(originally posted December 30, 2008)

…Don't worry my husband knows. 

 If you have read about this man, their marriage, their love maybe you have fallen a little for him (and her too). 

Anytime a man writes a beautiful love note to his wife and a gun is not pointed at his head… women are going to swoon. 

The man I am referring to is Christian Nielson.

  Awhile back I read the notes that his wife Stephanie had posted on her blog(re posted recently by her sister Cortney). 

 If you have been under a rock and have not heard their amazing story please do. 

So..back to the letters. 

The letters that I wanted my husband to read. 

 The letters that I even hoped he would photocopy and sign his own name to. 

The letters that women always get at the beginning of relationships or on special occasions….not in the middle of any old week.

  He was gone for a few days and missing her.

  I am in love. 

 Ok..I know many other thousands of women love him too. 

 The truth is I also love Stephanie and I will never meet her.

  Isn't it amazing? 

 We can LOVE people we don't even really know!!

Their story and love affair with each other is truly one of the most beautiful stories I have ever known. 

 I can't wait to hear about their next chapter and if we are lucky enough..maybe she will share more of those love letters!