It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


We have had such a great time beginning to decorate the house.  The children can barely contain themselves as we get all the boxes out.  I was just the same.  As soon as the Thanksgiving meal was being cleared from the table I was off looking for all the Christmas decorations.  The truth has to be told….I was the decorating Nazi.  Yes, I took joy away from others because the tree had to be decorated perfectly.  I believe my brother and sister are still in counseling to get over their tramatic childhood with me.  I couldn't help it…the lights go on first, then the beads, then the ornaments…..GOSH…everyone knows this!!!!! I thought I had matured as a person until the children began wanting to decorate MY tree.  Don't judge me…there are others of you out there who know what I am talking about.  I got each of my children their own tree so they would leave the main tree to ME.  Guess what…it doesn't work that way.  They want their tree and mine.  So, the perfect tree doesn't happen at my house….we all decorate it together……..I cringe a little bit inside when five ornaments are on the same branch…..but I don't want them in counseling like my siblings.  See…I am growing.  A little. 





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  1. Maisy

    It’s amazing how protective we get…especially about memories. I love having the retro 70’s tree….silver garland and all. That way when the dog, cat or kids knock it over I don’t cry…yes that’s right…that is what I would do.
    Be sure to post pics when you are done decorating.

  2. Jolee Jane

    Lovely decor- very warm and cheery;)
    I also like your music…

  3. amy

    hanna helped me with ornaments this year. AS SOON as she went to bed i had to spread out the OVERLOADED ornaments on the bottom 1/3 of the tree. it was a pretty cute site though.

  4. mkg

    I love the pictures of your decorations. I can’t wait to see more. I would have loved to see the children decorating the tree with you!! What wonderful fun!!

  5. Nicoleigh

    Oh, I love the wooden sled! Very fun stuff! My little trees have no ornaments. Just the lights that come on them. I think if I did put on an ornament, they might fall over.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. paige

    you are so cute!
    i too thought i was off to a great start.
    we bought our tree…i did the lights which is my least favorite …..& then went through the “main tree” box of ornaments (& yes, each of my girls has their own tree in their own room decorated by their own hands) & chose which ones i’d keep out for them to decorate with. this year , i pared down a bit, actually didn’t add all the handmade…they came home from school, blissfully unaware of my selfless decision to allow them to decorate and then proceeded to complain because “all the ornaments aren’t out”….hrmph…i see a blog entry coming on 🙂

  7. traci

    what beautiful decorations. love the sled!! that is a funny story. i remember being a little like that when the kids were little. when the went to be i would rearrange a little bit. now that they are older, it’s my tree again. in a few years, you’ll me no. 1 tree decorator again.

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