I Love What Kids Say

Father’s Day is this Sunday and Kelly is always so cleaver and fun in how he helps the kids celebrate me.

I sometimes feel like it is hard to surprise him and he buys the big things he wants anyways.

I’m happy with new Burt’s Bees lip gloss:-)  Seriously, women are soooo easy to surprise.

When I saw this questionnaire on my sister’s blog I knew we would start with this.

My sister found the questions HERE.

We have a few things up our sleeves to celebrate Kelly and what an amazing father and husband he is but until Sunday this is all you are getting out of us:-)



As the children were giving their answers the clearest message they are sending you is that you make them feel so loved and so wanted.  I love you for that.  Thank you for being the kind of father that would rather be with us than anywhere else…..unless it is a burger restaurant.  We know how we rank next to burgers and we are coming to terms with it.

What is something Dad always says to you?
Jack: You are a good son. I love you.

Maddy: I love you.

Benjamin: That he loves me.

What makes Dad happy?
Jack: When we spend time with him.

Maddy: Spending time with us.

Benjamin: When we do stuff nice for him.

What makes Dad sad?
Jack: When we are not around and he misses us.

Maddy: Thinking of his dad.

Benjamin: When he gets hurt.
How does Dad make you laugh?
Jack: He randomly says funny things in the middle of conversations.

Maddy: There are so many I don’t know.  Tickles us.

Benjamin: When he tickles us.

How old is Dad?
Jack: 45

Maddy: 45

Benjamin: 45

How tall is Dad? (Kelly is really 6′)
Jack: 5′ 8″

Maddy: 5′ 6″

Benjamin: 64 pounds

What is Dad’s favorite thing to do?
Jack: Ride and build bikes.

Maddy: Build bikes.

Benjamin: Go to the skatepark.

What does Dad do when you’re not around?
Jack: Builds bikes and watches movies.

Maddy: Cries into his pillow

Benjamin: Does bike things.

If Dad becomes famous what will it be for?
Jack: Being the riches man in the world because he is so smart.

Maddy: Building bikes.

Benjamin: Our family.

What is Dad really good at?
Jack: Making time for us and making time for his hobbies and still doing work.

Maddy: Everything

Benjamin: Building bikes

What is Dad not very good at?
Jack: Eating healthy

Maddy: Sewing

Benjamin: Building cars

What is Dad’s favorite food?
Jack: Cheeseburgers

Maddy: Pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn

Benjamin: Five Guys

What makes you proud of Dad?
Jack: He is a honest man when it comes to be a father and husband.

Maddy: He is a great dad

Benjamin: He makes room for us.
If Dad was a cartoon character who would he be?
Jack: Ironman

Maddy: Superman

Benjamin: Batman

What do you and Dad do together?
Jack: We ride bikes together.

Maddy: Daddy Daughter Ball

Benjamin: Ride bikes
How are you and Dad the same?
Jack: We both love our family.  A LOT!

Maddy: We both don’t like Portobello mushrooms

Benjamin: When we were kids we had the same face and the same hair.

How are you and Dad different?
Jack: We have different hobbies.

Maddy: Dad is allergic to white potatoes and I’m not.

Benjamin: He is brownish color and I am a tannish color.

How do you know Dad loves you?
Jack:  Because he tells me and he shows it.

Maddy: He tells me everyday.

Benjamin: He spends money on clothes and stuff. He buys stuff for us.

Where is Dad’s favorite place to go?
Jack: The skatepark.

Maddy: With me to the Daddy Daughter Ball

Benjamin: Five Guys


What are you all doing to celebrate this Father’s Day?

(I think Kelly is hoping that I bought plane tickets to California and we head straight to In- N -Out)

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  1. Beth Cole

    Jeanne, this is priceless! My favorite was Benjamin saying he and dad had the same hair and face when they were little, ha, too funny! You have a beautiful family. Have a great time celebrating!

  2. mgriffin

    Kelly is a triple threat hero to his kids…how awesome is that! What is Five Guys? Isn’t it more than wonderful to know you are loved….and all of you know that from each other…Happy Father’s Day, Kelly!

  3. Peggy Williams

    So sweet to read this. The personalities of the kids really come out–your oldest son reminds me of mine around that age (he is 38 now!). After seeing the Avengers recently I was REALLY impressed that his dad reminded him of Ironman! That is pretty cool!

  4. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

    I am laughing out loud as I read this, Jeanne! Cries into his pillow is priceless!

  5. Jen Osborn

    “Cries into his pillow.” had me cracking up 🙂
    What a wonderful thing to do with your rugrats – I’m going to ask my teens these questions, and write them down for Larry’s FD card.

    If you do indeed hit In & Out would you overnight a double double to Larry please – it’s the thing he misses the most about leaving California. I think even more than he misses the ocean!

    I find the love between you and your husband so wonderful, and how you share it with all of us.
    You constantly amaze and inspire me!

  6. pam

    Benjamins answers are so precious! Maddy is going to get a bit of her mothers humor huh? My hubby loves Five Guys too and my son loves it b/c there is a Sweet Frogs (yogurt) shop right next door…so guess where we will be Father’s day? Hope you all have a great day and don’t get into too much trouble!

  7. cathy

    I love this – what a great gift to dad – to get the kids to answer these questions and then type them up for dad!

    Jeanne on another note I wanted to know when your class of building a creatively made business will no longer be available. I am registered and have been watching but I haven’t finished yet and I heard the video is only available til end of June. Is that the case??

  8. Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode

    Hi Jeanne, just stopping by to visit your blog and I have learned a lot about your hubby. Apparently he loves burgers and bikes 😉 Sounds like my hubby.

    I just signed up for your e-course and am sooooo very excited to start on Monday. Hope you have a blessed weekend with your family.

    P.S. your hubby would be sad to know that I live right down the street from an In-N-Out. It is seriously not good for my girlish figure.

  9. Anne

    Oh I love this!!! So cute and funny.I love how they all have there own answers!I am sure you are all having a wonderful day!

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