How To Create An Online Course!

 My friend Stephanie Lee  just interviewed me for her new online course How To Create An Online Course!
I am so glad she is offering this course and you guys can even get $10 off the course by using the code OLIVER at checkout.
Here is a peek at our conversation…
To learn more about this course you can read below.
Don’t forget to use OLIVER at checkout to receive $10 off!

You’ve put in the work

…refining your process, following your curiosity, creating your own unique formula for making something, doing something, figuring something out. You’ve struggled and overcome and learned a lot of things the hard way and you want to help others avoid as much of this as they can.Maybe you’ve even shared what you know with a few friends (with raving reviews). Maybe you haven’t shared it with anyone but want to see if it would fly as a workshop (that’s always a little scary!) The world of online teaching is a wide open playground and perhaps you’ve thought that you might want to try it out yourself.

But, whoa, the learning curve is oh so steep!

I’ve been there. I had a burning desire to step into the world of online teaching after experiencing the amazing connections that happened in the real-life classrooms I taught for years. I knew there were people who couldn’t make it to these live classes who really wanted to learn what I had developed as instruction, but I was completely clueless as to whether or not the very hands-on craft I was teaching would even translate well enough online!

 The unknowns intimidated me to the point of mild paralysis.

Even with my I’ll-figure-it-out-ness, I was still not even sure where to begin. I also had (next to) nothing to loose so I set out with a determination to figure it out.

And I did and I want to share it all with you.

The best tricks (and easiest mistakes) I have implemented to create over a dozen successful online courses over the past 8 years are packed in this course. With the word “successful” getting thrown around a lot these days, I want you to know that what I mean by that is well attended, technically easily functional, highly profitable, and receiving very positive feedback from the participants. Most importantly, teaching eCourses has become this magical place where my heart work and the online world converge and incredible communities of talented artists are meeting up to offer dynamic and sincere encouragement and support. Pretty much everything I hope for form an online course.

If you have even a tiny desire to create an online course, I want you to know that you can do it. No question. You have the heart and the ideas a’plenty. I want to help fill in the gaps you may feel when it comes to translating those ideas into a live registration page, a collection of beautifully edited videos, and the organization of content in a way that honors your gift and presents it well.

So, what is holding you back?

Is it the lack of time? Do the unknowns of the tech side of things overwhelm you? Do you feel clueless as to where to start (and then how to keep it going right once you do start?) Are you good at following a plan but aren’t sure how to make one for creating and teaching an online course?

Here’s the truth – none of these factors are reason enough for you to hold yourself back.


What you know is exactly what someone else has been wanting to know. Are you ready to let them in on your magic?

Chances are good that you’re an expert in what you know. An expert is “a person with comprehensive knowledge of a skill in a particular area”.


Either way you shake it, the good news is you don’t need to know EVERYTHING there is to know to know enough to help others learn. You DO know enough.

I want to help you find the perfect combination of your unique creative vision and skills with a plan to translate that into an online course. With ease, a super clear and simple plan of action, and exactly how much (or little) complexity you want it to have.


Here’s a sampling of the topics I’ll demystify in the course:

  • Where to start and how to translate your creative genius into a step-by-step course outline that feels the best to you
  • How to make a dynamic and engaging course with the minimal tech know-how and what gear is right for you (you might even have it already!)
  • How to distill your idea to be clear on what to teach and what to save for later
  • How to create an outline and pace the workload (sanity in tact) that is totally aligned with your energy and authenticity
  • Simplifying and executing a launch sequence using a very clear, step-by-step (but in no way “cookie cutter”) guide
  • Creating and managing your course community in a way that honors your energetic output and keeps students engaged
  • How to promote (without pimping)
  • Creating compelling descriptions and content, and what not to do (assume people will find you and buy the first time you tell them about it)
  • How to customize accessibility to protect your work


Do the technical aspects make you nervous?

If the idea of the techy stuff makes you want to run the other way, I want you know that I totally get that. Technology is ripe with opportunities to be overwhelmed by everything you CAN do with it but…

this isn’t a course in “here’s how complex it could be”. It’s a course in “here’s how simple it can be” and that simplicity is more than enough to create an amazing course!

It’s easy to think that it takes a heap of expensive equipment or a team of professionals to help make your online course a reality but I am going to show the exactly what you need to do – step by step – to create your course with minimal equipment and tech savviness! When you have completed the processes presented in the course you will have everything you need to create your own beautiful course that will include a well functioning registration page and secure class site, well edited videos, and unique instructive content that inspires your participants and the seed of experience to expand this process even further.

The step-by-step instruction will include:

  • Video production: recording set up, basic video editing, lighting/mics, equipment, where to store your videos, and more.
  • Tutorials for creating simple graphics to promote your course
  • Scripts for emails/problem solving with students/etc.
  • What to automate and how
  • Defining the process from eCourse to eBook and choosing which is best for you
  • Various platforms for hosting your online class
  • How to set up easy payment processing and customized paypal buttons

You might be wondering…

“Do I need to already have an online space in order to get the full benefit of the course?”
No. You do not. If you do have a blog or website already, awesome. But it may not be where you decide to host an online class when you decide to take that step. You’ll get the clarity, information (and confidence) you need to know where to start when you’re ready. 

I’m going to cover three major platforms that you can use to easily create a home for your online course. All three of these platforms are VERY affordable and can grow with you without increasing in cost.

“What kind of computer do I need?”
You’ll need a computer that turns on and can connect with the internet. 🙂 Much of the course instruction is focused on course content organization, creation, and presentation and is not dependent on any certain operating system to work. 

There will also absolutely be plenty of technical instruction as well. This means Apple and Windows systems both are fine. I’m assuming that if you have a computer, you also have the one or two additional programs needed (they usually come with your computer). For the minimal modules that DO require specific operating systems, I (and my incredible guest contributors) will be showing clear instruction for both Mac and Windows versions.

Beyond that, if you want to create videos for your course, you’ll need some sort of video camera. If you have a smart phone that can record video, you have a camera that will work great. No need to go buy expensive equipment!

Maybe there’s a little voice in your head that tells you it will be too hard. That what you know and what comes naturally to you isn’t something others would pay you for.  If there is one thing I have learned in the process of creating about a dozen courses, it’s that we often don’t give ourselves – and our singular creative code – enough credit.Though this is primarily a hands-on and how-to course, there will absolutely be plenty of Soul work. I want to help you move past whatever limiting beliefs you have about your ability to teach so that you can give the awesome beauty that is in your heart!


We’ll unpack and evaluate:

  • How to reign in your attention to minimize the destructive habit of comparing yourself to what others are doing online
  • Why you don’t have to be “famous” to teach sought after, successful courses online
  • The synergistic power of collaborating with other skill sets (you don’t have to know any more than what you know right now)
  • Finding + creating workarounds to your own limitations
  • Debunking and rebuilding common destructive paradigms when it comes to making money from what you know (this is especially common with artists)
  • How to get out of your own way + manage the distracting mind chatter and self doubt that keeps you from moving forward

“I’m feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating an online course. Am I going to feel like I’m drinking from a firehose?”

I know that feeling and it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time! My intention is to give you what you need to be able to open the doors to your online course. When it comes to creating anything web based, the sky is the limit (which can also equal overwhelm or avoidance all together). The core message in this course is NOT “here’s how complex it can get” but rather “here’s how simple it can be”.

But…options. Always options. I’ll show you multiple options to achieve the same end and you get to pick and choose what feel best to you.

The course content will come to you through audio, video, and downloadable worksheets and will include:

  • -Video calls for live Q&A sessions. Would you like some one on one coaching just for participating in this course? This is where that can happen!
  • -Lifetime access to the course and all future updated versions
  • Interviews with successful online instructors who generously give implementable tips to help you move along easier.

Course access information:

The course content will be delivered every Monday for 4 consecutive weeks. You will have full access to all the content as it is all released and you will be able to revisit it as much as you need to in order for you to get confident in what the next steps are for your individual plan.

How long will I have access to the course?

Once the course starts, you will have lifetime access to the information. Any future updates will also be at
your fingertips. 

Will there be any community space for me to get help from?

Yes, yes, and YES!! This is all about you getting the information and support you need to create any sort of online course and an active and encouraging community is a vital part of it! There will be a private Facebook group for only the participants of the course and I will be active there as well.

Will there be any one on one help avaialble?

Yes! I’m super excited about this part the most. I want to help YOU over whatever hurdles you are encountering as you prepare, develop, and launch your online course! There will be options for how you could be one of those I connect with at this level – phone coaching, one on one calls, etc. – and I will announce those more when the course launches.


The time and energy you have put into receiving the inspiration to refine your unique skill set is holy ground. The elbow grease you’ve worked in is worth it’s weight in gold. I want to help you share it in a way that ignites the creative fires of those who want to learn from you while filling your own well in a way that keeping it all to yourself just can’t do. 

How would it feel to be sitting in your favorite chair, telling your best friend about how amazing your first online course went? What would it mean to you and your creative gifts?  

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All registrations are non-refundable.


Are you ready to step confidently in to world of online teaching and claim your space as a teacher without limitations?

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

The internet – and the participants of your beautiful course – are ready for you!

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