Jeanne Oliver Creative Network Catalog and a HUGE giveaway!

**This giveaway is now closed and winners have been announced below.**

(All winners have until September 11th to claim the giveaways)


Each online course, collection and retreat has truly become a labor of love.

This is an investment of so many that I truly love and admire. It has never been just me.

As we were creating this digital catalog to share with all of you I looked at page after page of some of my favorite artists and they were teaching on our creative network.

It is humbling and honoring and exciting!

Our network has over 46 courses and 48 gifted and generous artists and it is growing each month!

Over the last several years we have watched our online creative network grow to over 24,000 members!

We have so many plans and dreams for the years to come but we couldn’t have done any of this without YOU!

You have bought our collections, taken our courses, shared with your friends and traveled to connect in person.

We are forever changed by YOU!

We have been working on a digital catalog so you can browse our online courses and have an easy way to share them with your friends.

We have worked hard to bring you the…

Jeanne Oliver Creative Network

Art and Lifestyle Catalog

Fall/Winter 2015



We often work hard and then move onto the next big thing without celebrating milestones and accomplishments and I don’t want to do that this time!

To honor where we began and where we hope to go we wanted to celebrate with some fun giveaways!

I guess we can call this a little online party and we hope you will invite everyone you know!

* We are giving away THREE COMPLETE ONLINE PACKAGES of all of our online courses valued at over $3000

**The winners**

Missy Brooks commented:

Amazing giveway!! I have taken so many courses and keep coming back because it is evident that they are labors of love and divinely inspired. Jeanne’s courses are always rich in content (and awesome teachers), opening a new world to me each time! So much so, that like a really good movie, I revisit them frequently to absorb new info I missed the previous round!! That makes for a valuable investment!


Jennifer Thomas commented:

i have taken several courses on Jeanne Oliver’s creative network, but one of my favorite courses is Becoming, The Unfolding of You. It is a course that is still impacting my life, months after the course’s beginning. I am looking forward to taking Scribble Art, a course which starts in September.’


Paula V commented:

I’ve only discovered the site about a month or so, and have signed up for several classes so far one of my favorites is “studying under the masters”. I’m not all the way through the lessons, only finished 1 artist, but Ah-amazing! Danielle Donalsons creative girl class was super cool too!


Congratulations!  Please email us at and we will get you all of your online classes!

* We are giving away ONE $300 Dick Blick Gift Card

**The winner**

Elisabetta commented:

Posted on instagram, and cross my fingers! Thanks a lot for this wonderful giveaway!!


Congratulations!  Please email us at and we will get you your gift certificate!


* We are giving away FIVE gallery wrapped canvas prints (your choice) from the Jeanne Oliver collection valued at over $300

**The winners**

I would love the opportunity to win (am actually aiming for one of your art pieces). I’ve learned so much from you and your amazing network of artists. I hope to meet you someday and express to you, face-to-face, what a wonderful and delightful inspiration you’ve been.


Hello, Jeanne!
I am so happy because I’ve found this amazing network you created. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I already enjoyed some of the free classes and I am learning a lot in Studying under the masters 3. This is an fantastic course with tons of important information. I want to take as many courses as I can, especially the Pattern Play course. I hope you can reach more and more people from all over the world. Congratulations on your work.


Kathryn commented:

I took the class Becoming The Unfolding of You. This series was a life changer and encouraged me to embrace my creative neurons that had become lethargic and almost disappeared in the drudgery of work. Oh, I really could go on and on BUT, I will tell you that I am now the proud owner of yarn, knitting needles, art paper, colored pencils and charcoal markers……the cob webs are gently lifting and beauty is sprouting. THE CREATIVE NEURONS ARE FIRING. She may have been resuscitated ( I am a nurse thus the medical speak!!) Thank you Jeanne for your passion, vulnerability and willingness to share your becoming. God bless you.


Konstanze commented:

I signed up for the mobil art course and so looking forward to this! You network is so great! Thank you!


onegoldensun commented:

i can’t wait to go to Amsterdam in 2016 with Jeanne and Kathie! What a fun giveaway! So many good things here.


Congratulations!  Please email us at and we will get you your gift certificate!


* We are giving away ONE Jeanne Oliver Designs Gift Certificate for our shop valued at $200

**The winner**

Melinda commented:

I have taken various courses here and am looking forward to the handlettering one coming this fall! This lovely community has been such a gift of inspiration, beauty and courage nudging to try new things! Thank you!

 Congratulations!  Please email us at and we will get you your gift certificate!



* We are giving away ONE spot in the SOLD OUT Danielle Donaldson workshop here in Denver this month!  You will also receive a signed copy of her newest book Creative Girl! This package is valued at over $200


The winner is…

Sheila Earhart

I’ve taken several of Jeanne’s classes & was fortu ate enough to take one in person in February of this year at Old Glory Antiques! It was fabulous! I myst say though, of all of the art classes I’ve taken anywhere by anyone, my favorite by far is “The Journey of Letting Go; Creating Beauty from the Ashes.” As Jeanne knows, this class was life changing for me! Thank you again for that, Jeanne!

(this is made possible by the generous donation of a student)

Everything we are giving away is valued at over $4,000!

To enter to win one of the above please leave a message on THIS post sharing about a course you have taken on or share a course you hope to take on the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network!

For additional chances at the giveaway you can…

* Share our new digital catalog on Facebook

* Pin this post and/or catalog to Pinterest

* Talk about the giveaway and/or new catalog on Instagram and use the hashtag #jeanneolivercreativenetwork

* Follow us on Instagram at jeanneoliver

* Blog about the new catalog

* Share this post on Twitter

EACH time you share about new course or please come back and let us know.

Thank you for sharing the new catalog!

{the winners will be announced on August 25th}

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  1. Elena Vigil-Farinas

    I have always wanted to write “pretty” so am taking that course. I love your work and more than anything I love your faith in our God.

  2. Jade

    Hi, Im so new to your site and recently signed up for the Scribble Art class happening in September. Seriously awesome website! Thanks Jade

  3. Sue Pompetti

    I would be honored and ecstatic to take ANY course on!

  4. onegoldensun

    i can’t wait to go to Amsterdam in 2016 with Jeanne and Kathie! What a fun giveaway! So many good things here.

  5. Jen Woosley Gay

    I loved taking Creativity takes courage and also Creatively made home.

  6. Missy Brooks

    Amazing giveway!! I have taken so many courses and keep coming back because it is evident that they are labors of love and divinely inspired. Jeanne’s courses are always rich in content (and awesome teachers), opening a new world to me each time! So much so, that like a really good movie, I revisit them frequently to absorb new info I missed the previous round!! That makes for a valuable investment!

  7. ladylyn

    I am in the middle of taking the first Studying Under the Masters e-course. It has opened my horizons and changed the way I view arting in the best possible way.

  8. Melinda

    I have taken various courses here and am looking forward to the handlettering one coming this fall! This lovely community has been such a gift of inspiration, beauty and courage nudging to try new things! Thank you!

  9. Johanna

    Looking forward to the fall courses — and the back to school one with Jeanne’s daughter…doing it with my girls 🙂

  10. Libbi Corson

    I have taken several courses here and I have loved every one! Jeanne always has just the best teachers!
    This catalogue is fantastic!

  11. Karlene Boss

    Absolutely love the new catalog. Will definitely share. I have taken so many courses from you. Learning to let go was one of my favorites. I learned so much. But my favorite was the first one I took which was creatively made. Your teaching style really spoke to me. The way you shared and not only taught art, but also about who were are and our gifts. All the other classes and teachers are great too. Thank you for creating this space for creativity.

  12. homeonthecornerblog

    This is so amazing! I found you through the ‘Becoming” series. That was a life changer for me! I hope you will be able to do another one some time. I have also signed up for the Intro. to Hand Lettering and I am so excited to take it! I have been wanting to do a hand lettering class for a long time, so this was the perfect opportunity! Thank you so much for all you do here!

  13. Petra

    I am SO excited to be taking the Art of Home course coming up in Sept. Just registered today 🙂 Good luck everyone!!

  14. Marianne

    So many amazing course…what a dream it would be to win! I have loved working through the Studying Under the Master course!!

  15. aimee

    I loved everything about Studying under the Masters…such a grew course! Congrats, Jeanne!

  16. Jenn potter

    I looooved Studying Under the Masters so much that I have taken two of them and would love to take the third! Love Jeanne’s creative network – it is an unbelievable amount of material for an extremely low price!

  17. hollyjanecreative

    Wow! This is really great, thank you!!! I have two courses that I have taken – The Journey of Letting Go, and Creatively Made – Rediscovering Your Gifts. I love going back to them and watching the videos for inspiration…

  18. Hiatt

    I would LOVE to take the creative girl workshop, Natures Canvas and Pattern Play!!!! LOVE the online catalog. It’s beautiful!!!

  19. staci Torgerson

    2 girlfriends and I have decided to get together since our kids have started back to school and meet on Thursday s in order to take Danielles showing class. It’s something I believe we will always cherish to learn and be creative together. We’ll also work on individual pieces at home and come back each week to share with each other. Thank you 1st and foremost for creating these online classes and finding these other a zing artists to share their incredible talents with is.

  20. lucie hale

    Wow, what a huge and generous giveaway!! I’m excited for you and for the winners. Just in case I win, I wanted to let you know that I’m very interested int eh Creative Girl Storybook class. It sounds like something I would LOVE to try!

  21. joannefdesmond

    I think your courses are remarkable! Thank you!!! I just sent a Tweet about the catalog as well as posted on Facebook and Pinned to my Board! Would be wonderful to receive some treasure … funds are tight, but if not, still a wonderful opportunity for everyone! xo

  22. Danielle Myers

    I would love to take the simple art lettering course!

    Thank you for the give away!

  23. silbran

    I have enrolled in Baris Photoshop/Pattern course and I’m looking forward to “Scribble Art in September”.

  24. lowercasejc

    I’ve taken Danielle Donaldson’s creative girl course, and I have registered for the upcoming hand lettering class. Thank you!

  25. dominique40

    Pin this post and/or catalog to Pinterest OK
    Share our new digital catalog on Facebook OK
    Follow us on Instagram at jeanneoliver OK

  26. patty fahlstrom

    I have taken numerous courses on Jeanne’s site and look forward to taking more (including retaking Danielle’s watercolor class). This site is amazing and offers such wonderful opportunities to learn.

  27. Marian McLemore

    What an amazing giveaway! I’m interested in the Creative Girl Storybook class.

  28. Lynda B.P.

    I loved both Danielle Donaldson classes I took on your creative network! Want to take the Art of Home course and the Scribble drawing course, too!

  29. Peggy

    Classes I plan to take… the letter course and the newest home course. Classes taken that have impacted my life… Studying Under the Masters 1, the watercolor classes, Home for the Holidays, and the Living Studio in Savannah. Jeanne is just as genuine in person as she is online and in front of the camera. Truly a ray of sunshine!!

  30. Beth

    Lovely! How exciting. I did “Becoming”, which was so fabulous. I am still working on becoming the best version of myself. One day at a time.

  31. Krystal Wolf

    What an awesome giveaway…I have signed up for many of your workshops…I love the content and that I can complete them at my own pace. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this!!

  32. silbran

    I have posted the link to the digital catalogue to our Facebook group of Surface Pattern Designers. I really love that there is this catalogue now.


    I love your site and love love love the new catalog. My favorite is the artist interviews. Of course! I love getting to see their creative side and what inspires them. I want to take all the courses and I so want to go to France with all of you in the fall. I saw there were two spots open….. -Kate

  34. Tina

    Hi, Jeanne, I am currently taking Becoming: the unfolding off you course, and am registered for the Art of Home | Modern Simple Living course as well.
    You all are a blessing in my lifetime!
    Thank You!

  35. Ginny

    I would love to take the “studying under the masters”. It’s like art history and technique tied together.

  36. Lisa Wade

    I have taken many classes here including both of Danielle Donaldson’s classes, Courtney Khail’s watercolor classes and Becoming the Unfolding of You. I have also signed up for upcoming lettering class. I have watched all the free classes as well. If you want to learn about art and creativity, this is the place to be. You not only learn new skills but as an added bonus, get to know the artists as well. Thank YOU Jeanne Oliver!

  37. Jennifer Koss

    I have been fortunate enough to take all three of the Studying Under the Masters classes. These are amazing classes, so full of information, something that you can come back to again and again, really enjoyed them. Thank you for the chance to win!

  38. Madeline Laird

    I have never been disappointed in any of the classes I have enrolled in on the Jeanne Oliver website, the next one I am going to enroll in is “Intro to Hand Lettering”, so excited about it. I loved, loved the “Becoming” series.

  39. Leslie

    Thank you for this generous offer. I have taken many courses through this network, and I’ve enjoyed the monthly interviews with artists, but I think my favorite course was Soul.Full. with Kelly Barton. It was the first time I used water colors and her immediate responses and encouragements to comments really inspired. I did one of the lessons with my grandkids and they loved making the flags — still have them hanging in my office. Kelly was so approachable and real . . . I loved that an honest-to-goodness artist was communicating with us. And that’s how the other classes I’ve taken have been, too. This whole network is personal and real. Thank you, Jeanne, for following your dream. It’s helping all of us embellish our homes with parts of our dreams.

  40. amber

    I’ve takent the CreativeGirl class and loved it! Also purchased the CreativeGirl book, love it too! And, I’ve signed up for the Scribbe Art class and can’t wait for it to start!

  41. Jen

    Danielle Donaldson’s course was Wonderful. It made those bleak snowy end of winter days full of light and fun!! Thank you!!

  42. Donna Jones

    Just signed up for your Instagram!!! Can’t wait to discover all the new exciting things that have happened to the website. All of the classes look wonderful…it make sit hard to choose. Thank you so much for always sharing!!!!

  43. Lana Manis

    I took The Journey of Letting Go, Creating Beauty From Ashes back in 2013. I never finished all the items and wish I still had access to it. I should have worked faster, lol! Thanks for the chance to win something wonderful!

  44. Deb Byers

    I’ve taken the Santos Cage Dolls course and the Vintage Trinket Jewelry course, along with every free course you offer. I’m excited to see all of the new courses available. Thanks so much for the generous opportunity to win!

  45. SusanA

    I’m taking both of Danielle Donaldson’s classes now. I love them and hope to take others in the future. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your give-away.

  46. Marilou

    Pinned on Pinterest and have signed up for a the Study Under The Masters classes:) Love that you offer your classes at such a reasonable price and they are available on going!

  47. Joanna Mills

    I just love the classes you have offered and would jump for joy to get the chance to see and study under, you and Danielle Donaldson in person. Thank you for all of the opportunity you offer to learn and grow. Blessings!

  48. Deb Byers

    P.S. I’ve also pinned your catalog to my Inspiration board on Pinterest. What a lovely piece of work! I wish everyone published a catalog of their classes like yours.


    I’ve never taken one of your classes and if I could, these are the one’s I’d like to take right away…Pattern Play, Hand Formed, and Soul.Full. Thanks, for the opportunity to possibly win!

  50. Virginia

    Jeanne, I love the network you’ve created. You are my favorite person on the web. I take so many of your classes and I’m tickled pink when you offer them for free even. You are so very generous and kind.

  51. Laura

    I have just become familiar with this site. I love stumbling onto these creative communities. After a quick perusal of the new catalog..I see many classes I would like to get involved in. I think I will sign up for the Mobil art class. My life is very full right now but I always use my phone to capture my day to day. I think this class might help me take advantage of something I already am in the habit of doing..and then give it a creative twist. I looking for ways to get more creativity into an already full schedule. 🙂

  52. Constance

    Hi Jeanne. I am currently watching your “Becoming”, “Creativity Takes Courage”, and “The Living Studio” videos all at the same time because they are all so great I can’t pick just one at a time 🙂

    Also, my lovely daughter purchased “Building A Creatively Made Business 2.0” as a gift for me which has provided me with amazing information for building my blog business and I am looking forward to taking your “Studying Under The Masters” course as soon as I can.

    Oh, and I have watched many of your free videos. This creative network is like nothing else on the internet! It has helped me so much as a Christian, an artist, and a blogger! Thank you and God bless you!


  53. Brenda Darnell

    I shared on Facebook and Pinterest. 🙂 I’ve taken the class, Studying Under The Masters III, and have signed up for several others, including The Unfolding of You, Nature’s Canvas, and Sketchworks.

  54. Angela Donley

    Love all the classes I have taken here, Creative Girl, Storybook & Studious Girl, Woodland Girls, & Hand Formed sculpting. I have also given the Summer Art Camp series to a young girl as a gift and she loved it! So much inspiration and learning from all classes hosted and given by you on this site, I love it all!

  55. Judith Weldon

    I have taken so many of your courses and loved them all, I also go back and rework some of the lessons on many to truly appreciate the lifetime access to these courses.
    Future classes I’d like to see: MORE Kelly Barton, MORE Danielle Donaldson, MORE jewelry classes, Advanced Bookbinding, Color Theory,

  56. Maeve

    I recently studied the Masters III course and learned so much from it. I want to go back into it when I have a new Internet provider, as watching the videos ate up my data plan. I will be free to really study them in just one more week when I have the new provider. Can’t wait! WONDERFUL courses!

  57. Vicki

    Danielle’s storybook class was my first class with you and I hope to take many more through your network. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing. I posted to facebook, pinterest, and I’m following you on instagram.

  58. Soraya Balleydier

    Your Network is a tremendous endeavor and such a life changer. I started with the “Becoming ” class and now I’ve signed on to take the Creative Girls class. Every day is an opportunity to jump start the day with a bible verse and pen and watercolors in hand. Thank you for all the effort that you do to help others. ( I’ve also shared on Facebook…)

  59. KeliHansen

    Well…. I love the variety of classes on your site! Painting with the masters…. has been amazing!… And I love playing in my rainbow ABC book! Sweet classes of a very manageable length. Can’t wait to peek into your new catalog! Congratulations!!!!

  60. Tammie

    such a generous give away, so lovely of you!
    I have taken both of Danielle Donaldson’s classes, Nature’s canvas, Studying Under the Masters and a watercolor course. They have all been wonderful!

  61. Kimberly Renee

    I have taken your holiday course and fell in love. If I had time and money I would take all your courses! 🙂 you are such an inspiration to Christian artists!! Thank you for this opportunity to win 😉

  62. serena

    I’m so proud of you Jeanne! Look at this amazing community you have built. Just awesome! Can’t wait to see where you go from here. Love you!

    shared the love on FB

  63. Mary

    Studying Under the Masters is such an awesome class! So inspirational and motivating BUT there isn’t a class on this site I wouldn’t like to take. The way you promote creativity and finding and nurturing everyone’s gift is amazing.

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  65. Lucia

    Wow! That’s a very wonderful giveaway!!!!! Shared in FB!
    Now I’ll share through Pinterest!

    1. Lucia

      Forgot to say I just enrolled for scribble art and looking forward to sign up later this year for studying the masters!

  66. Susan Haglund

    I just signed up for the Mobile Art Magic for my 14 year old and I’m trying to decide which class I want to take for me! I’m so excited to have found your site and classes!

  67. Linn F

    I’ve taken several of the courses, Studying Under the Masters, Danielle Donaldson, and more. Have loved them all, learned so much and had a great deal of fun. Keep up the good work.

  68. Dalene Perrin

    Love your style and pretty much everything you do. I would love to take the hand lettering class or really any of your classes. I love how Christy Tomlinson always goes on about you too. Love, love, love….

  69. Maeve

    I am signed up for Studying Under the Masters: Becoming an Apprentice. Can’t wait to start!

  70. maureennichols

    I’ve taken and completely enjoyed Creatively Made Business, and always enjoy the monthly interviews with other creative women. Love the site, thanks for sharing so much with us.

  71. Sherri M

    I would love to take the Intro to Hand Lettering class. I love all the hand-written things on your site!

  72. elizabeth marshall

    I have taken the Creative Girl class along with many other courses and I’ve loved each and every one of them! We need more art in life!!

  73. K brasfeild

    Hi and, might I also say, “wow”: I have enjoyed several courses here, learning tons from all of the instructors!! My favorites are the Masters classes because there are soooo many elements from various masters to different styles w each instructor and loooots of techniques!-yay-!! Of course, MUST mention Becoming & add many thanks for that incredible gift!! I would like to take Angie Redhead’s newest course (loved her first one:) & Scribble Drawing appeals as well. I also hope to one day have bees, so your beekeeper class is on the list too. Hmmmm: ya know, the woodland girls and painted nature courses also appeal to my interest in the outdoors. You really offer a so many options that intrique me!!! I am certain that I will continue to grow as an artist through this network for years to come! Sincerest thanks…-k.

  74. Dianne

    I am currently going through the Studying Under the Masters III. I am enjoying it tremendously, already having decided which artists I will be studying under on my own after this course.

  75. dorcas midkiff

    I have take several Stephanie Lee courses and love the structure and beauty of your site. I am looking forward to the new class with Ivy Newport in such a ground breaking art style:)

  76. Maeve

    I’ve signed up for Watercolors and Flowers and Creative Girl: The Land of Light and Shadows. I have also signed up for many of your free videos. So much great stuff! It will take me quite some time to go through all of these courses, which will be lots of fun and relaxation for me. I look forward to brushing up on skills that have been taking a back-shelf for years due to raising a family and a full-time job. I finally have some time to do this again!

  77. Sherri lucy

    I am currently taking studying under the masters 3 and waiting for scribble art to start ????

  78. Tina

    I’ve taken quite a few courses with you….. loved them ALL. I think that my favorite would be the Christmas Home Series……. or maybe Danielle Donaldson’s (either)….. or….. well, I love them all and anxiously look forward to more! Thanks!!

  79. eperez205

    I love all the course I’ve taken and I’ve taken almost all of them. Eager to sign up for the course that have been recently release. Thanks

  80. Patti Calande

    I’m signed up and very excited to take the Mobile Art Magic course! You offer so many wonderful choices. Thanks for bringing it all together.

  81. Adrienne

    I have taken so many classes and loved them all! Creatively Made Home was one of the first and probably still one of my all time faves!

  82. Denise

    I’m on week 2 of Becoming- The Unfolding of You. Honey to the soul is what it is.

  83. Jodene Shaw

    There is no way I could choose one class as a favorite. I have loved all Studying Under the Masters and especially Woodland Girls. I watched the Journey of Letting Go videos over and over. Loved them!! 🙂

  84. Patti

    Well I have taken a lot of courses in your network Jeanne! I have taken all the “Studying under the masters” series, “Sketchworks”, “Woodland Girls”, “Hand Formed – Simple Sculpting”, and I am signed up for “Classical Figure Painting” I have really enjoyed every class. I would love to win one of your journal bags! I love all the creative sharing that goes on here. Cheers

  85. Lynda Dunham-Watkins

    The Masters Courses have been so important in my growth as an artist. The knowledge passed on by the teachers about the masters has been fuel for the creativity fire and somehow just knowing more about them makes me feel more comfortable and at the same time more challenged. All the classes I’ve taken have been awesome. I haven’t finished all of them but when needed I always have something new to do, and thanks so much for giving lifetime access to the classes.

  86. chris lakin

    I have taken all 3 of the Master classes and would love to take Intro to Lettering and the sketching class.

  87. Dottee Odom

    I have taken at least 8 courses from Jeanne!! That doesn’t include the free courses which are plentiful!! I love her approach to teaching and all her guest artists are top notch, I’ve NEVER been disappointed! So if you haven’t taken a course from Jeanne yet, hop on over and sign up….you’ll be so happy you did!!

  88. Kelly Aubert

    I have been here since the very first course! I love everything here so much and continue to be amazed and excited about the new courses and workshops!!

  89. Michelle Remy

    Congratulations on building such a vibrant and valuable network. You have an incredible variety of offerings, all beautiful and thoughtful. I took Danielle Donaldson’s first watercolor class (Light & Shadows) and loved it!

  90. Janice

    I loved Masters III and am eagerly awaiting the start of Scribble Art. Wish there were more time in the day so I could spend more time in class;) BTW, the new catalog is beautiful.

  91. peonyblue

    Woodland Girls was my favorite class of yours. Now that I’m here, actually IN the woods, I’ve been re-going over it, too. 🙂 (And both of Danielle’s classes, and Stephanie’s plaster class, and and and…..)

  92. Shannon

    I have taken several classes and I have loved them all especially the Creatively made course because I learned a lot about myself and that I am more creative than I give myself credit for! I’m very interested in the new course Art of Home and would love to win spot in that class! 🙂

  93. Vickie

    Thank you for the opportunity to win anything from this awesome give away, congratulations on all the work you have put behind the Network Catalog. It must have been a labor of love because it shows in all you do. I have taken quite a few classes and I have never been disappointed and I am currently signed up for a few up and coming classes. Jeanne your style of teaching is so relaxing and I look forward to each one. The selection of teachers is amazing and it shows their heart and soul is behind what they teach. Thank you for all you do, it is so appreciated. Fingers crossed that “Lady Luck” is on my side.

  94. Angie

    I love my Woodland Girls class… I even put it on for the photography and the poetry and just the feel good factor … In fact I love all the classes I have done so far

  95. Kim McKinstry

    I have taken all 3 masters classes and both of Danielle Donaldson’s classes. I love the easy to understand website, and the beautiful way everything looks. I am blown away by several of the new classes and would love to win ANY of these prizes.

  96. Jennifer Perry

    Wow! What a beautiful gift and celebration. Thank you for this opportunity. What class have I NOT taken! Lol! I’ve taken almost every single one. I have learned and grown so much since I found your art school. While attending art school at our local university, I have taken many of your online classes and I can say, your online school should be accredited! I’ve personally learned more through your courses versus art school. So kudos to you and thank you again. Now I await to fulfill my dream of launching an art course through the Jeanne Oliver network in 2016!

  97. Aimee

    Oh goodness, do I have to pick just one class?!! I’m so incredibly inspired by your work, Jeanne……lets’s see. I would love to learn more about watercolors. A watercolor cess would be fabulous!

  98. Peggy McDevitt

    Wow, so impressed with your new catalog. Been following you for some time and have taken classes. So nice to see you succeed , you will continue. You are honest, have a belief and a good person. Thank you for standing for what is good and right in this world. Appreciate and would love any gift you offer. I will like on Facebook and Instagram right now.

  99. jacquelyn

    I took one of your Studying under the Masters Class and I loved it! I am hoping to take another one in the next couple months. I am reviewing the videos again from the first one. so good. I hope to take other classes here! I love seeing your blog and your interviews! You do not know how much your business has blessed me. So thankful for you Jeanne!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  100. Cherie Wilson

    I have taken several courses along the road here with you Jeanne and have adored them all. What a lovely new corner you have turned with your catalog! Congratulations and thank you for your ongoing inspiration to this art community!

  101. Dana Sue Weibel

    I can’t remember how I found your “wonderful” site, but am so glad I did! It is filled with beautiful photography and encouraging words. My favorite classes have been by Danielle Donaldson. She has a sweet spirit and shares so many of her secrets while showing you how to sketch and watercolor. Never thought I could draw/illustrate until I gave it a try. Thanks! Dana

  102. Tari

    Have taken the best classes with Jeanne and must say that is the grand prize???? I have learned so much from her & teachers and encourage all to give the wonderful assortment of classes a try and you will be hooked forever!!!!!

  103. Cheryl

    The first course I ever took from Jeanne was “Creatively Made Home”. It was so amazing and it filled my heart. Since then I have been what seems like a regular subscriber to her classes. They are all so very worth signing up for! Thank you too Jeanne for gifting me with this great opportunity.

  104. Kathy

    I loved Daniel Donaldson and Tania Bain’s classes! I’m looking forward to Julie Johnson’s Scribble Art class. xo

  105. Glenda Childers

    I took and loved your Becoming course. Did it with several friends. And, I was one of the presenters for the Learning Well course. I would love to take the Intro to Hand Lettering and Art of Home Modern Simple Living. Congrats on your beautiful catalog.


  106. Cindy McPeak

    I took Painting Under the Masters:Portraits and Self Portraits and learned so much about Vincent van Gogh and several other important artists. It has meant a lot to me to be able to take this and other online courses from Jeanne Oliver.

  107. Pat Lawson

    My favorite class has been Natures Canvas! I can’t wait to take more classes, and your site is so inspiring!

  108. Rossana

    Wow this is amazing!! Sarei molto felice di poter vincere un così bel regalo!

  109. Pam

    Thanks for such a huge giveaway! I have taken Creatively Made Home, The Journey of Letting Go, Becoming, and I just signed up for Classical Figure Painting last night. All of the classes I’ve taken offered a wide range of activities and projects plus Jeanne’s take on art supplies, technique, and life philosophy and experience. She shares a lot of herself in these classes and it makes for a truly unique and wonderful class. There is obviously a lot of work and heart that goes in to making them. The new course calalog is gorgeous!

  110. Shelley

    Incredible…gorgeous…fabulous! Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration!

  111. Michelle Eberhart

    What a beautiful catalog! The community you have created is so inspiring and truly brings joy to my day.

  112. Jackie Beeman

    I have taken the three classes called “studying under the masters”, which have been my all time favorite online courses! Excellent teachers, great class mates, and lifetime access! I recently signed up for a new drawing class with Julie Johnson, that I’m excited to start! Thank you For this wonderful community!

  113. Linda

    I’ve taken many classes but my favorite has been the Studing Under the Masters series.. Would love to take all of the classes!!

  114. chasity

    I am so thrilled for all that you have accomplished these past several years.
    It’s like a big beautiful dream unfolding right in front of our eyes.
    Absolutely breathtaking!!!

    I will always be most thankful for the Letting Go Course.
    It truly changed my life.

    All my love~

  115. Laurie Molzahn

    I have to admit I am an “addict”. I can’t get enough of your network. Your videos are thought provoking, easy to view and contain a sweet spirit of encouragement. I am just finishing up Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0. I have been a small business owner for many years but never really sold what I am passionate about, my art. Thanks to you and your network, a new business is on the horizon for me now! The Becoming | The Unfolding of You was life changing for me. The book club “the Artesian Soul” was so fun to discuss on line with you and the group. I shared on Facebook as soon as the new catalog hit your blog. I’m pinning like a mad woman. Love to you and the artists that make your network so fabulous, but most of all praise God for your voice as He has given you such a talent to inspire women!

  116. Elaine Neidig

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank you, Thank you for the awesome encouragement and inspiration. I have taken most every course and they are all so over the top with wonderful content. I just registered for classical figure painting and hope to register for intro to hand lettering. I love all your bags and even own one, I do hope to get an art bag in the fall. Your new catalogue is wonderful! I’m looking forward to all your new adventures, I know they will be great.

  117. roseluxton

    One of my favourite classes I recently enjoyed was “Nature’s Canvas” by Tania Bain. I went on to have fun collecting driftwood with some of my grandchildren, then painting their gnome-y likeness on their sticks!

  118. janlc

    I am fairly new here and cannot wait to explore all that is offered. I’d be ecstatic to take any course. I am a little old school therefore I am only able to enter the contest through this avenue. If it’s meant to be, it shall be!

  119. Debra Eastridge

    My fave class so far is Danielle Donaldson’s CreativeGirl Light and Shadows! However, I love them all!

  120. Judy Warner

    Thank you for the catalog & this fabulous giveaway. I’ve just completed “rediscovering your gifts” with those adorable Vintage Girls. Jeanne has a beautiful way sharing her art. I’ll pin your catalog today. Best wishes.

  121. Lynn P

    Awesome giveaway! I loved Danielle Donaldson’s last course, but every one I have taken has been great…

  122. Coral

    Looking forward to Julie Johnson’s first online course, Scribble Art. Enjoyed the Summer Art Camp with my kids, and all of the Studying Under The Masters!!

  123. Melanie

    I took Becoming, The Unfolding of You. So inspirational. Loved that series.
    I also follow on Instagram @melprovence1

  124. roseluxton

    This contest is over the top Jeanne! Thank you! I posted on Facebook, Pinned it, talked about it on Instagram & followed you on Instagram. Wish I still had a blog to keep sharing the love you share so freely with us all!

  125. Joi@RR

    Wow – what incredible giveaways…. I can’t imagine winning but… for sure I would LOVE to win an online course. Most especially I would love to be part of Study Under the Masters. That course seems like it would be such a blessing to be a part of… wow. Thanks bunches for the opportunity to enter. Your catalog was soooo FUN to go through and soooo LOVELY… FABULOUS looking. j.

  126. Joi@RR

    I pinned this post to Pinterest in hopes of winning an online course or part of your FANTASTIC giveaway. Love the new catalog and seeing all your exciting courses. j.

  127. harpies45

    Where do I start? Creatively Made Business SO helped me to start out. Creatively Made Home? I have a beverage station now. Creative Girl? Wow, this was a fun one, learning to mix media and have fun with watercolors. I’m a fan. Fondly, Tami

  128. Yvette

    I started “The Unfolding of You” and then summer hit with all its activity. Looking forward to starting that again and then possibly others. Would love to hear which ones you have had the most positive feedback to help narrow my choice!

  129. Suzen

    Wow, Jeanne! You and everyone have done a truly valuable and remarkable thing with all your courses. Thank you! I’ll be scribbling away soon…

  130. Gail Brule

    I have just begun Danielle Donaldson’s class Creative Girl, Land of Light and Shadows and LOVE it so much I just purchased her book. Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  131. shemann

    I have loved all the classes I have taken! I feel concected to other artists! Posted on facebook.

  132. Laura

    I love your courses, and your heart!! I took the creatively made home course, and the Christmas course as well. I’m looking forward to the art of home class. Thank you for your beauty and inspiration!!

  133. Mary Campbell

    I have taken so many classes from this site and loved them all. I think Jeanne’s Creatively Made (discovering your gifts) made the biggest impact on me. Love the catalog!

  134. Verni

    I am subscribed to all of the Studying Under the Masters courses. Have barely scratched the surface and have already learned more than enough to make the cost of the courses a real bargain. Also subscribed to several of the free courses. Looking forward to the new offerings to see what I can take. Just returned from NYC where I visited the Neue Gallery to view Klimts “Woman in Gold”. Wish Melody Ross could have been with me!

  135. Margaret Lussier

    Awesome! Love the classes here! I have taken Stephanie Lee’s handformed and signed up for Ivy Newports Mobile Art Magic. Can’t wait for class to start!

  136. Kat Lakie

    I’ve taken a number of courses with Jeanne Oliver….they have all been fabulous but I want to talk about the very first Studying under The Masters course. This course was so packed with information, fantastic teachers and inspiration and it grew me so much as an artist, pushing me to undertake works I wouldn’t have chosen on my own. A fantastic course and I’d like to take both the other Masters courses (there have been 3 now) each one looks even more inspiring than the last.

  137. Maura Hencker

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! The catalog is a great idea! Pinned it, followed you on twitter and instagram.

  138. Lorri Thompson

    I have taken the Creatively Made Home course and have enrolled in the Intro To Hand Lettering course. I’m planning to enroll in the the Art of Home course also.

  139. Rena Longo

    I want to share my gratitude for finding this wonderful place called I am an art teacher by day and for a long time I put my own art growth and fun on hold. It has been through Jeanne’s classes that I have again started to create and be a part of my art. I am so thankful for finding this place and look forward taking many more of her classes. The instruction is fun, challenging and differentiated enough to address all learning styles as well as various techniques. I also love that Jeanne is a Christian because for some time now I have been seeking spiritual growth and so I signed up for Becoming the Unfolding of you and there listening to these stories of women who are following their faith and sharing the wonderful ways they have become peaceful, successful, and finding their calling has been such an inspiration for me –I can’t say enough. Thank you.

  140. Chrystal

    I have taken several of the art classes, truthfully all of them 🙂
    I have enjoyed them all immensely and love watching the videos over and over again.

  141. Leilani Warden

    If I remember correctly Creative Made Home – Home for the Holidays – was my introduction to the amazing line up of Jeanne Oliver Creative Network classes. I couldn’t wait for each week to roll around and with my notebook in hand I’d check what classes came that week and what neat and inspiring things I’d learn to make and do. My love of lifelong learning was ignited. I have 3 children and this is something I do for myself yet my whole family benefits from what I take away after these encouraging videos and tutorials. I enjoyed making my decorations and Christmas gifts homemade, special, & warm. My kids and I have shared much laughter and paint splatters while learning from the Kids Summer Art series last year. Their homemade quote painted canvases made aunts and grandparents smile at the thought put into each one. For Thanksgiving we have a jute upholstery runner I handmade after watching the easy DIY tutorial and we are still scrubbing up with the essential oil bath scrubs I also learned to make. The interview video series featuring artists are always encouraging and fun to watch. I’m still working thru at my own pace the Studying Under the Masters course. Maddie’s videos rock as well!! Thank you Jeanne and Maddie and all of your guest artists for making art fun and doable and mostly for sharing your testimony with us.

  142. Peggy

    I am so new to this blog. I would be thrilled to take any of the courses. They all look inspirational. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  143. lilthingsbynadya

    I have taken many courses on like both Danielle’s classes, Building a Creatively Made Business & Pattern Play to name a few. I would LOVE to take this class in Denver!!!

  144. Terry McMullen

    I have just started with your Mixed Media Vintage Girls workshop. I LOVE anything vintage. I would like to take the Art of Home class. It looks so wonderful! Thanks for the great giveaways! Would love to win!! P.S. I also pinned the catalog on Pinterest.

  145. Kim McKinstry

    I have shared on facebook, instagram, pinned this on pinterest, and tweeted about it.

  146. pfgibbs

    I think I’ve taken just about every online class offered by Heanne but I have to admit that one of my favorites has been Creativity Takes Courage! I love all of Jeanne’s inspirational messages!

  147. lorimoonstudio

    I’ve taken Storybooks and Studios Girls and love the course. I’ve also checked out a number of free videos. Thanks for having such great courses and videos in one place. Also, the catalog is great!!!

  148. jlherling

    Becoming, The Unfolding of You was such a special gift that you gave to all of us! The messages from each of the contributors was so heartfelt. I would love to take an art class from you one day. 🙂

  149. Darla Deiparine

    I am happy with each of the many workshops I have taken. I think my favorite was the first ‘ studying under the masters” workshop. I am now looking forward to engaging in “scribble art”
    It is like going into a candy shop when I go to Jeanne’s workshop offerings page and I see all the goodies. Iwant them all and it is hard to decide which to purschase first 🙂

  150. Katherine Murray

    My 6 year old daughter is signed up for the children’s summer class and we have been tackling each art project together. We have loved the time with each other and being able to be creative!

  151. Brittany

    I have taken Studying Under the Masters III and it was absolutely lovely. I just signed up for Learning Well and I am so excited to look into the homeschool lives of others as my kids and I embark on our own journey starting with preschool this year!

  152. Sheila Earhart

    I’ve taken several of Jeanne’s classes & was fortu ate enough to take one in person in February of this year at Old Glory Antiques! It was fabulous! I myst say though, of all of the art classes I’ve taken anywhere by anyone, my favorite by far is “The Journey of Letting Go; Creating Beauty from the Ashes.” As Jeanne knows, this class was life changing for me! Thank you again for that, Jeanne!

  153. Julie

    I have taken Storybooks & studious girls with Danielle Donaldson & loved it, I also have done Watercolour greetings & Watercolours & Flowers and have signed up for the Hand Lettering course. Would love to win something but being in Australia would be unable to attend Danielle’s class as much as I would love to 🙂

  154. cdallas

    I completely enjoyed your free class, Becoming: The Unfolding of You. I loved hearing what creative women had to say. I am enrolled in Danielle Donaldson’s first class but spent the first half of this year buy and selling homes and getting MOVED. I am about ready to dig into that one. He style just makes me happy. I would love to do all the Study Under the Masters! They look to have some rich content. Wow, that’s some generous offers you have going there, Jeanne! Thanks for sharing yourself!

  155. Jules Q.

    I took BECOMING: THE UNFOLDING OF YOU at the beginning of the year, and absolutely loved it. What a great new catalog and an amazing giveaway! Who wouldn’t love to win some of these prizes? Thanks for the chance!

  156. Marcia D.

    So many awesome classes offered. I am drawn to the hand lettering class and studying under the masters. Thank you for the chance to win such generous give aways.

  157. Suzanne Schroder

    I began the year with Becoming. It was both challenging and encouraging to me. I love to be connected with so many beautiful creative women from everywhere. Thank you Jeanne Oliver for making that possible. I want to do all the courses you offer eventually!

  158. Sheila Earhart

    And I just pinned your catalog/blog post on Pinterest! Username: Sheila E. Congratulations, Jeanne!

  159. Kathy Lieb

    I have enjoyed every class that I have taken through your wonderful network. I’ve done all of the Painting with the masters class, danielle donaldson’s class, and others, too. They are all so professional and detailed. Love, love, love your site!

  160. Lisa

    I just pinned and shared on FB. Soon to post on instagram. Love the catalog. Beautifully done.

  161. studiojru

    i am looking forward to the upcoming Hand Lettering class! looks so fun!

  162. Judy

    I have taken several courses and love them all. I have taken the Woodland Girls class and adore all the projects, I loved Natures Canvas with Tania Bain- it was so much fun and great inspiration, I loved the Santos Doll course with Jennifer Rizzo and adored it. The list goes on and on.

  163. Emily

    It would be easier to list the classes I haven’t yet taken! From Santos, to Home Decor and Soul Searching… Your classes have changed me and expanded my horizons. Thank you for everything you are doing Jeanne! I will post you to Instagram and Pinterest <3

  164. Karen Phanco

    All of your “Masters” courses have shown many many wonderful new techniques that have broadened all of my artistic endeavors. I can’t thank you enough!

  165. Frenchie Kesslee

    So looking forward to the Lettering course! Talked one of my friends into taking it as well!

  166. Kay Burnett

    I remember beginning with “Creatively Made” and falling into “Becoming – the Unfolding of You.” Over the years I’ve learned so many different things through your classes. Whether close up in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else was asleep and I didn’t want to stop watching all of the videos or getting to read about your travels and look at all of the beautiful pictures. I could hardly imagine getting to meet an artist in person, let alone somewhere I’ve never been – that would be just about anywhere – LOL!!!

  167. Jeannie Resnick

    This is so awesome! Such a generous giveaway! I hope to take Jeanne’s classical figure painting class!

  168. Linda

    I’ve taken the Danielle Donaldson classes which I loved!! Just registered for the lettering class and can’t wait for it to start!! Thank you for a wonderful creative outley

  169. Janet Ghio

    Wow-what wonderful give aways! I’ve taken all three of the Masters courses and loved all of them so much. thanks for the opportunity to win such fabulous prizes!

  170. Sarah Gill

    I love your art! I am exploring my own creativity in taking Creative Girls, In The Land of light and Shadow. Enjoying it so much!

  171. Julia Molewyk

    I am a member of your creative network. I am currently doing the “Studying Under the Masters -Portraits” course with a good friend. I am really enjoying that class. I loved being apart of the group “Becoming: The Unfolding of You.” It was so encouraging. Also, I love the “Living Studio” Group. Thanks for a chance to win.

  172. donnarisodesigns

    Love the classes I’ve taken so far including Studying Under the Masters and the “Becoming” series. Learned so much. Thanks for all the work you put in Jeanne!

  173. terryhonstead

    I just checked out the catalog and it is wonderful!! I see a lot of classes that I would love to take, but my favorite one I think would be the portraits and self portraits one!! They look amazing! I am excited!

  174. melaniegore

    I have taken all the Masters classes, both of Danielle’s classes, Woodland Girls….a lot of them and I love them all.

  175. Julie B

    Loved the time with you at your workshop at Cresendo last year! I have loved all the online classes that I have taken! Such a blessing that you share your talents! Thank you!

  176. Sonya Hamilton

    Absolutely adored the Becoming series! Thank you so much for your generosity in offering such a blessing to us. Would love to take the Art of Home class.

  177. terryhonstead

    I just want to say that I am so glad that I found your website! It is amazing! I have really enjoyed the classes that I have taken and can’t wait to take more. Also that you are so wonderful to be giving away such gifts! I want to thank you for being so generous!!

  178. Sarah

    I am SOOOO looking forward to taking Intro To Hand Lettering! Already signed up!!

  179. Judy

    I have pinned on Pinterest, posted on Instagram and have been a follower for some time on Instagram. The 24 th is my birthday, so what a great present if I win.

  180. sallywright a creative place

    Love the creativity I feel here! I recently started teaching at an Integrated Arts Elementary School and am looking for ways to work on my own art and creativity. Just about every class interests me when I get the emails, need to pick one and get started. I am fascinated with the hand lettering class. The home class reminds me so much of my mom and grandmothers – – they did this really well. We are getting away from the joy that is our home.

    Pinned on Pinterest.
    Shared on Facebook.

    Good Luck everyone, and thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway!


  181. Krishna

    I pinned your new catalog to my “Fun Classes” board and your painting of the girl to my “Inspiration Board.” I love the painting so much and I can’t wait to take more of your classes. I recently took Bari J.’s Pattern Play class. It was so informative and inspiring. I’ve been a designer for years and she taught me things I didn’t know which is what I was hoping to get from the class. I highly recommend it to all! Thanks for making these classes available and creating a wonderful network for creative people!

  182. Merrilee

    I’m a newbie but signed up a few days ago for the hand lettering class! Can’t wait! And reading all these posts about the great experiences makes me feel like it’s a good choice. Thanks for the giveaway opp and fostering a creative, positive vibe!

  183. prairie girl studio

    thank you thank you, Jeanne ~ your gifts and the gifts of everyone networking with you are far reaching. the catalogue is completely brilliant. again, thank you. xo

  184. Faith Gaspar

    Oh My Goodness…. Thank You for a chance to win… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Catalog… I have taken the Woodland Girls… an Would love to take it again, now that I am a little bit more at ease with my art making…. I would LOVE to go to Danielle’s Workshop…. I’m excited about the Community…. Thanks Again for a Chance…. Faith

  185. Suzanne Fernald

    I am so thrilled to have found your site earlier this year, Jeanne. And to learn that you have a Spiritual influence was my favorite! I started off with the Studying the Masters III course in May, the Alisa Burke course at end of May, Pattern Play with Bari J in June and, because I learned so much in the Masters III course, I’ve signed up for an earlier class of Studying the Masters. I’m so blessed to be learning and putting into practice the techniques of a variety of artists. Thank you!

  186. Robin

    I was smitten with your lovely art from the start! I have taken Creatively Made and loved it. It helped me begin a new journey with my art. I have taken Watercolor and Flowers and Sketchworks as well which were also wonderful. I plan to enroll for the Intro to Hand Lettering and hope to take other courses as well. Oh and I’ve pinned the catalog, am following on Instagram and shared on Facebook.

  187. Tami

    I would love to win any of these prizes! I am on your site constantly looking at what to sign up for!

  188. franniemeshorer

    Thank You so very much for offering such wondrous classes for those of us who love and adore art. I have been enthralled with Danielle Donaldson’s beautiful Art Girls and have had such fun sketching little ‘fairies’ and ‘forests’ and ‘tiny houses’ for them since taking her classes. Thank you also for offering an opportunity for us to be a part of your ‘giveaways’ .. I so look forwrd to your next catalog and all the art adventures it will bring. XOXO, frannie

  189. kat

    I don’t know if I could pick just one that I want to take. However, the one that has passed that had to do with plaster and making things is what intrigued me to the point of coming over to look into all the luscious loveliness here.

  190. Kelley Fewer

    WOW!!! What a generous giveaway!! I have taken all three of the Under the Masters courses, and loved them!! There are lots of other courses you offer that I’d like to take too. Congratulations on your growth and success!!

  191. Tami

    Shared on Pinterest! Thank you so much for such an amazing chance at winner these awesome prizes!

  192. Susan

    I have taken around 6 courses and all have been my favorite. But my current love is Danielle Donaldson’s watercolor art. I am looking forward to take her Storybooks and studious girls class
    Thank you for having such a big giveaway

  193. Pamela

    I have taken several courses with Jeanne online and have found value in each. Thank You….

  194. Lorrayne berthold

    I have taken many of Jeannie’s classes and would like to do more as soon as I can get more download or NBN as they call it in Australia! Her Christian ethics have been inspiring as much as her artwork and her gift of being able to put a description of other artists into encouraging words. I have encouraged other Christians to follow some of her free classes which has inspired others to step out and do what was in their hearts…………so all around a very well balanced and encouraging site.

  195. Rita Carbuhn

    I have taken each of the Masters courses as well as so many other courses that I have actually lost count of the total number. I am totally in awe of Jeanne’s skills, and talents. She is an awesome teacher and so willing to share her knowledge with us students. I love the fact that she derives so muchh joy from the art we create and share on FB. I am always encouraged by her to just look around myself and create art from living life and opening my eyes. Love you, Jeanne! . .

  196. Sandy

    It all started for me with “creativity takes courage” and continues! I also loved your “becoming” series! Thanks for a chance to win such awesome packages!

  197. Shelley Benjamin

    I look forward to the Mobile Art Magic class this fall and being a part of this creative group.

  198. Sherri Boyce

    Jeanne, I have taken so many of your classes. You are such an inspiration! I think my favorite most recent would be Woodland Girls! I would love some day to attend one in France!

  199. Kay

    I’d so love to explore the Mobile Art class to start! I am new to your site and was so inspired by your post to the Documented Life Project!

  200. Theresa Merkling

    I’ve been enjoying the classes I’ve taken here so far and look forward to more in the future.

  201. Liz Atmore

    I recently took the ” Studying under the Masters” it was awesome to learn about the artists and their techniques. Working in the various diverse mediums stretching and rewarding 🙂 thank you for this opportunity to enter for this stunning prize ? Big love & Blessings

  202. Susan

    I am new to your website but have learned just by reading about you and plan to take several courses, particularly one that teaches how to do faces.

  203. Kelly

    I love Danielle Donaldson’s courses – been working through the Land of Light and Shadows this summer. It’s been so much fun learning how to combine my watercolors with other media!! 🙂 Thank you!

  204. Christa Thomas

    Jeanne, my life has been forever changed for the good by all of the lovely classes, and especially the fabulous teachers and classmates I’ve come to know. What a beautifully loving and creative community you have created. XO!

  205. prairie girl studio

    and, facebooked x 2 … with pleasure! cheers to creativity : ) xo

  206. Darlene Campbell

    Congratulations on such a lovely site and catalogue. I love the art adventures I have taken here…Danielle’s watercolor classes have been a favorite. I’d also like to take the MAster’s class and have signed up for the Lettering. It just feels warm and cozy on your site and I appreciate the good prices for quality classes. Thank you for a stupendous giveaway. Cheers-Darlene

  207. Jennifer Thomas

    i have taken several courses on Jeanne Oliver’s creative network, but one of my favorite courses is Becoming, The Unfolding of You. It is a course that is still impacting my life, months after the course’s beginning. I am looking forward to taking Scribble Art, a course which starts in September.

  208. Jennifer Thomas

    I clipped one of my favorite quotes from the catalog and pinned it to my Art board on Pinterest.

  209. Laurel Summers

    I am slowly working through the Becoming class. Listening to the different artists’ stories and ways of approaching their lives is very thought provoking. I am trying to find balance between competing areas in my life and the sheer variety of ways the course includes which can be used to grow and change is encouraging. Thank you for the warmth and inclusiveness of the stories and projects shared. It is all going into the messy mix that is currently me. I will be taking the Creativity Girl course in another month or so and really look forward to it! Your website offerings are such a blessing!

  210. Tammy Grieder

    I have been so blessed by Jeanne and her vision to lead others towards their own “best”.

  211. Terese Mitchell

    My favorites are the Danielle Donaldson Creative Girl classes hosted on Jeanne Oliver’s site, but I sign up for almost every class, no matter the subject, because I know I will feel enriched in so many ways!

  212. Jennifer Thomas

    I followed you on Instgram and posted a picture from the catalog on Instagram.

  213. TamJN

    I am taking both of the Danielle Donaldson courses at the moment as well as Becoming. Jeanne’s creative network is awesome????

  214. Lucy

    Really all the classes here are just totally WONDERFUL…. trying to pick the best one to talk about is far to hard but I did gain so much from the masters class & I just adored Danielle Donaldson creative class. Your new newsletter is beautiful & very informative about the classes to take here. I am a fan of a number of classes & instructors, thanks for having them teach here on the web. cheers Lucy 🙂

  215. Julia Monroe

    I took Creatively Made and it was life changing. I remember crying a lot and healing a lot. Being creative has a whole new meaning now to me and I thank you Jeanne, for the wisdom you shared. I got my sister to take the class too and it meant just as much to her!

  216. Cassie

    This giveaway is incredible! My first class here was your Creatively Made Business 2.0 course last year. That really started it all for me – it helped me take a dream I’d long had and turn it into a reality. Because of the inspiration and wisdom from that course, I had the confidence to get started and now have a sweet little business that is growing and succeeding beyond what I thought was possible.

  217. Denise Spillan.

    What a generous giveaway! I love your site and catalog. I would love to take any of your classes. I watched your video on DLP and was thrilled to see how you work. I am gathering supplies so I can watch again and do my own.

  218. Denise Spillan.

    Just pinned the link for your site in my Pinterest folder Art Inspirations.

  219. Vicki Wright

    I would really love to attend the Denver class on August 22, but I will have just returned home from a short trip. Thanks for the chance to win the amazing prizes!

  220. 22limes

    I have taken several and loved them all! I purchased the Study with the Masters course, and I’m really looking forward to that.

  221. TamJN

    Hoping to take a studying under the masters course and Letting go I have a birthday soon????

  222. Jobi

    I’ve taken all three Studying Under the Masters classes, the Becoming course, Pattern Play and Building a Creative Business class. I love the painting courses. The first Studying Under the Masters class opened up my creative soul with so much joy I could hardly stand it. Learning and loving my art!

  223. Angela S

    I’d love to take the “Creatively Made Home” class- I’ve always been reluctant to decorate thinking I have no experience, but always longed for a beautiful and peaceful home environment as my shelter. I think the class would give me the visual encouragement to step outside my comfort zone and hopefully, surprise myself!. Thankyou.

  224. Laura Jarrell

    A friend recently (last month) turned me on to your Instagram account, and thus, you! So I’ve been following on Instagram and love what I’m seeing. Can’t wait to check out your new online class offerings. Also love that your he(art) and faith come through in all you do. What a delightful blessing! Looking forward to much more! Thanks so much!

  225. expectantlylistening

    I have pinned, tweeted and face booked! In my earlier comment I forgot to share that I am taking Becoming You and just loving it so far. I would love to take scribble art and studying under the masters!

  226. Joann Brewer

    I have taken quite a few of the courses and loved them all. The studying under the masters courses I believe are amazing value and I dip into them all the time, a totally brilliant idea! Thanks Joann

  227. Mary Ann

    After a few years of ” not being creative ” .you …and your lovely web site have inspired me to paint and start creating some ” art” every day again!!!! Thank you!!

  228. Sparkly Goddess

    Dear Jeanne & crew. I LOVE your new catalogue – have share it on fb & will put in newsletter. I have taken several courses – paid & free- they have all been excellent and I plan to take many more. You are an inspiration and, as a new artist, you have helped me develop my style and, most importantly, have FUN! Many, many thanks & blessings. Exx

  229. Darlene

    Congratulations on your new catalog! I can’t wait to explore it. I’ve taken Danielle Donaldson’s Creative Girl course. Loved the course and learned so much.

  230. JoAnn Stevens

    Hi Everyone –
    I’m fairly new here. I think I learned about your site through the interview you did with Alisa Burke! I just signed up for the Hand Lettering class and I am already anxious for it to start….. The new catalog looks fantastic!! Thank you!! xo

  231. Debbie

    I have taken two courses . . . Storybooks and Studious Girls and Pattern Play. I loved them both!

  232. Suzanne

    What a wonderful collection of class offerings! I would love to take the Classical figure painting, Studying Under the Masters III and the Portrait/Self-portrait class, Hand Form sculpture course, or the classic sketches…there are so many great courses offered, it is hard to narrow the choice! Thank you for the opportunity! Warmly, S

  233. ruthleahd

    I’ve just recently discovered this network of amazing artists and always feel as if I am about to open a goody bag of fun and love when I explore one of the courses on this amazing place for art to thrive. Thank you so much for being here!

  234. Donna P

    My favorite class or classes would be the business series. You have given so much of who you are and make a small business seem achievable. Thank you for your witty charm, it’s always fun taking your classes

  235. Tori Carver

    Oh, let’s see…. I have taken quite a few classes and have loved them all. My daughter loves Maddy’s classes too! I am currently working through Becoming, the Unfolding of You and the Creatively Made Business with Marian and Jen. I have also signed up for the Lettering class and Art of Home and am excited about these upcoming classes as well. Keep up the good work and please, please, please keep encouraging us. It is a gift.

  236. Sheila L.

    I loved the studying under the master’s class. I learned so much, loved the teachers, and felt inspired to try art mediums that were new to me. It was such a lovely and freeing experience.

  237. Tanya from EverAfterCottage

    I LOVE your courses. As a Mama of seven (five at home) there’s no way I can get out to take creative classes. With your creative network, I don’t have to leave my home – you bring it all right to me. Thank you so much for what you do!

  238. txcreatrix

    The creative girl (see m y art name TX Creatrix, and my website sounds like the perfect class to me!

  239. Lori

    The plaster course was so much fun and, scrolling through your gorgeous catalogue, I see many more courses I must take! Im sharing it all over the place….

  240. Betty Wisse

    I have taken so many of the classes you offer. I have to say they are the best around. My favorites have been Studying Under the Masters and Danielle Donaldson. I would be honored to win any of the giveaways you’re offering.

  241. Julie S.

    I took the watercolors and flowers (intro to watercolor painting) & looking in to taking Intro to hand lettering!

  242. J. Engen

    I’ve enjoyed so many of your online courses and as an artist and children’s art instructor, found them not only inspiring but most importantly made me a better teacher to my students. It reminds me so much of the “throw a pebble in the water, watch the many ripples it creates”. Not only have I benefited from the variety of courses and talent on this site, but the children I then work with also find great benefit too.

  243. Marianna

    I would love to take the Creatively Mde Home course! By the way, the catalog is wonderful. Very accessible.

  244. Angi eharis

    Tx soooo much Jeanne for always sharing and inspiring us, u and all u do is so full of beauty and grace, love your kids too! Aloha, angi in hana

  245. tammfran

    This all started for me when I saw that Patty Palmer from Deep Space Sparkle was taking an on-line class she was very excited about…since I love her blog and art projects I thought I’d check out this Jeanne Oliver she was so enthusiastic about. I enrolled in Creatively made home for the holidays and have been taking many of these amazing classes since! Thanks Jeanne and PATTY!

  246. Lisa

    Totally fantastic! I took and loved Studying Under the Masters II (Portraits) and am still working through all the material there! It is so rich and lovely and I hope to take another Studying Under the Masters as the format with different instructors and different artists to study is fantastic!

  247. Rebecca Lovell

    I would be just thrilled to take any of Danielle Donaldson’s classes! And yours!!! And truly, I could see myself taking every single class in this catalog! How absolutely fantastic!!!

  248. Angi eharis

    Tx sooo much for always sharing and inspiring us, I know this takes a lot of dedication and hard work, I have taken a couple of your free classes and maddies classes with my grnd dtr, can’t wait for the letter class in the fall, all your artwork just like u Jeanne r just beautiful! Aloha, angi in hana

  249. Susan

    I would love to take Intro to Hand Lettering. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  250. Robin Chapa

    I want to take EVERY SINGLE CLASS!!!! 🙂 So dreamy! But, to play along, I guess my choice would be Nature’s Canvas! Beautiful catalog! Wow!

  251. Sarah Miller

    I have taken your Master courses and love them ! I will share your new catalog all over the place! I want to take at least three new classes. Scribble art, Creative Girl, and Sculpture.

  252. Becky J

    Oh Jeanne- the thought of winning this giveaway is enough to make my heart burst with joy! What a generous gift of a lifetime! Thanks for your kindness!! Home for the Holidays is my favorite class- I have watched it over and over and find it inspiring ALL year round! xoxox Becky

  253. pamthorburn

    I have taken your Studying Under The Master’s Portrait class and found it inspiring. I love the time and effort each teacher out into researching their artist, and sharing that knowledge with participants. And I also appreciate how I have long term access to the course too!

  254. Edwina

    Wow! Thanks for this opportunity to win some awesome things! My first exposure to a course here was the amazing “Becoming” series….loved it! I hope to next take “Art of Home”. Congratulations to you on all your success thus far!

  255. kellygau

    I have taken one and three of studying under the masters.. and watch the videos over and over! i love to sit under your teaching!

  256. Natasha White

    I am currently in studying under the masters which is such a juicy and full class that I glad you left access open so I can fully absorb it. There is so much incredible inspiration.

  257. Chel Smith

    Signed up for Scribble Art…can’t wait. Oh, and I love the catalog…such eye candy and dream makers!!!

  258. sweetrelishstyle

    So it all started several years ago. I was having a tough time and dont even know how I came across your blog. I was starting my own little nitch and you empowered me with Creatively Made. And met so many wonderful ladies that I am still friends with. Then came Creatively Made Home, with the same sweet energy as the other. looking forward to taking one of the new ones also. Thanks for your positive voice.

  259. merry :)

    Yay!! Congrats!! I’ve loved all of the workshops I’ve taken and most recently the Nature’s Canvas workshop was super fun because my kids are involved too!! I love being outside and collecting bark with them… Thank you!!!

  260. shannoncrawfords2celebrate

    Have LOVED ALL of the courses I’ve taken, Becoming (my favorite!) Creative Small Business, Bee Keeping……Fun to watch and learn with Jeanne- <3 Hoping some day to travel & combine my love of all things beautiful with a destination course/camp.
    (Pinned this post, shared on FB, following Instagram) Jeanne has a way of translating JOY from a photograph into your heart. Thank you for ALL of your inspiration & encouragement along the way! <3

  261. Vicki

    I have taken a creative girl course (light and shadow) which is great. There are many others I would like to take especially natures canvas and art of home.

  262. Trish

    I loved Home for the Holidayd! I also enjoyed Becoming, the Unfolding of You.

  263. Carol Weiler

    I have taken both Studying under the Masters courses and they are wonderful! But the class I loved most was Unfolding, The becoming of You. Why? Because it was life changing for me during a very difficult time. I feel blessed to be able to have access to this a,aging creative network!

  264. Cheryl Haener

    I would love to take the Creatively Made Home course, and the Intro to Hand Lettering course!!! Aw heck…I would love to take them all!!!! I so admire you Jeanne, and especially your sharing of your faith!! kudos to you, your family, and followers….Each time I read one of your blog posts, I am always uplifted…THANK YOU!!!!

  265. Gina Bottom

    I am sitting right on the fence drooling over the scribble class. My only hold up is too many classes going on right now. It is such a dilemma. Thank you Jeanne Oliver Network!

  266. Amber K

    I took the creatively made business course, and it was so insightful! I am already enrolled in the scrible art, and getting ready to sign up for the hand lettering! So excited for those!

  267. Sarah

    What a generous give away! And the catalog is awesome! Studying under the masters courses are my favorites, so far. Congrats on the continuing success of your network!

  268. Debora

    Jeanne, how wonderful for you to do this generous giveaway! I would love to take the Creative Girl course if it is offered again, but any of your courses would be a great way to inspire me to be creative more often! I love that you also love Jesus. 🙂

  269. Pam Ballard

    Oh my so excited about this giveaway. I took the Santos Doll class. I would love to win one of these great giveaways. Thanks for the chance.

  270. Mary

    I have taken several courses on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative network, and they are great! The best for me were Jeanne’s Creatively Made (rediscovering the beauty of your gifts), and Studying under the Masters, (Portraits and self portraits) Week one Vincent Van Gogh was fabulous!! I love the life time access as a few of the courses I enrolled in I didn’t get to yet, but I won’t miss out as they are waiting for me, how cool is that! Thank you for the giveaways and I hope I win!!!

  271. shereen

    I would love to take the new scribble class, I love all the content here !

  272. Ann-Marie

    The original Studying Under the Masters class was A-maze-ing! !! Learned so much 🙂

  273. Geri Colgrove

    I began the New year of wanting to try something very new….some how I found this site and participated in Becoming/ the Unifolding of you. It was just what I needed to give me a boost. I then, too Stepanie Lees’ Simple Sculpting class. It was so fun. I have enjoyed the interviews of the various artists, can’t recall the name of that section. Love, love.

  274. Bonnie Fraterrigo

    Creatively Made continues to be an inspiring class for me. It has been there for me when I needed a creative outlet dealing with my mother’s dementia.Thank you Jeanne for sharing your talents and giving me the gift of art that I could share with others and myself, as I try to deal with the heartache of my mother’s disease. There are things that I can no longer say to mom, but to the canvas I impart my words with each stroke of the brush. On the hardest days, I am able to paint my pain, sadness, as well as, the joy of my memories with mom. As women, we all need a way to express ourselves, and paint is very healing.

  275. Peggy

    I’ve taken several of your courses and enjoyed them immensely. Looking forward to taking more! Thanks for the energy and effort you put into your classes.

  276. Ellette

    Would love to take the Unfolding of You. Thank you for this site and all that you share, bless you!

  277. Krista

    Took the “Creatively Made Home” class & found it to be so informative, cozy and comforting; like having lunch with good friends. I would love to win any of these prizes! Thanks for the opportunity!

  278. Vicki

    I am so happy to share about how much I love so many of these classes, but specifically, Studying Under the Masters.

  279. HC Metcalf

    My girls and I have enjoyed the Danielle Donaldson’s Creative Girl: The Land of Light and Shadows series, Studying Under the Masters and are signed up for the Sketch Series starting next month! Can’t wait to dive in deeper!

  280. Konstanze

    I signed up for the mobil art course and so looking forward to this! You network is so great! Thank you!

  281. Jill

    I have pottered along with a number of your classes and enjoy being able to tap into your talent and that of your other artists from my home here in New Zealand. You inspire me and I have noticed my confidence in the way I view my art has come a long way. A big art felt thanks from me. Thanks Jill

  282. Margo

    I took a course where I learned about using charcoal and gesso…I can’t remember which course, but I have been using and expanding on that technique for the past six months. I’d love to take Painting with the Masters. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  283. Jo

    I have taken a couple of the classes. One of my favorites though was a class for my granddaughters. It was the Summer 2015 Art Class for Children. The first week we did the bird project. The next visit, the first thing they wanted to do was another art project. We did the flower. It was quite enjoyable with step by step instructions and great advice.

  284. Tamar

    I have taken several of the online courses and they have all helped me grow as a person and artist. A course I would love to take is on oil landscape.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  285. linda folkerts

    What a generous soul, thank you for this site and all of the free and affordable courses you offer. I have enjoyed every class I’ve taken. Thanks for all you do!

  286. Karla

    Congratulations! You have truly built a tribe here… For a long time, I was on the hunt to find an on-line classroom where I could nurture my creative side in art. I needed a good price point and flexibility without the disappointment of a looming closing date because of my personal situation is unique….. I will always remember the delight I felt when I signed up for my first class… I now have a wish list that includes almost every class you offer along with some shopping and going on a retreat with you. Thanks for sharing your generous heart and being who you are. ~ With Warm Regards, Karla

  287. Laura

    At a confusing and parched time at the end of a term living overseas, Becoming|The Unfolding of You was not just inspiring but met a need in my heart for gracious, truth-filled words about hope for my future and God’s good work in me. Now back on home assignment but with an unknown future, I ponder the lessons taught there, and am grateful for the women in shared their stories.

  288. Lin

    I really like the Studying under the masters course – I want to improve my portrait drawing/painting skills and this is a great way!

  289. Amy

    The first class I took was the Journey of Letting Go. I really needed this class at the time. It was reflective and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made three journals and still use them.

  290. Amy

    I really enjoyed the plaster workshop with Stephanie lee. I haven’t worked through all of the projects but am looking forward to completing them. Plaster is a new medium for me & Stephanie explains what to do clearly. I can’t wait to play some more!

  291. katie

    i have taken so many of your courses and they have enriched my life. i live in a very rural area. i love the stimulation and invigoration i get from your classes. i have loved danielle donaldson, courtney khail, and all the home courses. and, really, so many more.

  292. Charlotte

    I found Jeanne Oliver just less than a year ago and have been truly inspired by her spirit and creativity. I’ve devoured many of her courses, which I love to revisit…. Studying Under the Masters, Woodland Girls, Creativity Takes Courage, The Living Studio… they all have been so wonderful. It’s tough to pick a class