In The Details

I love the details.

It is the details in life that I love and it is in the details that I believe you find the true beauty.

Not perfection…details.

The dimples on my son's cheeks.

The sound of my husband's breathing next to me at night.

How Benjamin's breath still smells sweet.

How Madolyn talks faster when she has a really good idea.

The details. 


Walking through the chateau it was the DETAILS that drew me in.


Enjoy this tiny glimpse into the details that Lizzie has created ….in her world in the south of France.

Picnik collagedetails
Picnik collagedetails2

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  1. paige

    me too
    definately a detail person
    ps, i would have loved seeing you get that tile shot, on the floor!
    gorgeous images
    pss did you ever whip up a camera bag
    curiosity is killing me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

    Oh, how lovely, Jeanne! Thank you for inspiring me today. I’ve been feeling bogged down by my to-do list….rather than simply facing each little task at hand. I hope that you are having a beautiful week!
    : )
    Julie M.

  3. rosie

    Ahhhh…what lovely details indeed…love your sweet words…
    ………………smile on..Rosie………………………

  4. Suzen

    Whoa Jeanne! Your photographs are getting more and more incredible every time you click that little shutter! Thanks for taking me on this journey with you (it’s about all I can afford! LOL)

  5. Privet and Holly

    Oops, just lost
    my internet and
    not sure my comment
    went through {we
    are at the beach}!
    Just wanted to say
    how beautiful all
    these images are
    and that your eye
    for beauty is the
    best detail, here!
    xx Suzanne

  6. stephanie

    I really love this post…what did you learn about yourself on this trip that suprised you most? the details really inspired me to think about the simple things that make us who we are..

  7. Meredith

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful images and your perspective on your time in France. Such a fascinating visit! You’re right, it’s always the details, the little things, not the “big” things that make the most impact.

  8. Lara

    I totally agree—I love the close-ups, Jeanne–they are so lovely!
    Somethingtells me you have a lot of details in your sweet abode, my friend~

  9. Traci

    you are so right. the details are amazing. no matter how little. love the doorknob.
    i saw paiges request and your answer for a camera bag. yeah!!!! i mentioned that to tracey a while ago. do you need a photographer to test it out?
    have a great weekend.

  10. Lee Ann

    It is so true that so many special things are overlooked in the little details of life if we don’t stop and take the time to really SEE.
    You’ve captured the beautiful details so well. I can SEE it through your EYES here and throughout your blog life. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy every moment and sight.
    If I were a photographer I too would love taking unusual and unnoticed things that others forget to stop and see the beauty in.
    Loved looking through your eyes today!
    Lee Ann

  11. Martha

    I love love, love how you paid attention to the small little details…you are exactly right…those ones are the best:) thank you for showing all the wonderful details

  12. elisa hernandez

    I love all the pictures you took. You did a wonderful job capturing great images. Love the old books. So happy you were able to have this trip.

  13. amy

    put all the details together for one something wonderful. lizzie has one wonderful, lovely thing going! thanks, jeanne!

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