The Jeanne Oliver Podcast

I Started a Podcast| Episode One is Live!


The Jeanne Oliver Podcast


So, guess what we just did? 

If you have been here for awhile you may remember that for years we did the video interview series Creativity Takes Courage.

Gosh, I loved doing that and it was one of the things that was lost while we were growing but one of the things I had wished we had protected better.

I am beyond thankful for the push of the launch of Creatively Made Business to bring back a newer version of something I loved so much!

It is one of the biggest joys to get to talk to other men and women that are doing beautiful things in this world.

I would love for you to subscribe and share with your friends! Each week a new episode will be released and I couldn’t be more excited for this new way to serve you better!


Jeanne Oliver Podcast Episode 1


Episode 1 | Let’s Hear it For The Underdogs

Jeanne tells the story of how she came back to herself as a creative, how she learned to honor and value her own gifts, and how those gifts have shaped her world for good.

1:20 The story begins

2:56 “I often felt like my currency wasn’t the most valued and then in turn, I didn’t see my worth.”

4:03 “I shared my portfolio of sketches with my guidance counselor, and a few adults in my life… and was discouraged about going to art school.”

4:45 “In the next years [through and after college], I struggled with deep regret and

unforgiveness over myself…”

5:51 “I slowly started digging deeper into my creativity…”

6:30 Promo for Creatively Made Business

7:10 “When I realized I was worth creating for, it felt like the world was saying “we have been waiting for you…”

9:29 “With age comes a sweeter knowing of who we are, and I know I will become wiser about myself as the years go on.”

9:53 Advice for those over whom negative things have been spoken

10:44 How do you know what my gifts are?

11:37 A catalogue of lessons learned through a life of creativity





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  1. Noelle Mena (Team JO)

    I am so excited for you! Never afraid to experience new ways of letting others in + helping others to grown along with you. <3

  2. Michell Samuelson

    I love this! Cartwheels! Thank you for sharing. I love this site and all my classes. I want to start a studio first in my garage and then buy land and help women to create, fast and pray and break through barriers and send and support missions. My life feels like such a spread of creativity and helping others, sometimes I don’t feel like I have not accomplished much. But God says it is what he says about my worth, period. People can feel love on our art. So your words are like honey! I would like to take the business course if I can make it happen.

  3. Carisa

    I don’t know even where to start or how to turn my creative self into a business even though I long to be doing just that! Thanks for sharing your story.

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