I told you that my friend, Christy, got her closest girlfriends together for a little girl time in the mountains of Utah.

She calls her closest friends “trues”…and I think that is one of the sweetest words to describe a real friendship.

I count it among my many blessings that Christy and I are close friends.

Most of the women I knew (and truly cared about) before the trip but I also had the opportunity to meet a new girl too.

While we were out and about one day we had an impromtu photo shoot in the middle of town.

I should post the photo of everyone crowding around the person getting their photo taken because those are hilarious!

Seven women flocked around one women with iphones and cameras clicking away.

Here is a quick peek into some of the photos taken that day….

I have to be honest that it is much easier to be BEHIND the camera.  Thank you Margie for grabbing my camera and getting a few of me.

I love this girl. LOVE!  I don’t think there are many people in this world that can make me laugh like Margie can.  Truly on my knees, tears streaming down my face with laughter.

If it were just that Margie made me laugh that would be nice and all….but that is only the tip of her beautiful qualities.

She is real and deep.

It was hard to leave her.  I have loved her from the moment I met her and I hope our friendship lasts and lasts.

HELLO…those eyes!

Chrissy is so stunning.

I met Chrissy about 7 months ago.  I met her in a larger group and really didn’t have the opportunity to spend too much time with her.

I knew she was nice (and could put together a mean outfit) and that Christy loved her dearly….but I didn’t know her.

Do you ever feel like your life is full?

Like you can’t take one more friend on because you don’t have time and that you worry that you will let them down because of your schedule….

Well, I did….until I met Chrissy.

Spending time with her and seeing her heart and talking about our faith (even though there are differences…there is a whole lot more in common that not) I left opening my heart to her and I didn’t even have a choice…she is stuck with me now:-)

I met Maria two years ago through Melody.

She is an amazing mom and she brings such a gentleness to the crazyness of the group.

I know she will hate me for saying this but whenever I think of her I just think of goodness and kindness.

She says she can be bad…but I think she is lying.

She is loyal.  You would want her to be your “true”.

{there is one person missing from the photo lineup but she is in the witness protection program and didn’t want to be seen….and I respected that:-)}

I have to tell you about her though.

Julie, you open your heart to all of us.

You give freely.  You encourage and lift us up.

I hope we do the same for you.

I hope you will continue to show us your gifts and talents and allow us to bless you as richly as you bless all of us!

Obviously, the professional model showed up at our little photo shoot.

Whatever Melody Ross!!!

I love Mel!

For those of you that know her..you know her talent and creativity.

What you may not know is that she is a wise mother and wife.

She handles so many situations with grace and she makes a CHOICE over and over to walk in that grace.

I admire that.

She has the most incredible family that I just want to be adopted into.

I have never known such a family as hers.

Because of Melody I know there are second chances and redemption.  Who doesn’t’ need to be reminded of that!

I love you Mel and our friendship.

Jamie was the one person that I didn’t know going into the weekend.

She was AWESOME!!!

So fun, so classy, so beautiful, so creative, so lovely in so many ways.

She runs an amazing travel company and takes people all over the world.

We have the same taste in so many things.

I wish I would have had more time with her and I can’t wait until I see her again.

When it was time to leave I had to run back in to give Christy one more hug.

I had to squeeze her one more time.

She is precious.

She doesn’t even realize how much she has taught me about taking chances and leaping.

I have never known someone to work so hard.

Her creativity is endless.

It is an amazing joy to watch your friend bloom before your eyes.

Christy, I love your heart and your passion.

Your love of family, faith and friendship is constantly being rewarded.

Thank you for getting all of us girls together.

We are blessed to be called your “trues”.