I don’t care that there is snow on the ground {I am showing you this post anyways}

Snow is covering my town, rooftops and weighing down our tree branches right now.

I live in Colorado so it will be fall again in two days I am most positive!

There are so many things that we do that I don’t take the time to show you.

I can get pretty behind in sharing photos for the grandparents (you didn’t think this blog was just for you?:-)).

So, even though I can barely type right now because of the blinding reflection from the snow…I am going to show you these photos anyways.

Every year since Jack has been three and Maddy was a baby we have met friends or family to go berry picking.

It marks the end of summer for us.

We drive about 45 minutes north to a small, organic farm and eat more than we bring home.

This year my sister and her children met us and my neighbor and her little girl.

Welcome to Berry Patch Farms….

{My Maddy with her cousin}

{Heading out to the strawberry field.  I love how they love each other}

{Don’t even ask me why I got THAT look! Seriously! }

{Notice the empty container but I know the belly was full}

{Ugliest pig of ALL time!  I MAY give up bacon…MAY}

If you live local to Berry Patch Farms you will have the most gorgeous day playing at the farm!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. C. Joy

    Here in Texas Summer 2011 was relentless and until last week I thought it would never end. If your pictures had not been so beautiful and spot on in catching your lovely day – I would have quickly moved on to something else, preferring to see your snow. But…

    I love you pictures and story. In my world pansies are gone by the first of June, so I loved even seeing the pansies on a day when you could pick berries. Thanks for making my morning better.


  2. mgriffin

    Wonderful pictures of a great, beautiful day and beautiful children! And I especially like the comments, including those in bubbles. It reminds me of when you turn off the sound of the TV and come up with your own dialogue for all the actors in the commercial or the TV show on screen:)

  3. amy

    thanks for the laughs. the bubble words, cartwheels, captions, that ugly pig!! really cute, jeanne. thanks for sharing!

  4. Jessica Y

    Love Berry Patch Farms. We used to go there before we moved from Denver a couple years ago. I wish I’d found your blog then. Great memories.

  5. sandy

    Oh the greatest time you guys had!
    Thank you so much for sharing these smiles with us.

    Reminds me that I too have a ton of photo’s of events that I never have shared.

  6. pam

    Oh my word! Can that pig even walk? Or does he get rolled everywhere? Yikes! Days like this are so simple but so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  7. regan

    After reading the first line of your blog, I thought, “Hey, us too…we’ve got snow covering everything, branches even litter the streets from the heavy snow.” And then I got to the next line and it all made sense, we live in the same state. The funny thing is, I’ve been following your blog for a while with no clue that we were so close. The Berry Patch Farm looks amazing and I’d love to go now knowing it’s not too far!

  8. Leah C

    Oh wow…that looks like sooo much fun! I really need to go berry-picking sometime:) Beautiful photos{so much better than snow}!

  9. Jeannie-JB

    Awwww – what sweet pictures! I love how your daughter and her cousin love each other too! That’s just like the Mastercard commercial . . . . priceless!

  10. Life with Kaishon

    I know JUST what you mean! Where the heck did this snow in OCTOBER come from? I heard the newscasters talking about it on Friday but I sort of ignored them. When we woke up on Saturday it was snowing but they were big wet flakes and I was certain they would end quickly….they did not. I think we got 10 inches in Pennsylvania. CRAZY! I was so happy it all melted so we could enjoy a sunny Sunday!

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