In The Jewelry Box {My Current Favorites}

I am a creature of habit.

I like coffee first thing in the morning.

I can’t work on the computer without my hair being pulled back.

I like to watch movies with the lights off.

I have five books at once on my nightstand so I can read according to my mood.

Whether I am high maintenance (hmmm), picky or just a creature of habit…I can also find myself in slumps when it comes to fashion, hair, makeup, jewelry etc.

I could make this statement about any area of my life at times.

I just do what I have always done until I realize that I am wearing flower printed jeans from 1984.

I think you get the point.

I found myself with drawers of jewelry but I was always just wearing my wedding ring, ring that Kelly gave me after Ben was born, leather cuff and diamond earrings.

Most days I wasn’t even wearing the earrings.

This past summer I asked Paige Knudsen to teach a course in my summer series about fashion/makeup/jewelry etc.

The best part (for me) about Paige teaching the course is that she inspired me to get out of my jewelry and makeup rut.

She shared some of her favorite makeup brands and where she finds a lot of her jewelry.

(Lucky for Paige that she sells many of the pieces she loves so much)

I have been stacking my bracelets more, wearing more of my bigger earrings and reaching for more of my necklaces.

I even went out and bought some new makeup because I was doing the SAME thing EVERY day and I wanted a change (I will share what I bought in a later post).

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the pieces I wear almost everyday.

Crap…maybe I am already getting into a rut with my new jewelry:-)

Oh well!

This photo was taken after a long day at Monticello a few weeks ago…be kind to this girl.

I wanted to use it anyways because it shows many of the pieces I love.

Here is some of the information about my go to pieces right now…

1. leather cuff (I bought this one from a flea market in Seattle)

2. This bracelet was purchased from Old Glory Antiques in Littleton, Colorado

3. Cuff found in the San Diego area with the letter “J” engraved.

4. Bethe Rope Necklace made from upcylcled and artillery

5. Stacked Arrows Necklace

6. Bullet and Bead Hoops Earrings

I don’t have it pictured but one of my favorite necklaces that I wear all of the time is also from Noonday and it can be found HERE.

What is in your jewelry box right now and where do you find your favorite jewelry pieces?

{I have not been give any of the jewelry or been paid to share the jewelry shown}


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    1. jeanne Author

      The boots are my favorite and they are from Anthro 4-5 years ago. I wish I could find another pair because I have worn these out!

  1. The Domestic Fringe

    You look fabulous! I love when I get inspired to change things up with either my wardrobe or my hair or makeup. It kind of gives me a renewed feeling that seeps into other areas of my life.

  2. Missy

    With only minor tweaks – this could be me! When I come home – all jewelry, shoes, and a particular upper body undergarment comes off – & the hair goes up. I find myself wearing the same outfits for the entire season. To switch to anything new feels “foreign” – almost like wearing shorts for the first time when it gets warm. I am finally motivated to switch out jewelry, now that I am making some. Nice to know that this may be normal human (women’s) behavior – I like your cute outfit btw :))

  3. anastasia

    some lovely pieces there!!! Im a creature of habit too and couldnt agree more about watching movies with the light on – thats me!!

  4. tiffini

    oh i so need to be more of a jewelry girl…i love the the bracelets
    i just need to DO it! maybe if i ever left the house. since i work at home and don’t go anywhere exciting..well except target and homegoods. equally exciting but dressing up..:/….lol
    you inspire me…xo

  5. Chateau Prairie

    Love those bracelets !! I learned so much from your Creative Summer Series w/ Paige. You both have inspired me to seek, maintain and live in my own skin and style- And to throw away old mind sets and relish the freedom of being me!

  6. Jen Ham

    You are absolutely, unequivocally darling! I should start accessorizing! I do nothing! Um…can we say boring… xo Jen

  7. debbie

    I do the same thing,, ill find something i really like and then wear it to death. I love that leather cuff. That is on my “to find/buy list”.
    We wont even mention the fashion statement (LOL), I make with my clothes,, talk about a rut. Love the whole outfit in your pic above.

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