The Best Find Of All Part I

Most of you know that I went to Spokane, WA for the Farm Chicks show last weekend.

It was truly an amazing weekend!!! 

But in so many ways that you can't imagine.

Yes, I will show you incredible treasures…and bought many lovely ones…but that is not what I really took away from this weekend.

Take a good look at this photo. Yes, you see a group of gorgeous girls that are immaculately dressed:-)



What else you see if a group of women that (for most of them) had never met until the show. 

 A group of women that had only known one another from blogs. 

 A group of women that once they met in person it was as if they had known each other for years. 

What is also incredible about these women is that they all "got" me.  Do you know what I mean?  A group of women that I connect with on such a creative level. 

No one questioned me when I was buying old postcards, vintage flashcards, vintage grain sacks or old wooden shoe forms…..they all understood. 

These girls "get" that I have a bowl of old books on my coffee table and a apothecary jar full of vintage stamps. 

I love that when we got back to our hotel we noticed we all took the same photos…we were drawn to the same beauty. 

For all the husbands….our first night started out with a pillow fight followed by leg shaving…did I just say that out loud?


Seriously, more than my husband joked if we were going to be doing that!  This was really just everyone meeting and looking at Brooke's gorgeous jewelry.

We then all met at the bar of the beautiful Davenport hotel.  It was a great way to start the trip and everyone was taking pictures.


Here is Sara and Tara.  They were so much fun!  I had met Sara a little less than a year ago and this was my first time meeting Tara in person. They are as amazing in person as on their blogs!!

We then all headed to Moxie for dinner.  No reservation…just the huge gand of us and they accomodated us.  The food was fabulous and I laughed hard the whole night.

Truly..we laughed until tears were running down our cheeks and our faces hurt!


After dinner many of the girls headed back to the hotel.  Rebekah, Brooke, Melaine, Kim, Trina and I headed out to meet Cindy, Jermonne and Joe for drinks. 

This picture was at midnight….how can they still look this good…..WRONG…so wrong!


I had the awesome splurge of having my own room.  When was the last time you were in a hotel room by yourself….it was so wonderful!  I didn't sleep well that night though because I kept thinking I would oversleep and miss the show:-)

The next morning many of us met at Madeleine's for breakfast(I am so hungry just THINKING about it).  A few of us had eaten there the day before and it was worth waiting until they opened.  A French pastry shop and girl's weekend go hand in hand!







OK…tomorrow I will have the next installment.

 Tomorrow you get to see the photos from the show and the incredible vendors! 

You might also get to see the fabulous Ms. Kim in a tutu…maybe…



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  1. The Beautiful Life

    Really, really looks amazing…Yes – very sorry I didn’t go afterall.
    Maybe the Country Living Fair? πŸ™‚
    Loved the post and the pics!

  2. Mimi

    I am so stealing that photo from the night after the catacombs! I had forgotten about it… (oops! too much wine perhaps?)
    YOU were the treasure Jeanne – you were the one who had me in tears at dinner. I can still hear the exact words that ended my calm, cool demeanor…
    Love you!

  3. Jackie

    So true – that’s exactly how I felt about everyone! It’s so refreshing to be around women who “get” you and are just happy and open and nice! Loved it! (of course, the leg shaving was my fave).

  4. Rachel

    That’s so awesome! You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet all those wonderful girls and have such a great time. I hope someday I get to do that!
    I can’t wait to see your goodies…

  5. Tara

    Perfect Jeanne, from the minute you started writing…everything was so true, those situations could be so awkward and I never felt that, not once, in fact I think I now call all of you “my girls” and no that has nothing to do with my boobs! πŸ™‚ Loved you and your post!! XOXO~
    P.S. Pillow fight tomorrow or leg shaving…up to you!

  6. Heidi Gordon

    EEEK! I wish I could have gone…the Farm Chicks Show is high on the list! You all look so simpatico! Fun! Can’t wait to see your treasures!

  7. Elaine Power

    Thanks so much for sharing Jeanne, you all looked like you were having a terrific time its so nice when people connect, get to meet & have fun, wish they had farm Chick shows in QLD! :)Elaine

  8. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    What a great group of blogging gal pals! So glad you had so much fun, Jeanne. We all deserve fun and special times like this. Like me and my best buddy have been planning on going to a flea market this weekend (comes only once a year), and my buddy is having a severe asthma attack for the past week, so I figure if I have to take her in a wheelchair, we’re going to that flea market. Because we need to have our fun, no matter what!

  9. Nancy

    Oh you lucky dog! I would have loved to have been there…and to meet Sara Duckett! WOW! Well, like you said, everyone is a creative spirit and to be together is such a neat setting….heavy sigh. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  10. Michelle

    It looks like you had an amazing time. Can’t wait for the next go round of pictures. Wish I had of been there.

  11. Chasity

    i am totally going to steal your photos and try to crop myself in!!! it looks like it was a ton of fun…

  12. Brandie

    Love this Jeanne! I will forever be bummed that I couldn’t make it but I am having so much fun seeing all of the photos and hearing all about it. How wonderful it is to find kindred spirits!

  13. Karyn (French Charming)

    Beautiful post! I totally get what you’re saying and I can’t wait until I meet in person some of the wonderful women that I’ve connected with here in blog land!
    THANK YOU for the info. on Bonzie, it is her! I’m going to update so I can give her the credit she deserves, I just think she’s amazing!

  14. Cindy Roehrich

    you know how you go from one blog to another for hours…my morning! i am so intrigued by your trip, i actually visited the farm chicks site this morning. i love reading about everyones adventures and need to have some more of my own…girls weekends are the BEST! i am adding you to my favs~cindy

  15. tracey

    I already received my purse this morning and I love,love,love it!!! It is even prettier than in the picture. What a treat to have it come packaged so nicely and with your sweet note. Thanks so much and glad to hear you had such a wonderful time at Farm Chicks (if only one person would just say they had only an ok time there, then maybe I could stop being so jealous)! πŸ™‚

  16. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Wow! That sounds like so much girly fun, I can’t even imagine. I would be soaking it up for sure. So glad you had such a blast and got to meet so many wonderful ladies.
    Looking forward to your next post!Blessings, Molly

  17. Stacey

    This may be such a weird post – but your clothing style is so beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirt dress you have on in pics from your weekend (saw it on one of the other girls blogs – yeah bizarrly enough – I stalk many of them :)) – and the clothes links you post – fabulous! Just thought I’d let you know! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  18. Tricia Whisler

    I am SOOOOOOO in for next year. Nothing will keep me away! I am gonna start saving now! Awesome, awesome pictures!!!! You are all so darn cute.

  19. Sue

    Darling photos! You are all too cute! Farm Chicks is the most fun we have doing a Show. I’ll be checking back for more photos , Sue

  20. kayellen

    Looks like a wonderful time and I love that group picture of you all!!
    How fun!!
    I would love to come next year…
    thanks for sharing:)

  21. shelly hoot's mom

    Jeanne, where in the world did you get the tan ruffle shirt you are pictured in on mysweetsavannah??? LOVE it. also love your glasses. looks like y’all had a great time. VERY jealous in Houston…

  22. Tracy

    Jeanne – I have LOVED seeing your posts about the Farm Chicks – and seeing yes – your fabulous CLOTHES, and your face! You are such a cutie – LOVE your glasses….and it just pains me to see all these bloggers whom I adore (yourself included!) and how badly I want to be there, too!
    Next year – please say you’ll go! I’d LOVE to meet you!

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