if they don’t happen, BUT I have to remember that we serve a BIG God and absolutely anything is possible with Him. Thanks for the reminder! πŸ™‚

  33. JenR

    Jeanne, you are so amazing and successful.. You were born to succeed! I think one of the important things is to surround ourselves with people who think similar to ourselves and those friends who are honestly supportive… like brave girl camp. I’t s hard to do sometimes, but success works for other people, why not ourselves?

  34. Annette Q

    Hi Jeanne,
    I’m so glad you liked my piece this week! Thank you for such a lovely comment.
    I usually do a lot of layering in my work. I start collaging papers, then use acrylic paints over the top to create a background. I spread the paint with anything going: cardboard, fingers, cloth etc. then I work on the little details using ink pencils and oil pastels. So thats my technique. kind of. its quite hard to explain it! lol. Anyway… hope this helps πŸ™‚

  35. Jeanne – I adore you!
    Just start.
    Sit in your favorite chair and close your eyes.
    Let the words roll off of your tongue. Practice hearing your dreams.
    Trust me.
    My eyes still well as I sit here in my studio – as I say them out loud by myself. Put it into the universe, friend.
    Dream big.
    All dreams orginate from the Divine!
    We are simply conduits for the better good -you must ALLOW your DREAMS to happen!
    Big pink smooch!

  36. Holly

    Thank you for your words. I may expound on my thoughts via my blog, with a link to you. (I don’t want to take up too much space here!) πŸ™‚

  37. amy

    you know my big dream, but given the place where i am in my life right now, i wonder what god will do with that dream that started in middleschool and has become clearer in college but seems so out of reach now. i do know that anything is possible with god, and he uses all of the past and now to shape us for his great plans for our future (that i believe are planted in our hearts as dreams many times). love you!

  38. Jillian

    Thank you for sharing this touching piece of your heart! I too- am walking this scary road- to baby step or jump?! Why is jumping so scary- when the reward is so great?!
    – My our amazing Lord hold our hand when we do finally close our eyes and jump!
    I know I’m not ready yet- but everyday I’m one step closer! Thank you for making me feel encouraged.

  39. Yoli

    Hello, this is Yoli. I want to sincerely thank you for recently posting comment on my old blog, Apron of the Month Club. Your words of faith and encouragement are very special to me especially with our sudden relocation news and increased stress.
    The company I work for is relocating my job to a new city by January 1st. I also co-own an online boutique with my sister Jessica, and we have decided to professionally seek solo creative directions. So, I am opening up a new online boutique and new blog. I look forward to God opening new doors. My kids and are excited about new adventures.
    Please know that I read each and every comment you post. They are my inspiration and confirmation of God’s love. Please add me to your list of blogs that you follow.
    God Bless You!

  40. lorraine lewis

    Beautiful post Jeanne- I hope you achieve your dreams, they are beautiful! I was just thinking how lucky I have been to have so many of my dreams fulfilled- so blessed.

  41. Brandie

    Jeanne, I just love how I keep finding such a kindred spirit in you. I have been doing this very thing and it is so much harder than one would think. It is hard to put yourself out there when there is every posibility that you might fail. I have always been a dreamer, as a child my head was always in the clouds but i am now trying to push myslef to share them and believe that they can be reality. I have been re-reading Joel Osteen’s book, Your Best Life Now, and one of the things that always stops me in my tracks is when he says to stop limiting God. Don’t just pray and believe for the things that you think are possible. Be bold enough to ask and dream for the things that are in your heart no matter how impossible it may seem. Our God is a big God and our dreams should be big ones too. We are children of the Most High, we are destined for greatness, not mediocrity. I need to remind myself of that. Some of the dreams that I have seem too big and out of reach but I know that my God has done bigger things than this and i need to have faith and remember that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Now I need to get up the courage to share my biggest dreams with someone other than my hubby;)

  42. Rebekah

    I love that you dream BIG! It sounds so cliche but I believe this is true: you have so much more to gain and nothing to lose. You will never look like an idiot (even if you feel like one).

  43. emily ruth

    i love your words…& i don’t know why but while i read this post this quote just kept rolling around in my head β€œThe place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”
    Frederick Buechner…i’m not sure if it even fits this post exactly, but there it is, cause i’m trying to listen when God says stuff to me, too :)…& one more thing, do you know about the ‘mondo beyondo’ class & lists? if not, you should look it up. they make the most amazing wish lists. things you would never want to admit you were hoping for & then some of the participants post them on their blogs & it is so neat to see that, ‘hey, other people have big giant crazy dreams, too. i’m not the only one’ it’s a class i would love to take sometime…here’s to dreaming those big dreams that God has given us, that he’s just waiting for us to see πŸ™‚

  44. Amy Muffoletto

    Hmmm….I do not know how I missed this post. You just inspire me….I have a big dream and I know God is the only one getting the glory when it comes to pass….In the meantime I nurture it and baby it and work all the kinks out so when God says go and hands me the keys to open the door to this dream I am ready. Some people may say we are crazy but I know the Love of a heavenly father and he wants to give me the desires of my heart. So dream and dream big… I am right there with you!!!!

  45. vickie

    I’m glad I found your blog this evening…you have written powerful words. I Love what you wrote…it is important to dream and dream big. Remember Joseph…he dreamed and interpreted dreams and what great events transpired from those dreams.
    Keep dreaming…all dreams-big or small-have a place in our lives and are important to God

  46. Cindy

    I love what Christi said in response to this (and this post is wonderful by the way)…its perfectionism that entangles me. Each time…which I’m sure that if I dissected that, it would be fear in disguise. And the best thing to do is to do the ground work that I need to do and to put the rest in God’s Hands. Thanks for a lovely reminder for us not to give up on our dreams!

  47. phyllis

    Thank you for your witness πŸ™‚ and for inspiring people to dream for God’s purpose…I thought of a verse… Eph 4:12,13 ~ =)

  48. Theresa

    I just stumbled on your blog through another blog I chose it because I liked the name. My mom used to say that she loved us a bushel and a peck well she passed away this year and when she did it hit me that if I didn’t follow my dreams now, when would I. I have started alot of new things for me this year, a blog being one of them. I’m not all that great with the computer but I’m learning-selftaught! I came across a quote by Nelson Mandela, I won’t write all of it here but I love it…Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. Thanks for your post, it was beautifully written~Theresa

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