Jennifer Rizzo {the urban journey collection}

One of the best parts about being an artist and a business owner is when I can stand beside another artist and support and encourage them.

One of the greatest joys is when other artists do that for me.

I feel so blessed by the support and love that the creative community has given me and I hope you will embrace my friend, Jennifer Rizzo, in the same way!

She is launching her spring line tomorrow and is giving all of us a sneak peek.

Jen follows her authentic style and embraces her creative heart.

She specializes in up-cycled clothing, jewelry, paintings and santos dolls.

I own one of her dolls and it is one of my favorite items in my studio.

You can find Jen’s blog HERE and her shop HERE.

Don’t forget to take a peek into Jennifer’s new collection tomorrow!!

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  1. Sherry Smyth

    Jen’s style speaks volumes to me! Looking forward to seeing her entire collection revealed! And yes, artists (and friends!) supporting one another — it is what we do best!

  2. paige

    i love that jen & her great creations. i could NOT believe it when i realized she MADE the santos dolls!! <3

  3. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top

    I’ve been a fan of Jen for a long time! And wow this collection doesn’t disappoint, does it? I just adore her dolls. Just beautiful. And how cute is the top with the doily detail??!! How sweet of you to share Jen with everyone today. 🙂

  4. amy

    fun, jeanne. i should be making a menu list, but i am going to look at her line first.=)

  5. sandy b.

    Now, Thanks a lot Jeanne! Seriously! Thanks!
    Why is this now the third time in 24 hrs. that I am coming upon a post of Jennifer Rizzo.
    I honestly had not ever seen it before… Is that bad or sad?
    I guess both.
    Well, I think someone is telling me that I need a clothing change! I love this style/line.
    It is actually totally me. Skirt over jeans and such. Luv it.

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