It Never Ends

When we were building our home almost six years ago I was really excited about three things. 

1. The laundry room was on the upstairs with the bedrooms.  Obviously I didn't want to exercise.

2. We would have a fireplace in our bedroom. Which I wish I could tell you we use all the time for our romantic evenings alone. 

3. I would have a library for all my books. 

So, back to this laundry room of mine.  If I was going to be washing, drying and folding everyones clothes…I wanted it to be cute.  I had to decorate it….that is another reason to buy things…shhhhhh.


Vintage bowls full of soaps


 Vintage bottles


 Old irons


 Beautiful vintage white linens 


My favorite one has the woman's initials


I want to be honest with all of you before you come to think of me as the most amazing mother of three children and wife to Kelly. 

If you for a moment thought that ALL my laundry was caught up, folded and put away… is all in the hall so I could take these pictures. 

You can still like me.  I am human!

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  1. chas at the wild raspberry

    vintage white linens…there’s my weakness.
    i am imaging a HUGE heaping pile of laundry in the hall stretching from one end to the other. yeah, that makes me feel better.

  2. Tara

    I still like you and kinda like you more to know that the laundry piles up…! I am though a wee bit, ok wait I totally just lied, I am SOO jealous of the size of your laundry room and those washers….sigh~
    Have a great weekend and now, off you go to get to that laundry! 🙂

  3. beth

    i soo wish my laundry room was on the second floor !!! and i too am jealous at the size of your laundry room !!!
    lovely ! have a great weekend !!

  4. LuLu

    To dream of having a laundry room all to itself!!!! I will just look at yours and pine for it! So enjoyed your blog this morning and your etsy site I am needing one of your adorable aprons and loving your eat sign so my colors!!!

  5. Stacey

    thanks for stopping by my blog. You have an amazingly clean laundry room!! ( and a clothes strewn hallway!!) anything for a great photo, ha ha! you have inspired me do a post about my laundry room however the piles will have to stay in my photos, it would be too much work to remove them.

  6. susan

    love the vintage clothes on the wall, so cute! i can do the wash, it’s putting it away that gets me 🙂 thanks for visiting! congrats on your anniversary!

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