When we were building our home almost six years ago I was really excited about three things. 

1. The laundry room was on the upstairs with the bedrooms.  Obviously I didn't want to exercise.

2. We would have a fireplace in our bedroom. Which I wish I could tell you we use all the time for our romantic evenings alone. 

3. I would have a library for all my books. 

So, back to this laundry room of mine.  If I was going to be washing, drying and folding everyones clothes…I wanted it to be cute.  I had to decorate it….that is another reason to buy things…shhhhhh.


Vintage bowls full of soaps


 Vintage bottles


 Old irons


 Beautiful vintage white linens 


My favorite one has the woman's initials


I want to be honest with all of you before you come to think of me as the most amazing mother of three children and wife to Kelly. 

If you for a moment thought that ALL my laundry was caught up, folded and put away…..it is all in the hall so I could take these pictures. 

You can still like me.  I am human!