I love my Canon 5D Mark ii.

I really do.

I have been cheating on it for awhile now though and I am not ashamed.

I use the inferior camera on my iphone everyday and I use Instagram to document our days.

It is not just the ease of Instagram that has me hooked but all the awesome apps that you can purchase to instantly change your photos.

That whole instant thing is pretty fun and convenient.

I thought before my trip I would share with you all some of my favorite camera phone apps.

First of all is Instagram.

If you aren’t playing along I highly suggest it.

In a glance I can see the beautiful highlights of my friend’s days.

I catch more of our everyday with my iphone than I do with my big camera.

The Canon is awesome but…

It is big.

It is heavy.

Before I upload a photo to Instagram I really like to use one of the following apps (or even a combination of a few).

100 Cameras

This is so super easy.  You take a photo or upload one into the app and it gives you 100 options.  Pretty cool. Pretty easy.

I took a photo of one of my clock collections and here are three examples of what you can do…

Finger Focus

I like this app because unlike Instagram and some of the other focus choices….this one actually only focuses where you drag your finger.

Very cool and nice for when you want to highlight more than a circle or rectangle like some of the other apps.

(fyi..this is a work in progress so she looks a little scary right now:-))


This is just a fun app!  It will instantly make your photos look like an old Histamatic phone..duh.

I guess I didn’t have to explain that one.

Scratch Cam

You would think the name would explain this one but I will go ahead and explain anyways.  I am awesome like that.

You have tons of overlays that will give your photo an aged and scratched up look. Tons of options and your results can be surprising and beautiful.

I just took a quick photo to show you.  I am sorry for the photo…end of the day and not looking too styling!

Aren’t these effects so cool!?


I use this one a lot!  Lots of control over the photo and also so fun effects.

I use iDarkroom when I really want a high contrast like in a black and white.  I find that other apps don’t do B&W justice.

You can also add bokeh to your photos like this…

Pic Stitch

I don’t do a lot of collages…probably because they take longer than the average 2 seconds I like to take on my photos:-)

When I do collages this is the app I use.


This is the app I use to add text. Lots of font, color, sizing choices etc. and really fast and simple.

I am sure there are a million apps out there for text but this is the main one I use.


This is not a photo app but I wanted to include it anyways because I love it and…why not?

This is a fun and fast way to take video and make it look old.  Lots of choices and really easy.

I have even used it to make artsy videos for my e-courses.

I have an iphone so my links are iphone related descriptions but most of these are available for different phones.

I have tried LOTS of apps and these are my favorites and the ones I use the most.

I would love to hear what you use!

I promise to use the Canon in France:-)

{I can’t promise that I won’t be giving daily updates with the iphone though:-)}

6 more sleeps until France!