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I wanted to introduce you to a boutique shop owner in Iowa.  Tricia is the owner of Backyard Candle Company.  She carries so many different items and really carries a lot of items from individuals like myself.  I love that I am seeing handmade items in more and more shops these days.  Tricia is also a creator herself….she makes amazing candles.  That is really why I wanted to write about her.  I placed an order with her and received not only beautiful mercury glass votives but two of her Mistletoe candles.  If you are a candle lover you have to give her a call and place an order.  I patiently waited until today (the tree went up) to bring out the candles.  They have been burning all day and everyone that has come through the doors has been commenting how amazing our house smells.  Her website is in the works, but check out her blog for her info. I think it is once again incredible all the talented, creative and driven women I have met.  I also think it is pretty powerful how we can reach out, support and encourage each other creatively.  Tricia also sent me a sample of her Spiced Cranberry candle…..I am calling her tomorrow to place another order! Tricia will be helping me out with my mission of only giving handmade gifts for Christmas.  Thanks Tricia!



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  1. kara

    I’m back in town and catching up on your recent posts. I’m sorry to hear about your eye, & no I don’t think you should be driving either!! I do hope your eye heals fast and you can get back to your normal self. Looks like you been busy creating as well!!!
    Laughing at the gravy! Take care of yourself, dearie.
    Kara & Darcy too

  2. Nicoleigh

    This is great! I’m from Iowa, and want to find more of these great shops. I know someone who lives in Washington, so I’m going to have to send her over and check out the shop. Thanks for sharing!

  3. beth

    sooo awesome , tricia carries some of my wares too !!! hope you had a lovely thanksgiving !!

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