This may be the post when you wonder why you read my blog.

Is it just me…or are there more prescription commercials than EVER!

I am not a big TV watcher.

Don't get me wrong.  I have my shows but I watch them without commercials.

This weekend I saw so many commercials during a Lifetime movie.

Lets just take a detour in the middle of this post to talk about THAT.

I have not watched a Lifetime movie since before we had children because who has that amount of time!!!

The house was empty.

I was eating my lunch. 

The movie was already half over before I even started watching.

Those movies are seriously 45 minutes with 2 hours of commercials.

OK..that is now off my chest and we can move on.

Commercial after commercial talked about different symptoms you could suffer from and the little pill that would help you.

Every problem now has an acronym.  Have you noticed this? I think it is hilarious.

The commercial I saw went pretty much like this…..

Do you have Overactive Bladder?

If you have OAB….this will help you.

The side effects may include constipation, diarrhea, blindness, vomiting, uncontrollable flatulence, permanent erection, dry mouth and in some circumstances…DEATH.

OK.  First of all half of the side effects in these commercials sound worse than the actual problem.

When a side effect could actually end in death….I think I will take the wetting my pants or OAB:-)

Now lets make up a few of my own.

Do you write horrible blog posts….if you have WHBP….

Do you talk too much…if you have TTM…..

Do you think about creating all of the time….if you have TACAOTT…….


On a side note I was wondering how your Valentine's Day was.

We took the kids out for a date on Saturday night and last night Kelly and I went out.

I even shaved above my knee…nothing…I said NOTHING…is too good for my man:-)

Have a great day!!!