I need an Alice {and a time warp}

Lately my kids have been loving getting old seasons of The Brady Bunch from Netflix.

They will laugh so hard…and the truth is so will I.

I had forgotten how funny it is and as a mom of three….CLEAN!

Some of the language is obviously different and even what is acceptable today.

While I was watching the very first episode Carol and Mike were getting married.

Mike was nervous and Carol asked him on the phone whether he had taken a tranquilizer yet….he said yes and that he would take another and hopefully that would help.

My mom was visiting and we laughed so hard….a tranquilizer!!!

“I don’t dig” (awesome quote by Greg Brady)

What I have really come to realize is that I desperately need an Alice.

I need someone that will drink coffee with me throughout the day…but also make the coffee and pour my coffee.

Could. Get. Used. To. That.

I also think it would be helpful for those times when I am tired of solving the children’s arguments to have Alice swoop in and bring peace.

Clean my house.

Cook our meals.

Babysit for date night.

Have a relationship with the meat man…there has to be some discounts involved there!

Do you need an Alice???

Do you know anyone that wants to be my Alice???

Applications being accepted!




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  1. Traci

    there is honestly nothing like the brady bunch. it is so funny to watch old episodes. in fact, i just referenced the show to eric the other day when he was getting his truck ready to sell. i told him he needed to make sure that he was honest about why he was selling it, just like when greg was selling the car. always good lessons there.

  2. Leah C

    Oh couldn’t we all use an Alice! If you find one, ask her if she has a friend πŸ˜‰ Watching the Brady Bunch…now that brings back some memories!

  3. Jennifer Rizzo

    Oh man. I would fight you over and Alice. I need one of those too…. Maybe we could live communally and then share her. I have a confession. i secretly love the brady bunch movie…

  4. Sabrina

    I always loved the Brady Bunch! Having an Alice would be awesome, especially with a baby on the way. I would just put my feet up and she could do all the dirty work.
    On a side note, my husband and i have been watching the Cosby Show via Netflix and laughing our behinds off! It’s so 80s and Bill Cosby is such a hoot! I love Netflix!

  5. Jen

    Oh my gosh this made me laugh!! I am in some serious need of an “Alice”. I am definitely in the mood for some Brady Bunch now. πŸ™‚

    1. jeanne Author

      Really??? I think Kelly and I have seen every one. It has been so fun to watch them again with the kids. You have to make him watch them. They are hilarious!

  6. meg duerksen

    i need that so badly!!!!!
    i never used to watch that show. my friends did but i didn’t.
    i am totally getting them on netflix.
    if i have to listen to zach and cody one more day i may die.

    1. jeanne Author

      You have to get them. You will love them and your kids will too. I love that I don’t have to worry about them being clean or not.

  7. Nicole@FarmgirlChaos

    So, I LOVE playing ‘Alice’ for people. Often, it seems like it’s what I do in my spare time. However, the coffee would have to become chai or cream soda. πŸ™‚
    Where do I send my application??

  8. Nora Anne

    I would LOVE an Alice, good company, support, and she does windows and toilets! Ahhh, that would be heaven, if I find her I will send her your way! (After cloning her, of course!)
    Great post!

  9. Shannon

    I used to watch that show all the time and now I want to watch it again. I would love to have an Alice to cook for me and clean and hang out with! You can send the leftover applications once you find one for you πŸ™‚

  10. Cathy Linard

    This post is hilarious. I Laughed hardest at the meat man discounts comment. Yes, I would like an Alice. I also “dig” Mrs. Brady’s maize yellow wedding dress that she wore in the pic you posted. I’d shorten it past the knee and wear it now!

  11. elyse

    ooh – i like the idea of my own alice, too! porkchops and applesauce any time! and thanks for the netflix tip. i see a very brady marathon in my future. (look out kids, dig?)


  12. Caprice

    I don’t know what it is about your posts sometimes that make me feel like I might cry… Nostalgia? Youth gone by? The innocence of the Brady Bunch times we grew up with? Or is it simply reading your post about needing a little Alice with Sara Barilles playing in the background?? No matter what, I love stopping by your blog. It’s like a little piece of relaxation for me.

  13. sandy b.

    I guess if I would have a family picture taken of all of us. (We could be called the “Brown – Bunch”
    The one thing that would be missing is ALICE.
    With 3 boys and 3 girls guess we/I need an Alice.
    My ad would say desperatly seeking Alice. But, would she stay?

    Very cute post Jeanne – I used to love the Brady Bunch.

  14. sandy b.

    P.s. thinkig back to when I used to watch the Brady Bunch. I was never as tired as I am now.
    Am I getting old? Or just feeling tired and old? Or just getting older?

    I would love to have an Alice… Maybe I would feel less tired if she was here.
    And maybe she would offer a shoulder when I need one. While we sip on morning T!

    You sure got me thinking and wishing and HOPING

    Let me know when you find your Alice. Maybe we can Time-share her. πŸ˜‰

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