If You Have Been Wondering {Go Ahead And Ask}

Once or twice a year I love to have a question/answer series on my blog.

Usually whatever you are wondering..so is someone else.

I get a lot of emails asking me about business and family stuff so I am assuming that others may have the same questions.

This is an easier and faster way for me to respond.

So…if you have a question for me….let it rip.

Seriously, it can be about anything.

Anything you want to know about me and I will try my best to answer it.

My answer may be extremely boring but I will give it anyways.


In SHOP news I am sorry to tell you that the Ellison is sold out.

I really thought we had enough to last for awhile and you guys have shown me once again that we need to be making more.

Thank you for your support of the camera bag, sharing with your friends and really spreading the news.

My shop would not be what it is without all of you!!

We do have a new Sadie and all the other bags in the shop have been restocked!

We also have restocked the Mary Kate and the Luella.

If you have had your eye on anything in the shop I just want to remind you that this will be the last run before the fall line.

Botton line…once it is gone it is gone.



I will be selling at the Horseshoe Market here in Denver on August 6!

This is an amazing local flea market with all kinds of vintage finds, art, new creations…..anything you can imagine.

I will have everything from my shop plus a few extras.

I hope to see you there.

Please come up and introduce yourself!!

So, I would love to hear your questions.

Leave your questions on this post and I will answer them next week.


FYI…you guys had me crying laughing over the last post. ย So funny how many songs we get wrong.

Thanks for the laughs over the past few days!!!


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  1. paige

    i’m paige
    & i’m addicted to your line
    it’s ridiculous really
    but i can’t help myself

    my question is…would you ever consider doing a mixed media technique video…sorta like your art class at nada

  2. amy

    when will you be teaching another local art class?
    what is your favorite camera lens?
    where have you never been but you’d love to visit someday?

  3. Destiny

    I was considering the Horseshoe Market also! Trying to get my ducks in a row right now and have been crazy busy with…well, life in general! Ok, so my question for you is…If you could live anywhere (excluding France LOL) where would you live and why? Have a great week! ~Des

  4. elyse

    i am hoping the ruffled messenger bags will still be available in october because i so want one for my birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ i guess that wasn’t a question.

    um …

    here’s a question: chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin?


  5. deb hosaflook

    So, we are getting ready to rip up old carpet in our house and put down new flooring. I want hardwood everywhere, but my darling hubby wants more wall to wall carpeting in our family room. He loves to lie on the floor when watching TV and says the hardwood would not be comfortable. I have to agree as much as I hate to. SO…..I noticed in some of your pictures you have nice neutral carpeting throughout your house that does not take away from your decorating. Any chance you know the color of your carpeting? I go and look at swatches and get overwhelmed and can’t even imagine them in my home. Please help a girl out if you can:)
    Thanks so much and I can’t wait to read all of the other questions and read your answers.

  6. Jane. Jane Doe.

    I am wondering, you always seem to look gorgeous. Do you wake up looking beautiful? If so, can you tell me your secret, as mornings are tough for me – I want to be like you!!!

  7. Katie

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and I am always amazed !!!You do it all!!!You live all I dream to be and do!! I also homeschool and find it a huge challenge,more than I have ever encountered ,I also deal with the whole gluten thyroid issue and my energy is always wanning:( You run a business I could only dream of running!!! It’s all the making of my dreams to live as fully as I see you live! You make me laugh and smile and dream….How do you do it alllllll? You love God ,have a beautiful family,have a successful business,you are an artist, you are a wonderful writer, and on top of it all you homeschool!!!! Shall I go on? I need secrets:-)

  8. Sandy

    Absolutely am addicted to your blog! Can’t wait to get the camera bag in the mail! So…………are all the pictures you take for your blog and store etc taken at your house? Is that red farm in the picture at the top of your blog your house? It’s so artsy and serine etc. Love it!!

  9. Leah C

    You know you make us all laugh…and you make being funny look so easy:) Is it a natural-born trait or have you perfected your skills over the years?! And who makes you laugh?
    P.S. So happy I ordered one of your gorgeous camera bags when I did:) Love, love your shop, Jeanne…& you too, of course!!

  10. Lisa

    Thanks for posting about the Denver Horseshoe Market…being new to the area, it’s nice to find out about these great outdoor markets. My question is about your photography…your photos are really beautiful. Have you taken photography classes? What type of camera and lenses do you use? Any insight would be helpful.

  11. Jenny K.

    I really enjoy your blog. I recently came across it and have really been inspired. Your style is impeccable. Do you sew all of your own goods or do you hire it out once it’s been designed? Also, which came first your love of photography and mastering it or your love of design and sewing? Did you start blogging before you opened your Etsy shop or vice versa? I entered the giveaway at Dreamy Whites for your camera bag and it would be a wonderful win if I’m the lucky one. If not I’ll have to watch for the next bunch to come out. Thanks for the chance to ask questions. I look forward to the answers.

  12. Rochelle

    Question #1 What camera & editing program do you use? Your photography is lovely.
    Question #2 Why do you homeschool your kids?
    Question #3 Where do you find inspiration for all your creativity?

    Love your blog! Someday I will buy one of your purses =)

    Thank you.

  13. Lara

    Hi Jeanne,

    One of these days I want to get your Sadie bag .. that is just about the cutest purse ever! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a beauty question for you…

    You always look so adorable & I think your makeup looks flawless on you!

    I was wondering what some of your favorite products you use are.

    I enjoy your blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you,

  14. Tracey

    I entered the contest on Dreamy White’s blog for the camera bag but unfortunately I wasn’t the winner …… but I am looking to get my hands on one of those Mary Kate dresses. So adorable. Hope to order soon. Lovely blog BTW.

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