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I love the magazine section at Barnes and Noble.

I love bringing home a big pile of new mags and curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and drooling over the pages.

Unfortunately, so many of the magazines I used to adore have closed their doors this past year.

Like so many of you I have relied on my love of blogs (ok…obsession) to fill the magazine void.

Much cheaper I must confess but I still miss the really amazing decorating mags that are so inspiring.

We are so fortunate to live in a time of blogs, e-zines and other online magazines.

One of my favorites is Lonny.


It is the amazing collaboration of Michelle Adams (formerly with Domino) and photographer Patrick Cline.


It is currently a free online magazine that is as inviting as sitting down with anything else I have seen lately.

It has a smart, clean layout with great glimpses into the design and style of many of my favorite designers.

I also love how they incorporate fashion because I they go hand in hand.


Enjoy your peek and let me know what you think. 


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. Suzen

    You are so right about the Mags…I absolutely haunt B & N waiting for my ones from England to hit the racks. With the invention of digital readers, my husband reports they think bookstores will be going under in 5 years. Oh Noooo!
    What about the delicous paper? the smell of the ink? the adventure of finding them in the store? Thanks for sharing this blog; I’ll scavenge around it as I make myself late for work yet again!

  2. Leah C

    I, too, love to lurk in the magazine section of bookstores:) The internet is a wonderful, fun tool…but it’s sad to see some great magazines & newspapers go out of circulation. The online mags are fine; but, I prefer the smell & feel of the real thing:)

  3. Traci

    how cool is that. i saved it to my favorites. will definately to browse when i have some quiet time. i am a magazine freak. just hit up barnes and noble on monday.

  4. deborah

    i’m missing some of my favorites too. i am always aware when i tweek my own fashion….i’m destined to change up a bit of our home. my poor long suffering husband;) have a gorgeous day!!!!


    i miss my magazines coming in the mail.
    i miss sitting with a brand new one and looking forward to reading it cover to cover.
    i still get a few but not like before.

  6. shannon

    I’m not gonna lie, at first I wasn’t impressed but then I got to the Cath Kidston article and began to think it was a little better, next Rachel Ashwell I was sold. Great magazine! I will be waiting for the next issue 🙂

  7. Katsui Jewelry

    Here I thought I was the only one, Jeanne! I am missing my old magazines so much but I love what I can find on the internet and feel like it opens new worlds all the time! This site looks great. I am going to go check it out. My list of favorites is getting very long!

  8. Lorie Yoder

    I LOVE the magazine section at Barnes and Noble too. I LOVE to read magazines. I have trained my kids to appreciate Barnes and Noble too. Isn’t it a wonderful place!?

  9. Dore

    Hi Jeanne,
    Dream Bathroom, fun fashion, and love the inspiration of all the framed photos and art on the sofa wall… WOW! inspiration.
    Love Barns & Noble, my favorite pass time!!

  10. Privet and Holly

    Funny, I received
    my e-mail that the
    new Lonny was out,
    but I didn’t open
    it until yesterday,
    when I needed a little
    pick me up! It IS
    gorgeous and, most
    probably, the wave
    of the future….
    Still, I’m going to
    miss dog-earing corners
    and ripping out my
    inspiration from mags!
    xx Suzanne

  11. Tricia

    Oh, I love magazines too…much too much in fact. I hate thinking about how much I spend on them. I’ll have to check out Lonny. The magazine I really miss is Cottage Living. I’m always looking for something to fill its void 🙂

  12. Theresa

    Thanks for sharing this… going over to check it out now! I think we all miss our favorite magazines, so happy to have amazing blogs full of talent to go to for inspiration! Theresa

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