Lately my kids have been loving getting old seasons of The Brady Bunch from Netflix.

They will laugh so hard…and the truth is so will I.

I had forgotten how funny it is and as a mom of three….CLEAN!

Some of the language is obviously different and even what is acceptable today.

While I was watching the very first episode Carol and Mike were getting married.

Mike was nervous and Carol asked him on the phone whether he had taken a tranquilizer yet….he said yes and that he would take another and hopefully that would help.

My mom was visiting and we laughed so hard….a tranquilizer!!!

“I don’t dig” (awesome quote by Greg Brady)

What I have really come to realize is that I desperately need an Alice.

I need someone that will drink coffee with me throughout the day…but also make the coffee and pour my coffee.

Could. Get. Used. To. That.

I also think it would be helpful for those times when I am tired of solving the children’s arguments to have Alice swoop in and bring peace.

Clean my house.

Cook our meals.

Babysit for date night.

Have a relationship with the meat man…there has to be some discounts involved there!

Do you need an Alice???

Do you know anyone that wants to be my Alice???

Applications being accepted!