{All of the photos in this post are from my recent trip back to Montgomery, Alabama.  We walked through my old college and walked around my grandma’s neighborhood. Always beautiful}

Early Friday morning I boarded a plane to Montgomery, Alabama for a memorial service.

I was meeting my mom and most of her family to honor the life of my step-grandfather.

My grandmother, Jeanne Shaffer, passed away almost 6 years ago and she was really the one that made sure we got together.

I was really looking forward to the time with all of my family.

Some of my favorite memories growing up is with this big family.

My mom is one of five so with her siblings, their spouses and all of their children it was always a very full house.

Full of food. Full of laughter.  Full of crazy.  Full of joy. Full of music.  Full of naps.  Full of sleeping bags.

Full of love!

It was a long and hard weekend but full of laughter and love.

Thank you for all the sweet messages and FB comments about the memorial service.

It was the most incredible service I have ever been to.

I have never seen a service so perfect for the person it was held to honor.