I am honored to tell you that I am one of 24 teachers that will be teaching in the online collaboration 21 Secrets Color, Color, Color this coming September!
Here is a peek into my part of the course…
Limited Palette Play
Jeanne Oliver
Explore our land with me, gather up fun inspiration and then practice using a limited color
palette. Do you ever walk into your studio and feel overwhelmed by all of your supplies? I know
that in the past I felt exactly like that. Over the years I have learned that to practice (and practice
often) that I do my best with a limited number of supplies. I have no excuses and the biggest tip
is that I have become extremely familiar with my tools. This lesson will be about practicing and
focusing more on values, sketching, quick painting and not being distracted with too many

The $98 registration cost includes a downloadable and interact able ebook! So cool!  Click on any of the images in this post of click HERE to go straight to sign up.

There is an incredible line up of teachers and you can read it all HERE.

What is 21 SECRETS?
In short, 21 SECRETS is a 150+ page downloadable eBook filled with 25+ hours of
videos, full colored photos, templates, and clear instruction intended to
inspire and deepen the way you approach art journaling.
What makes 21 SECRETS even more special is that you receive all the content at once
— YOU get to pick and choose which workshops to do and when! No waiting around for
your favorites and no need to feel rushed or falling behind — these workshops are
In the Color, Color, Color! edition the teachers were asked to focus their attention
on how color influences their creativity and is an important element in their art


*When will you receive their 21 SECRETS eBook?
When tyou purchase 21 SECRETS you will automatically receive a confirmation
email for your order.
*When does the online course go live?
An email with information on how to download the 21 SECRETS eBook will be delivered
to you by 9am PST on Monday, September 26th.
*What do you receive when purchasing 21 SECRETS?
A downloadable 150+ page eBook that contains 21 art journaling workshops packed with
25+ hours of videos, full color photos, templates, and clear instructional content that is
yours to keep.
Unlimited access to all workshops at once! You pick and choose which ones you do and
when. There is no time limit or deadlines to meet — these workshops are yours to keep!
Membership to the private 21 SECRETS Facebook community where you can share, be
inspired, and receive warm, supportive feedback.
The opportunity to learn a variety of art journaling tools and techniques from the comfort of
your home/studio.
Belong to a supportive online artist community that has been growing strong since 2010!
At 21 SECRETS we celebrate everyone’s unique expression and support artists in
becoming confident and courageous while creating from the heart!
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