I am back and I have MISSED you guys!

I will try to catch up on a few blogs before I leave for the Farm Chicks show on Friday!!!!

I had to share with you a few photos and highlights from the Country Living Women Entrepreneurs conference.

It all started with an early morning.  I left the farm around 6:15 and drove 1 1/2 hours to Geneva to catch the train with Kasey and Allysa.  It was a great time just catching up.

When we got to the train station we met up with Vana and Jen.

We all made our way over in a cab (all wearing WAY to cute shoes that are not really comfortable at all).

Once at the show we met up with Janet and Julie. The neatest thing about all these ladies….I didn't "know" any of the women except for Kasey.  These girls are all from blogs and we have all become friends that way.  Isn't that crazy? 


The conference was informative and brought new things to the forefront of my mind of what I need to do next and where I want my business to go.

The highlight for me was meeting and hearing the advice from some of the Country Living Women Entrepreneurs of the year.

Guess what girls…these girls are just like us….they just DID it!!!

I am also now a huge fan of Tasis Malakasis….she was funny, gorgeous and inspiring.  Everyone go out and buy Belle Chevre cheese….and support this amazing single mom who is following her passion!


What is your passion?  Are you doing what you love? 

This was not talked about in the conference but I am a firm believer that most people could do most of what we see.

The difference is only a handful DO it!  I want to be one of those in the handful that follow through.

How about you?

The day ended with dinner at a fabulous tapas restaurant and then realizing (mid meal) that we had to leave IMMEDIATELY to catch our trains.


Train got into Geneva around 10:00 and I still had an 1 1/2 hour drive back to the farm.



I have never thought McDonalds looked so good.