It Is Here {Come and take a peek}

We are so excited to show you our new collection.


It is full of so many things we love!

The whole line is a nod to vintage.

Almost all of the purses were made from vintage fabrics and we couldn’t be happier about it.

It is a treat to offer you such beautiful and different handbags, totes, bags and purses.

Come and take a peek!

We were up all night getting everything listed so I will be taking a nap in just a bit.

(we even have a few more things that will be added within the next few weeks)

Spread the news!

We are giving away a $500 package from our line.

To enter for the giveaway just leave a message on this post telling us what your favorite item is.

If you want more chances to win you can come back each time you do one of the following and be entered for another chance:

* Pin your favorite item to Pinterest

* Facebook about our new line

* Blog about the new goodies

* Tweet about the line

* Come and see our new lookbook and then share it with your friends

Each time you share the news come back here and let us know for more chances to win!

This collection is a limited edition collection.

We usually do runs of 100-200 of each items….this time we did smaller runs because of the vintage fabrics.

If you see something you love I wouldn’t wait too long!

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love!

Thank you for coming back again and again and loving our products, quality and attention to detail.

Here is our newest lookbook.


We will announce the $500 package giveaway winner next Friday!

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  1. Kimberly Taylor

    I am SO putting my name in for this as while I already ordered something, there are so many things I want!!! Congratulations on such a great line my friend~ xx

  2. Shannon

    My favorite is the jewelry, so many lovely pieces. My favorite is the Eloise necklace but it was already sold by the time I saw it so I found another one that was a beauty as well.
    Great job once again Jeanne!!

  3. Lori Kaye 3

    I love the ruffle bag and the crucifix!!! Everything is so wonderful xoxo

  4. Gina

    It is hard to pick just one favorite as I love it all!! But since I have to pick I am loving the big floral yellow tote!!

  5. Catherine C R

    Oh my goodness congratulations the new line is beautiful! I just adore the Amelia handbag and those leather cuffs. Yes please! Beautiful as ever!

  6. Sarah S.

    I can’t pick ONE favorite! I love the Lucy Ruffle Tote, Cream Flower Cuff, Ironstone Platter and the flower jewelry set with the broach, and 3 sets of earrings. Lovely items! You always have such great taste and design!

  7. Lynne B

    Oh Jeanne, you did it again, what a beautiful line! I’m in love with the Emerson handbag, the Samantha collection and the french monogrammed nightgown…just to name a few. Really love your style.

  8. angela

    OH MY!!!!! I love it all and haven’t even left this page yet! I’ve only had a chance to look thru the lookbook so I have to go look at each thing individually to say what’s my fav, but so far I love everything!!!! I really love the necklace with the lace, will be back to say for certain.

  9. Marian

    My favorite has to be the Emerson bag…that is if I had to pick JUST ONE thing. Everything is just lovely. I want it all!

  10. Theresa

    I love the necklaces and Emmerson handbag and Lucy Ruffle tote…among many others! Beautiful work!

  11. amy

    love your “stonger than she thought” cuff. it tells a whole story in one little bracelet.
    {the flower cuff is dreamy, too}

  12. Sherry

    Another beautiful collection Jeanne! I love the new fabrics for the bags and I’m always inspired by your jewelry!

  13. Angie H.

    My goodness…its all so stunning! I’d love and Amelia Bag….(insert heavy dreamy sigh here) or any bag for that matter!

  14. linda (burlap+blue)

    lovely collection! esp. love the polly and laura handbags!

  15. Victoria

    So excited to see your new line of purses, but am so in love with the jewelry!

  16. Stacy Mc

    So hard to pick just one! But my favorite is the Amelia Messenger Bag.

  17. nadia

    it is all so lovely congrats, how exciting. i love everything, i do but the Polly bag she is extra special, love the blues and greens.

    well done!

  18. Brandie

    I am in love with the whole collection Jeanne! Beautiful, beautiful job. I think Polly may be my fave though. Gorgeous!

  19. Maija Lepore

    Seriously pick one???? The skirt….that messenger bag with the red flowers….the yellow dress…..list goes on!
    I pinned, tweeted and facebooked- love!!
    I would do it for nothing!

  20. kar

    I am so excited for you!!! What a beautiful Look Book………….I don’t know that I could just pick one item, but I guess, I am super in LOVE with the shoulder bag that is red, white and beige and has thick straps………… I LOVE it, and I love alot of your jewelry, and I am just so happy for you as I know you work so hard!!! congratulations and my hope is that you sell everything fast, how exciting would that be!!!

  21. Donna Noble

    Oh my! Love the new line. Adore the Amelia Messenger Bag…….flowers + ruffles = LOVE Fantastic job Jeanne!

  22. serena

    So so beautiful Jeanne! You continue to amaze me. I’m in love with the Samantha necklace and the Isabelle handbag. and everything else for that matter…… Woooo hooooo. Great job, girl.

  23. Lindsey Wolosiewicz

    I’ve ordered items from your last two lines. This line is equally beautiful. Too many unique things, I can’t decide what I like best!

  24. serena

    I shared you on FB too, cuz I really want to win some of this GORGEOUS line….xoxo

  25. Cindy Cook

    I am so excited for you! Your new line is beautiful! I have pinned your blog and tag it on my facebook on my fan page “Fat Cow Studio”
    I wish you much continued success!

  26. Shannon Fraser

    I LOVE everything!!! πŸ˜‰ If I have to choose one…today I’d say it’s the Amelia Messenger bag, beautiful!!!

  27. Etta Thomas

    I LOVE EVERYTHING VINTAGE!!! My favorite, however, are items for the home…the seltzer bottle, stoneware, silverware and grain sacks, just to name a few. Then, everyone that enters your home can enjoy the classic beauty.

  28. Jen Osborn

    My favorite piece hands down is the fab new leather bag! I think the orange flowers are SASSY πŸ™‚
    Congratulations Momma!!!

  29. Jen Osborn

    aaaaaaand now it’s shared over on my FB page as well – you know how I like to plaster your goodness everywhere I can πŸ™‚

  30. Etta Thomas

    Sooooooo, now I pinned a fav and I pinned the new Summer 2012 collection mag!!!

  31. Lucky Number13

    well, i would really love the Studebaker but since that’s probably not gonna happen…I love the stitched pendants, all of the bags…all of the necklaces, the cuff with the big flower on it. yep, it’s all beautiful!

  32. Sandy

    Favorites are the leather bag and the vintage rosary. What a beautiful collection!!

  33. Deb

    LOVE the Isabelle bag..I have two of your bags from previous lines and they are my favs!!! So many beautiful items in the line..fabulous!

  34. Michelle E

    Pinned the Emerson handbag and the slim metal cuffs. So lovely and elegant.

  35. shabbynee

    Love everything!!! I would love to have every single purse you’ve ever created! I have three so far and just ordered two more. Lovin’ those vintage film reels too and the jewelry.

  36. D. Dias

    You really created a beautiful collage of wearable art. My favorite was the leather wristlet (bracelet) with the yellow leather flower. So unique and instantly makes me think vintage. Great piece.
    Hope I win!

  37. Gina N.

    I love the Lucy bag (it was a close call between that and the Jill bag). Very, very cool.

  38. mamajayne

    Jeanne, I just love all of it! Love the fabrics you’ve used this time, The vintage jewelry is so beautiful! I love the big yellow flowered bag!!!! Congrats on this fabulous line!

  39. Tammy

    Couldn’t resist FaceBooking the Emerson Bag as well! I just received the 2 bags I ordered last week and I love-love-LOVE them!

  40. amy

    jeanne, it is ALL so lovely! those leather pieces rock–really cool and beautiful!=) one request: that beverly purse looks so pretty. do you have any closer shot for us to see the details?

  41. Nathalie M

    One of each pleas!!!! I love the yellow dress and Amelia bag and your jewelry is so adorable

  42. Susan Hall

    What a lovely collection! It’s so hard to choose! I love the Sophie Leather Messenger bag and the Market Bag and the Ring Collections II and III! I am adding to my FB page!

  43. Tina

    I am crazypants about every single bag! The shape and sass of each and every one are really fabulous!!!

  44. Lori

    OMG Jeanne ~ the lookbook is gorgeous ~ as is everything in it!! You must be so proud of this line ~ I think it is my favorite ever! The fabrics you chose for the bags ~ you had me at hello… lol

  45. Lori

    And I just facebooked it ~ I will also post about it and come back with the link. Hope you get some sleep now and that you have some little elves to do your shipping because I know you are going to be busy doing just that!!

  46. Sue

    My favorite is the Polly Handbag. I must not be the only one that loves it since it is already sold. I wish I’d seen it first!

  47. carol

    Hard to pick just one thing! I like it all, but if I had to say, the vintage bags –of of them!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win some fun things.

  48. Kristina

    My favorite is the Amelie Messenger Bag, but also loving the flower cuff. Beautiful look book and collection.

  49. carlanda williamson

    i so want to win this giveaway!!! i can’t pick one thing i love best! i love them all. but, i do love all the handbags. the new vintage fabrics are yummy! and i always covet the cream ruffled apron! congratulations on this new line. the best yet, in my opinion!

  50. kate

    Love the new line! Fabulous job, as you always do! Love, love, love the vintage cream dress, but then Amelia is calling out my name too!

  51. Jennifer U

    Well, it’s hard to decide what’s prettier-the flower cuff or the Jill handbag. Really, the whole collection is stunning. Congrats (I pinned and shared on FB ;).

  52. Debra

    Love the vintage film cannisters and the new art prints: “Bird of Truth”, “To Reveal” and “Waiting”!!!

  53. msmathey

    So many beautiful new things but I’m loving the new art prints best! Gorgeous!

  54. Dionea

    Everything is lovely! I love it all. The Emerson Handbag and Lucy Ruffle tote are so charming! Wonderful job and congrats on the new line.

  55. Desseray

    I love love love the Emerson handbag. Also loving the messenger bag, ruffle tote, and the floral leather cuff ROCKS!

  56. Alyssa

    AHHH~ I love so much of it, but my favorite is the Samantha necklace hands down and it is gone πŸ™ I seriously love your new line, just love it! You did good! πŸ˜‰

  57. Amy baldwin

    I absolutely adore the Polly and Beverly handbags. I wish they weren’t already sold out! :(. Beautiful new collection. The dresses are exquisitely tailored, love!

  58. judith thibault

    Hello Jeanne,
    Great work! If I would have to only choose one… I would pick the Amelia bag! Great fabric and design, my fave!

  59. Kim

    I love your bag collection. Especially the Polly bag. I also love the Elsie necklace! Really pretty shop you have here!

  60. Mary Ann Lana

    Just one favorite?? I’m a sucker for aprons and have wanted the cream ruffled apron since I first saw it. But the Amelia messenger is amazing! I love your bags.

  61. juliamonroe

    Your new items are wonderful, Jeanne! I really love the pretty Polly bag! And your Ada jewelry collection is gorgeous.

  62. Donna P

    My FAV item is ring E in the ring collection 1, I love flowers and there’s just something about it that ring that makes me smile, stunning!!
    But really it all looks great!

  63. suzanne

    Everything is really beautiful Jeanne! If I had to pick a favourite it would be the Amelia messenger bag.

  64. Becky Jones

    WOW..everything is gorgeous..loved every single jewelry piece and your bags…mouth watering πŸ™‚ My 2 girls and I could find a whole LOT of beauties in your shop!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Marita Poll Images

    So beautiful Jeanne! Not only the items- love the ribbon necklace!- but the look book is gorgeous- I just keep looking and looking- so beautifully photographed! My absolute fav is the Lucy Ruffle Bag.

  66. Laurie

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I love the flowered bag with the upholstery strap most of all — and the jewelry, especially the necklace with the various number tags!

  67. Debbie Mercer

    What a beautiful collection Jeanne. It is hard to pick a favourite but I am really loving the cream scale and the film canisters.

  68. shabbynee

    Just pinned the Amelia Messenger Bag!
    I see that some of your lovely bags have sold out already! I really want every single one!

  69. Lesley

    Jeanne – Love the Jewelry collection across the board and about to start pinning. Also loved the beige vintage dress that was sold – very Jackie “O” – brings back great memories.

  70. Kahra Gilley

    I love the Amelia Bag! I just got through pinning it on THINGS I LOVE on my pinterest board!

  71. Kahra Gilley

    I love the entire collection and just added it to my facebook page!

  72. Sandi

    I love the Samantha jewelry collection and the Laura handbag and ….and…and!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!!

  73. rosa friedl

    My favorites are the flower cuff and the beverly bag, it reminded me of the original sadie bag I missed out on, so I swooped it up!! πŸ™‚

  74. Melissa

    I LOVE everything! So beautiful!!! =0) I especially love the Ada jewelry collection!

  75. Stacey Newton

    Love it all- Just bought the fabric messenger bag- Way excited! My favorite thing is this bag… But there’s lots more I’d love to get:) And some of the bags which were already sold out- The turquoise color was really amazing.

  76. Lisa W.

    OH boy how do you pick…ALL is amazing, just scrumpsious!!! The bags are to die for. AND yea I am with Stacey above…lol. Some of those are ALREADY sold. I also just “pin” it. Thanks Jeanne…loving your blog, makes my day:)

  77. Stacey Newton

    Just pinned on pinterest… Would like to blog about it but would prefer to use some pictures to help make the post interesting… Is it OK to use a few images, which ones, etc…. Let me know and I’ll def blog about it!

    1. jeanne Author

      WE would love to have you blog about it. Feel free to borrow any photos from the site that you like. Thanks for asking.

  78. cathy v

    The bags, especially the leather one. I am also loving the studebaker truck!

  79. Mikel Lyman

    I love the antique charms on page 25. This is such a lovely elegant yet simple collection. Truely classic vintage. Way to go Jeanne!

  80. Meggan VanNess

    The flower leather cuff is AMAZING! I just received my first Jeanne Oliver messenger bag and I am in love.

  81. Meggan VanNess

    The lookbook s beautiful. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  82. heidi s.

    Beautiful, as always! I adore all of your creations, but would love (and when I say love, i mean LOVE) the Emerson bag. Gorgeous! One other thing, are you going to be making any more camera bags?

  83. Cherie Wilson

    “Stronger than she thought cuff” of course! I also enjoyed the vintage clothing added to your line up. Best wishes for a great season!

  84. Jean

    I’m in love with the Samantha jewelry,and all the vintage items…LOVE!!! Every single bag is Gorgeous!
    Thank You! Jean J.

  85. chasity

    jeanne, i just LOVE your new necklaces that feature your artwork!
    what an amazing idea! they are beautiful and unique and wonderful!!!

  86. Robyn Hirvela

    Oh my, Jeanne, I love it all! I pinned the catalog on pinterest to share with all my followers! So many things I want ….how do I choose???

  87. Brea

    Wow Jeanne! This line is so beautiful! I’m a handbag/purse kinda girl so my favourites are the Beverly Handbag and the Lucy Ruffle Tote! So pretty! Oh! I also love the Laura Handbag. I better stop now! It’s all so pretty! πŸ™‚

    I’m about to “share” the line on Facebook.

  88. Lisa Campbell

    Love the necklaces, especially with the key hole. I think I zoomed in on every page.

  89. Becky Rourk

    I am LOVING the Eloise collection, and in fact, have bought myself the necklace and bracelet. I admit, I’ve also gifted myself with Matilda necklace. Now I can say “Have you seen Jeanne?” and I shall proudly show them my jewels! πŸ˜‰

  90. Krista Doyle

    I pinned you on Pinterest. Even have my own Jeanne Oliver category!

  91. Krista Doyle

    I posted your link on my Facebook page! Yes, I want to win that badly!

  92. Krista Doyle

    I tweeted about your new line! Yes, I am a Jeanne Oliver LOVER! I want to win, win, win!

  93. Sheepy Hollow

    Ohhh la la! Love it all…the photos are stunning. the color & vinettes! the lavender and jewelry. must have a leather cuff too! i love everything, haha!

  94. Julie Booten

    I love the leather flower cuff and the leather bag w/ the flowers. Winning would be great because I could get stuff to take with me to Las Vegas in March. Getting married in Vegas!!

  95. Shelley

    Gosh! What’s not to like? The Market bag, the Amelia messenger bag, the Eloise Collection, the vintage apron (well, all the vintage stuff!), the leather cuffs…one cannot simply choose just one! Beautiful!

  96. Shelley

    Pinned the Market Bag, the Amelia Messenger Bag, and the Eloise Collection!

  97. Bliss Jones

    Wow I certainetly am “Down Under!”{cause that’s where I live} some awesome comments! And I can see why you are so <3'd Jeanne!…Found you through pinterest and love your blog!!….I love {vintage} things that age beautifully…so call me 'Vintage'…I wish!…Thanks for sharing, and let me know if you deliver to Australia?

  98. Lisa Tompkins

    I love the Emerson handbag! That print is gorgeous. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this collection all summer.

  99. Catherine C R

    I pinned the Amelia bag. I just can’t get over the details of this collection- great job!!!

  100. Carol Bracey

    Hi Jeanne, I Love your new Vintage Line! I think I would have to say that my two favorite things in your new line are the Laura linen handbag…I love Linen, and the Amelia messenger bag. So happy to hear you are doing an ecourse on Decorating your home and making your house a home…,s right up my alley! Can’t wait to hear all your creative ideas. Hope you have a wonderful trip to France…I am heading to Australia soon to meet my new grandson… excited! good luck with your new line!

  101. Jessie

    And lastly, I have your website and giveaway information right smack on my blog page side bar!!! Here is the link to my page:

    As you can see, I’m a HUGE fan!!! I have some things on my wishlist…so I’m crossing my fingers that I win – it would be an early bday present for myself!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you again for the opportunity!


  102. Jessie

    Hi again! I forgot to separate my comments to let you know that my fave is the Lucy Ruffle Tote!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks again! By the way, your photography is just stunning!!! πŸ™‚


  103. Tea Dreyer have such beautiful things πŸ™‚ I found you thru my friend, Cathy.. My favourite is the leather cuffs & your gorgeous Emerson bag xx Tea

  104. Deborah

    Love the new collection, especially the Aimee, Polly and Jill purses and the “new” contentment print. Thanks for the opportunity.

  105. Nathalie M

    I am happy to post on Facebook all about your beautiful collection. I know it will be a smash!!!!

  106. alex wijnen

    Wow, love everything here!!! If I had to pick just one thing, it’d be the brass tag necklace and bracelet (okay, that’s two but I figure it’s a set so counts as one, right πŸ˜‰ Oh, and then I’d have to get one of the purses to complete the look!

  107. Adrienne

    Love the new line! Everything is beautiful! The leather flower cuff is def. one of my faves!

  108. Suzanne

    I’m not picky…I love, love, love it all! I do love all of your bags and the leather cuffs though πŸ™‚

  109. Tracy Cedara Dunn

    Hands down I am addicted to your purses!!! I ordered one from the last collection and will be getting another this collection haha
    47 purses isn’t too many for a gal to own right?
    RIGHT?! hahaha

  110. Traci Severson

    Wow…I just browsed the new lookbook and seriously, it’s all stunning. Love the bags, love the jewelry…just love it all, and that cuff…OH MY!

  111. Jackie McMahan

    LOVE the leather messenger bag. Have been coveting a camera bag from your line for a while and this would be perfect with a padded insert πŸ™‚ Crossing my fingers….

  112. Priscilla

    Oh Jeaane this is so hard because I love all your new things! But my favorite is your market bag. Love the vintage print and leather handle!

  113. Dee

    Love the Amelia Messenger Bag. The whole new line is fabulous! Great job!

  114. maria m.

    Love, love the lucy ruffle tote! …..and everything else for that matter πŸ™‚

  115. Linda

    What to choose? So many lovely things. I love the vintage pitcher and, and, and….. So my favorite will be the vintage white enamal pitcher with dreams of the vintage stoneware cream bowl to match. I’ve just pinned both of them. They are “found poems” to me.

  116. Jackie

    There is nothing that I don’t love! There overall presentation is serene. The rings displayed in the book pages are great. You know what they say, ” Presentation is everything”. This makes me want to take the class even more?

  117. Betsy

    I love the Lucy Ruffled handbag! I love all the ruffles! Your new line is spectral! It’s so serene and casually elegant! Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway!

  118. Emma

    Absolutely Exquisite! How do you choose? Amelia calling my name…
    Congrats on a well-edited collection.

  119. Crystal McConnell

    I honestly love EVERYTHING. I am over the moon about this collection. You are my favorite designer.

  120. Crystal McConnell

    I shared the lookbook with all of my friends and contacts! Thank you for making it so easy.

  121. Beth

    My favorite is the leather flower cuff…simply sweet. Thank you for entering me in your generous give-away.

  122. Debbie Ellerd

    Oh Jeanne you have so many things to choose from and all are so very lovely!!! Thank you so much for this generous giveaway. I do love the bags and totes, the vintage materials used and the ruffles!!! Then there are the linens which are fantastic.

  123. Donna Woods

    My new fav is the 3rd bag (coming soon – can’t wait!) By the time I ordered the first bag was gone. Thank you for sharing.

  124. Michelle

    Congrats and another fantastic collection. I love all the vintage bags, if I have to choose one faviorite I guess it would be the blue floral with the rosette, but 2nd would be the red floral and the third the yellow floral, gee I think I’d just like one of each.

  125. Lesa Smith

    Hi, I’m loving the Amelia messenger bad, but also love the ruffle tote. Its hard to pick!

  126. Amber

    It’s a toss up between the Amelia and Emerson bags. Love the fabric! Beautiful collection {again!} Jeanne.

  127. Dana Summers

    Beautiful collection, so well done. One of everything, please! Love the Emerson Handbag πŸ™‚ Thank you for the give-away.

  128. Dana Summers

    Entry #2…I “pinned” the Emerson Handbag πŸ™‚ Thanks, again.

  129. Martha

    Jeanne ~ everything is just beautiful! I love, love all the purses but the Isabelle may be my favorite and your necklaces are amazing!!!

  130. Shelli

    ohhh thank you so much for the chance to win! everything looks fabulous!

  131. Melinda

    Oh Jeanne,
    You are always so giving and gracious!! I would love to win something from your new line. I just lost some weight and I would love to have one of your new dresses!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!!
    Have a beautiful week.

  132. Lori

    PInned your amazing new collection. I love the leather cuffs, bags, and vintage linens.
    Congratulations on another beautiful collection!

  133. Mikal McPherson

    I LOVE the Emerson bag, oh my heck, that is GORGEOUS!

    Everything is lovely as usual Jeanne, beautiful work!

  134. Joanna

    I can’t pick just one favourite! I love all your bags…favourites are: the Polly, Laura, Aimee, Ruffle tote, and market bag…I also love your ruffle apron! Great collection!

  135. Debra

    Congratulations of you rnew collection. Everything is so lovely! I honestly can’t pick just 1 favorite…..BUT, if I could, it would be a ruffled bag—so sweet for my daughter to use as a dance bag!

    Best wishes with this collection,
    Baton Rouge, LA

  136. kerri

    Everything is beautiful! Two of my favorites are the Market tote and the Slim Metal Cuff! Gorgeous collection Jeanne!

  137. Kim I.

    I would give my eye teeth for that leather bag!!! goodness, it is nothing short of awesome!! zyou out did yourself on this whole collection!

  138. Karen

    Love your style and your philosophy! So many pretty things….so difficult to pick a favorite….but I am partial to yellow…a happy color. Loving the leather flower cuff and the market bag. Beautiful collection!

  139. Dana Carter

    I would obviously love to win this along with everyone else πŸ™‚

  140. Chrisanne Robertson (@Chrisabula)

    Funny, I pinned the Amelia Messenger bag last week to my Pinterest board, BEFORE I knew of the contest…JUST BECAUSE it’s super fabulous! A great mix of hip flea-market fashion vibe from the past with a great shape for today, and all the STUFF I constantly haul around with me on my bicycle trips around town as an artist! LOVE you, Jeanne! Kudos for bringing the Light to the world each day. Peace and all good things to you! best, Chrisanne

  141. Alice Teets

    I pinned the Emerson Handbag. Even if I don’t win, can I just have one? Pretty please?

  142. Paula

    I absolutely love the new collection! The handbags, the leather cuffs, the jewelry collection… it is all sooo beautiful! Love! love! love!

  143. Kelly Elllis

    love the bracelets the one with Bendix on it… grew up really close to Bendix as a kid….and the Studebaker truck…but i don’t think your giving that away and i have always loved your bags I Pin your collection….well the book..

  144. Caroline

    Beautiful, loved, blessed, strong…i love these. And the leather cuffs!

  145. nanci

    love it all really like the blessed charm and the cross necklace love all of it very pretty

  146. Susie

    What a fabulous giveaway!!! Your jewelry is gorgeous. It’s hard to pick on favorite item because I found so many pieces I really love. The Laura handbag caught my eye.

  147. Katie

    I love all the vintage fabric bags ..hard to choose just one. Beautiful <3

  148. Ivy Towler

    I LOVE you Sophie leather messenger bag!!!! I am on vacation and need to figure out how to pin it!
    Cheers! Ivy

  149. Ivy Towler

    Bwahaha! I already pinned your messenger bag!!!

    Yay for second entry πŸ™‚

  150. Dawn

    I love the bags (most that are already gone!) and the leather cuffs. I *really* love those cuffs…!

  151. Jenn

    I really love the necklaces in the collection, any of them would make my day.

  152. nicoleigh

    There are too many things to choose from that are fabulous. But obviously I found one, since I ordered it! Love it all!

  153. jerikay

    such a lovely collection of items… my favs are the Lucy Ruffle Tote & Ruffle Handbag! thanks for the giveaway!

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