Remember my crazy dessert dream and that fabulous "cheesecake" I had while I was in Laguna Beach??

After I tried to order it and it would have cost me $100 I decided to search the good ol' internet for a recipe.

Last night I made it and here it is……



I found this recipe and added the cherries because…… everything is better with cherries!

Lemon Cheesecake

For The Crust

2 cups almonds

1 1/2 cup dates

For The Cheese

3 cups RAW cashews (soaked for at least one hour)

3/4 cup lemon juice (fresh)

3/4 raw honey or agave (I used agave)

3/4 unrefined organic coconut oil (liquid)

1/2 water

1/3 vanilla bean or 1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon celtic sea salt

To make the crust put the almonds and dates in either a good blender or food processor and mix until fine.  I used our blender.  Press the crust into the bottom of a 9" springform pan…I didn't have one so I used a tart pan and it turned out great.  This would also be fine to just use a pie pan.

The next step is to take all the ingredients for the cheese and mix until very smooth in a blender or food processor.  Once it is very smooth and thick you are ready to pour it into the pan.  I poured half into the pan, layered cherries and then poured in the remaining cheese to cover the cherries.  

The last step is to freeze the cheesecake.  Over night is best but at least three hours.  I pulled the cheesecake out this morning and let it thaw for one hour before we ate it.


This cheesecake is vegan, dairy free, gluten free and raw…and so, so delicious!

It was a HUGE hit.  All of the children loved it, I saved $100 dollars and I am now FULL:-)