There are some that have things that they could possibly take for granted because they don’t realize how precious it is.

Then there are those that completely understand the gem they have in their hands and they love on it, nurture it and create something even more lovely…that is NaDa Farm.

I grew up in rural Illinois so maybe farms just pull at my heartstrings.

This is not your ordinary farm though.

This farm has been loved on by a whole family…and it shows.

From the moment to step on the property I think you can breath a little easier and just take things a little slower.

I taught three classes this show and barely saw the sale itself.

What I did see was amazing and all the vendors were incredible.

I only brought cuffs and prints this time because I was teaching so much and thank you for everyone that snatched them both up!

Go grab your coffee and hopefully my photos will give you a taste of that beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere.

Congratulations, Anne Marie.  It was perfection!