I Will Show You Mine {if you will show me yours}

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the third week of “I Will Show You Mine”.

The first week I showed you the makeup I use.

The second week I showed you what I carry in my purse.

This week I am showing you what I wore this past week.

We are busy playing and spending time with family in Illinois.

What I wore this past week was probably better than normal because I really like my yoga pants…and I don’t do yoga.


Monday I forgot to take a photo.

Let’s pretend.

I had my hair back all day, no makeup, Lululemon yoga pants, and a black t-shirt.

It was hot.

I would like to make a disclaimer first about this post.

I am a dork and all photos were taken on my phone…by my son (most of the time).

Let’s continue.

(I am also linking up with The Pleated Poppy today if you want more fashion inspiration)

Tuesday I wore a black t-shirt from Target, cardi from Urban Outfitters and knit skirt from Piper Lime.

{example of dorkiness}

Wednesday I wore JCrew skinny jeans, Gap blazer, grey t-shirt from Urban Outfitters and sandals from Urban Outfitters.

I am laughing just posting these.

Thursday I wore a vintage dress (thrifted) that I hemmed for a long tunic, AG skinny jeans, cardi from Target and pink ballet flats from Nordstrom.

Friday we left for Illinois early and I didn’t take a photo.  I wore a comfy knit skirt and old shirt from Anthro.

Saturday I wore the outfit from Tuesday again.

Sunday we all went hiking.  I wore my Lululemon pants and a Nike tank.

Monday we headed into Chicago.

I wore a long, black knit skirt from Gap, white t-shirt from JCrew and yellow sweater from Anthro.

Tuesday we spent the day at the Chicago Art Institute looking at our favorite paintings.

I wore an orange necklace from Noonday, navy, ruffle dress from JCrew, tank from Target, cardi from Target, AG skinny jeans and my fake Frye boots from Target.

There you have it.

Even when I get dressed up to go out I immediately change when I get home.


I love my comfy clothes.

So, what do you like to wear?

Will you share “yours”?

You can link up below.

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  1. lissa

    these photos make me grin from ear to ear cuz they’re so you. you are such a style icon. 🙂 I miss laughing with you. these photos remind me of san fran. let’s get together as soon as possible!!

  2. Angela Henderson Wood

    Love that you confess changing into comfy clothes as soon as you get home… me, too! The best part of being at home is being comfortable! Yoga pants and an old navy fleece… my favs.

  3. the domestic fringe

    LUV your outfits. They look so cute and stylish, and yet they look comfy too.

    Here’s what I wore this week… thedomesticfringe.com/2012/05/23/wiww-inspiration-pinterest


  4. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

    Jeanne, I LOVED THIS!! Made me smile from ear to ear! Now I don’t feel so bad admitting that I live and love my yoga pants but am proud to say that I do yoga a couple of times a week (when the littles allow it). You looked fantastic and now I must put some appropriate clothes on today.

  5. Mikal

    My hubs regularly asks me to wait until I get to our bedroom before I start taking off my work clothes! I want comfort the second I’m in my house!

    Love seeing your bright smile!

  6. pam

    Jeanne, I have to say first that I am glad to see a few more of your personal posts. I love your business, but I was starting to miss Jeanne 😉 I love the dress you hemmed into the tunic – super cute! I so believe in Upcycling clothing! I so thought you did YOGA! You crack me up when you share secrets like that! Hope you have a lovely week!

  7. lulu and family

    love that pipeline skirt and that vintage blouse (you himmed) from thursday. super cute, jeanne. what percentage of the world, no–of the usa, where’s yoga pants and rarely to never does yoga?=) i could live in them, too!

  8. Heather

    Love the fashion show! Love the fun your having with your pictures! I posted my “Wear’s” on my blog…NOT nearly as cute as yours! I am headed out to go shopping now…lol.

  9. Jemm

    Wow! I love your style…will you take me shopping and help me get dressed every day? I need serious help in this area.

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