Join The Celebration {Huge Online Class Sale and Giveaways}

When we reached 10,000 members on my creative network I wanted to do something really big to celebrate! Once we reached 10,000 members I started asking some of my friends to celebrate with me and they have offered up so many beautiful giveaway products that I am so excited to share. Before I could even do this post we are now almost at 11,000 members that are connecting and taking online classes on! Can you believe this?! This growth has occurred in less than 1 ½ years and we hope you will love this celebration post and all we are offering.

I wanted to do something that thanked all of you for making it such a huge success and celebrated a big milestone for us as a small business. I am not great at celebrating and seem to just move on to the next task and that is something that Kelly and I are really working on this year. We want to stop and celebrate what the Lord is doing with our business, family and friendships.

We have so much good stuff here that I can’t wait to share!

1) For the next 48 hours we are having a huge, huge, huge sale on the online courses.

Every. Single. Course is on sale 50% except the just released Creative Girl: Then Land of Light and Shadows and any course that has not launched yet.

Click Here to see all of our courses

(All of the courses that are on sale have already been marked down and you do not need a code)

2) We are giving away 5 giveaway packages of every class in our network! That is 5 giveaway packages worth over $500 each!!

3) We are giving away a $200 Dick Blick art supply gift certificate!

4) We are giving away prize packages from some of my creative friends!

Here are the beautiful products that my sweet friends are giving away to some lucky readers…

Becky Strahle of Farmgirl Paints is giving away one of her leather cuffs. I own a bunch of these and wear one everyday! Her shop JUST reopened for the next 7 days and you have to go and check out her inventory.

Tiffini of House of Belonging is giving away one of her awesome (so awesome) t-shirts!  This shop is also where I get so many of my large signs around my home.

{Photography by Lissa Whitlock}

Kimberly Taylor is giving away one of her measuring sets from her shop Tiggy and Grace! I love her pottery that is handmade by her husband Chris. We own many of their pieces and use them all of the time. These pieces will be used again and again in your home.

Jennifer Rizzo is giving away a set of six of her classic tea towels. I love Jen’s designs and you will be excited to know that she has a Christmas DIY and décor book coming out this fall and our home will be featured!

Paige Knudsen is giving away a pair of cow horn earrings (I have these and LOVE them) and a beaded bracelet. Both pieces are from Noonday. I love this company, their products and what they stand for! You can check out more from Paige’s shop HERE.

Marian Parsons is giving away something from her vintage stash to one lucky winner! Marian is the author of Inspired You and the creative genius behind the Miss Mustard Seed paint line.

(This photo is only a sample of an item that Marian will be giving away)

Wendy Brighthill is giving away one of her gorgeous prints. I have admired Wendy’s art for so long and love the direction her new art is going. You can find more of her work HERE.


Maria of Dreamy Whites is giving away a two vintage grain sack pillows from her stunning shop! Maria has just moved and is currently renovating their new home with her husband. If you love a good makeover I encourage you to follow the process on her blog and Instagram account.


Lisa Souers is giving away a piece from her jewelry collection. Lisa’s work is an amazing mix of vintage and industrial. You will love to know that Lisa is creating a bunch of new pieces just for me from my collection of vintage treasures from around the world.

(This is not the exact piece you will receive. This is just a sample of Lisa’s work.)

To enter to win our online class packages, Dick Blick gift card or one of the products above please just leave a comment on this page telling us what you want to celebrate about today! It can be big or small. We want to celebrate with you.

For additional chances at the giveaways you can…

* Facebook about our online class sale and celebration

* Pin this post to Pinterest

* Talk about the sale and celebration on Instagram and use the hashtag #jeanneolivercreativenetwork

* Blog about a course you have taken on the network or the sale and celebration

* Share this post on Twitter

 Each time you share about the sale or this post please come back and let us know.

Kelly and I wish we could just have a huge BBQ and invite you all over to thank you for making the site such a success. We started this site as a way to share my thoughts about using your gifts and to make art together. It has become so much more than that! The site has now become a place to take online classes about art AND home. It has evolved to include so many other artists, mediums and techniques. This site has become a place to watch free videos and to be inspired by the free series Creativity Takes Courage! Just typing all of this brings tears to my eyes because all of this is so much more than we had dreamed.

I always tell everyone that Kelly is my dream maker. He has always stood beside me and been my biggest cheerleader. He supports my crazy ideas and believes I can do anything and that my ideas won’t fail. As much as I boast that Kelly is my dream maker the true dream maker is the Lord. Every dream I have was planted by him.

What I love about this community is that every person that takes one of our courses helps to support that dream and the dream of other artists. I watch you all encourage each other through the courses and lift each other up. Your words and actions have become the dream makers to others too. Don’t ever take that lightly. That is good stuff!

I hope you will continue to love the site and the courses we offer. We have so many good courses coming to you this year and hope they are just what you have been wanting to grow your own gifts and to connect with a more creative life.

Thank you!. Truly!

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  1. Stacha Conboy

    I celebrate beginning to create again after a long time of not prioritizing it as it should be…my heart is much happier!

  2. Erin Noll

    I am celebrating fearlessness by renting my first studio space.

  3. Margaret

    Today I’m celebrating waiting.. waiting on God and His promises.

  4. lorimoonstudio

    I’m celebrating the joy of the smallest moments – the sun on my face, the cup of coffee in my hand, the purr of the cat next to me. It really is about capturing the small moments for me.

  5. Tiffany McGuckin

    Celebrating the growth of a artist-based non-profit venture! Celebrating the collaborative effort of many artists and the wonderful support we can provide one another.

  6. Rita Carbuhn

    I am celebrtatinggratitude for my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

  7. Jami

    I am celebrating a day to stay home today. I have been planning it for a while and I’m thrilled it is here. No errands today, just me and my dogs! 🙂

  8. Karen Thomas

    I am celebrating that after just over 6 months in a new province we are finally getting settled and it is feeling a bit more like home.

  9. Whitney Sigler

    I want to celebrate being “brave” about loving me and loving me more. I struggle with it everyday.

  10. Mary Letcher

    I am celebrating almost 3years of sobriety and a year of being free from cigarettes! I am trying to be healthier and I find my interest in creativity has increased greatly! Good luck to all of you who struggle to be better human beings!

    1. Robyn C.

      Congratulations, Mary! 3 years is AMAZING!! You are AMAZING!

  11. Ann-Marie

    Celebrating my 9th month focused on developing and practicing drawing/painting on a daily basis 🙂

  12. Ginger Mallard

    Celebrating a broken heart…I know joy is on its way

  13. Barb J.

    This is an amazing giveaway. I celebrate each and everyday that I am able to be with my grandkids. They make me happy and I laugh all of the time when I am with them.

  14. Robin Bach

    I’m off from work today and my kids are in school, I’m celebrating time for myself.

  15. Lacey Bittner

    Congratulations on your success! I am celebrating the beautiful spring weather we are having today in Nebraska!

  16. Toni

    Celebrating a new life healthy life with Jesus at the wheel.

  17. Joann Brewer

    I am celebrating the sun on my face, I have actually set up my ironing board outside in the garden and intend to do my big pile of ironing out there, lovely!

  18. Toni

    Shared on FB and Pinned on Pinterest! Thanks for the extra chances!

  19. Betsy

    Celebrating the sound of springtime birds and the first green buds and blades of grass. Feeling inspired & thankful for the inspiration you provide!

  20. Karlene

    Jeanne, I want to celebrate with you. Your site and classes are beyond awesome. I have learned so much from you. Your dream is making my dreams come true. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  21. Leslie Wms

    I am celebrating that this is a new day … and that while my false starts and meandering paths seem to have led nowhere, they brought me to this day … and today I choose to live an enchanted artful life on purpose.

  22. Geri Pate

    I am celebrating my recent move from Maryland to Texas!

  23. keetha

    I’m celebrating so much today, this week, this month – family birthdays, a wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day – so many joyful things right here, right now and on the horizon.

  24. Victoria

    I just graduated from college. I am 59, less than one year divorce from a 40 year marriage and I did it. In the past year I have sold one house, bought a new one on my own, finished school, and redesigned my life. My new job starts in June and I have a freelance design project for right now. I am free. I am content. I am looking forward to the next year.

  25. Maria

    I am celebrating today that we can always have hope – hope will help us to live our dreams and those purposes that were meant for us to find, yes, with the Lord’s guidance! Thank you for inspiring such hope and dreams!!

  26. kcampbellwy

    I want to celebrate the sun rising over our eastern foothills with the promise of a beautiful new day. Thanks be to God!

  27. Beth Keele

    Celebrating this moment, this day, the beauty that surrounds me. Celebrating the closeness and intimacy of the True Lover of my soul, and all the gifts He has poured out upon my life. Celebrating the priceless treasure of knowing HIM.

  28. Kendra

    Celebrating LIFE…how wonderful are the miracles of the Lord that play out each and every day in our life… how precious are the people and the blessings He gives us to celebrate our life with… and how gracious are the opportunities He provides us to bless the lives of those around us!

  29. Claudia

    I’m celebrating connecting again with old friends. Oh and I’m celebrating with a friend who just became a father.

  30. Elizabeth Hess

    After a beautiful weekend with friends, and my friend’s inspiration, I am celebrating the fact that “I CAN” instead of “I CAN’T”. I am looking forward to learning and letting my creative side come out in the open! Thank you and Happy Celebration to all of you!<3

  31. Krystal W

    I’m celebrating time with my awesome husband and beautiful kids!

  32. Laura Snow

    I am celebrating many BIG changes in my life…..the end of my homeschool journey as my youngest graduates and the new beginnings of a business I am working on launching…to name a few.

  33. Victoria

    I pinned this on Pinterest. Hope I win a prize but am headed over to look at the online class list right now…a big win if I find something new to learn.

  34. Krista D.

    I am celebrating being moved into our “new” old church building in downtown St. Joseph, MO. Bringing back an old area of our town with a rich heritage.

  35. Mardi James

    I want to celebrate that God and his Angels protected me from a car crash, and blessed me with a new car!

  36. Jody

    I am celebrating the inspiration and encouragement I receive when I read your blog or take one of your courses!

  37. Christine Lakin

    I am celebrating feeling better and the lovely Spring day and all the blooms.

  38. Maureen @ Cottage 960

    Congratulations to you and Kelly. Thank you for sharing all of your dreams and courage and simple hard work that has brought so many people together and encouraged and enabled so many others to follow their dreams.. Today I want to simply celebrate life. Thankful for my good health, and that of my loved ones. And so very thankful for my granddaughter and new grandson we will meet very soon.

  39. Diana

    I want to celebrate spring, and summer coming! It’s my favorite time of year.

  40. Robyn C.

    I am celebrating mental peace and getting my creative mojo back! Congratulations! And WOW – thank you for this!!

  41. Raquel

    I am celebrating that God saw fit to save me and has blessed me tremendously.

  42. Angela S

    I’m celebrating being home with 9 month old baby girl 🙂

  43. chasity

    I am celebrating the last few weeks of being in my 30’s and
    the new changes in life that await me.

  44. Gina Sismilich

    Jeanne – I am taking Studying under the Masters and am signed up for the new creative business class. I love the masters class – even though I am going along slowly. I love free stuff – but nothing matches the free gift of grace the Lord has given us.

  45. Lynda Pelensky

    Celebrating my sons journey in ceramics in high school. He will be graduating this May and continuing his art journey in college in the fall…

  46. Joe Ann Smith

    I am celebrating life and the fact that I am still alive to enjoy everything it has to offer.

  47. Tina

    Continued success Jeanne! I hope your hands are raised high, cupped together and ready for even more blessings to rain down! You deserve it all! I’m celebrating YOU today and the fact that the classes I’ve taken with you have enriched my life and always kick my creative mojo in the pants!

  48. Tina

    annnnnnnnnddddddd Pinned! Thanks Jeanne for the opportunity to win maybe the coolest bunch o’ goodies ever!

  49. Cindy Roth

    I want to celebrate seeing beauty what’s good in every day and being able to use that to treat others with kindness and love.

  50. J. Engen

    I’m celebrating turning half a century at the end of the month! I believe that calls for a month long celebration……

  51. Ginny

    I am celebrating the colours I see, the tastes on my tongue, the textures I touch, the sounds that I hear, the people that surround me and to appreciate and never take anything or anyone for granted.

  52. Vickie

    I want to celebrate LIFE and what a gift every day is. Every day is a new beginning for growth.

  53. Nicole

    I am celebrating rediscovering my artistic side that has been dormant for far too long!

  54. Helen

    I would like to celebrate my friends and family — I had one of those weeks last week where I did everything wrong. Repercussions are still haunting me. My friends and family are such a joy and comfort. I’m finding the grace of vulnerability and the challenge of not giving in and so far with everyone’s help it’s working. They all still love me! Celebrate!

  55. Darla Deiparine

    just want to celebrate! celebrate! celebrate! all that Jeanne Oliver’s site brings me and others 🙂 🙂 🙂

  56. Gail Lynch Paljug

    I’m celebrating the arrival of Spring time and the beautiful birds chirping…and…..what is that? the sun shining?? Yay!

  57. Ronda Conley

    Celebrating LIFE! Waking up everyday to my life is awesome! Celebrating every moment of every day? Life is good! Peace.

  58. Diana skurka

    I am celebrating that today I got to watch a bird gathering bits to build her nest. Build Her Home. Little bit of dried grass here, little bit of my dog’s fur there…priceless to watch nature at work.

  59. stacy

    i am celebrating my kids- they have had a difficult time lately

  60. Maurine

    I am joining in your celebration of all the creative people that are linked together through your vision and encouragement.

  61. Tania Bain

    I am celebrating my 2nd month in my new job. Have been unemployed for almost 8 years. I am so grateful for this awesome oppertunity to be able to contributing finantualy to my little family again :”)
    And also to be able to afford a few art supplies and online art classes…..

  62. Lisa

    I am celebrating the sunshine. I have missed it and I am so glad it is shinning here today! I also liked on Facebook and pinned. Thanks!

  63. Christina G

    I have been homeschooling for almost 20 years, and now my youngest graduates this week! Now what do I do? Jk…..lots to celebrate about!

  64. Alma Sanbern

    I am packing for a dream trip to France where I will spend 5 weeks traveling and painting. A celebration of a dream being realized.

  65. Maureen D

    I’m celebrating a small improvement on a chronic injury which means I’ll likely get to run again!

  66. melony

    wow! i’m guessing when this all began you had no idea where the Lord would take it! i’m celebrating with you both small beginnings (where i’m at) and amazing milestones (10,000 members and counting-woo hoo-congratulations!)

  67. Isabelle Savignac

    I am celebrating fully embracing my light and power!

  68. Arrica

    Today I am celebrating my 40th birthday! In my short 40 years God has granted me six beautiful children, and a loving husband. Can’t wait for the next 40 to unfold.

  69. harpies45

    Today, I want to celebrate that I have pain. I know it sounds weird, but it is what draws me closer to the Lord, and makes me thankful for what I DO have. It also allows me to sympathize with those who have chronic conditions. There’s a scripture that says (and excuse the paraphrase) that God allows us to go through trials so we can help others in similar situations. So, today I’m thankful He’s working in my life. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! Fondly, Tami

    1. Suzanne P

      Tammy, thank you for this.. I have chronic pain and really needed to turn my thinking around.. Thanks for reminding me to use this pain to give God glory

  70. shawnpetite

    I want to celebrate not giving up, giving in, or getting discouraged. I launched my business about 2 yrs ago and things are finally happening. Here’s to celebrating dreams!

  71. Kathy

    So happy I discovered this place and am celebrating the opportunity to tap into my creativity thru some art classes! LOVED the Land of Light and Shadows and look forward to more classes in the future.

  72. Mary Campbell

    I celebrate the marriage of my firstborn daughter to a wonderful man

  73. Suzanne P

    Today I celebrate that I am clean over 26 years! I am a walking miracle and a testimony to God never giving up

  74. deb

    thank you so much Jeanne & friends for your generous giveaway!
    celebrating the arrival of spring & sitting outside with my tea, sketchbook & faithful lab ~ pure joy.

  75. elizabeth marshall

    I’m celebrating that Spring has FINALLY arrived in Ohio!

  76. elizabeth marshall

    Pinning to “what the Queen loves” on Pinterest!

  77. Pam Ballard

    I am celebrating the simple things. With Mother’s Day Sunday I am reflecting on being a mother, grandmother and daughter. This will be the second Mother’s Day without my mom. I miss her but want to continue her legacy. Celebrating Life plain and simple. Thanks for the chance at this wonderful giveaway!

  78. Sara Torbett

    I am celebrating a successful magazine shoot at my house yesterday! I’m a stay at home mama and this kind of stuff usually doesn’t happen for me. It was dreamy!

  79. becky j

    Today I want to celebrate JESUS…Lord, we acclaim You…Master Artist..True Creator…Beautiful Savior!! Thanks Jeanne for giving God the glory & what a giveaway…someone will be very, very giddy 🙂 – several someone’s!!

  80. Michelle Pryde

    I am celebrating that I just planted wildflower seeds in parts of the yard, and am excitedly awaiting the surprises that bloom!
    ~ gem

  81. Anne Hartman

    I am celebrating family, springtime, and a love of art and photography to feed my soul.

  82. April Lopez

    I’m celebrating my awesome wonderful sons who all love God with all their hearts!

  83. Elizabeth

    Celebrating beauty today…the sun is out, the trees are budding and the grass needs to be mowed! Thanking HIM for being able to share in HIS glory.

  84. Donna P

    Today I celebrate the sun shine 😀 It makes me feel sooo good, it rejuvenates me
    Thank you Jeanne and fellow creatives!!

  85. Pam Coxwell

    Celebrating that when we Delight in The Lord….He gives us the desires of heart! Jeanne, you are a great example of this.
    I also celebrate the generous heart He has given you. 🙂 I have learned so much from you! May He continue to bless you and Kelly as you continue to share and lift Him up!

  86. Tamara Mulkey

    Congratulations! I am celebrating a return to health. Yesterday I discovered after dropping about 20 lbs. (since June) I can kick my diabetic injectable medication to the curb!

  87. Jean Goza

    This may sound odd, but I celebrate my job. I work for a senior assisted living facility. Every day is a joy to be with my residents; loving them, helping them, learning about their lives, sharing laughs. We have art class twice a week doing watercolor painting and collage. It is so much fun. I am truly blessed to be a part of this community.
    And bravo to you on your success. I have enjoyed your blog and classes so much. You are so generous. Thank you.

  88. Melk

    I am celebrating starting over, and second (third, fourth, fifth . . .) chances to get it right.

  89. Linn

    I’m celebrating time. The time I have left. The wonderful person I’m so blessed to spend that time with. The time to create and share with others.

  90. Sheila

    I’m celebrating that my son & his wife are expecting a baby! We find out this week whether it is a boy or girl! So excited!

  91. Micki

    Congratulations on the wonderful community you’ve created. I’ve taken one of your classes and love love love the class, you and have learned so much. Today I just want to celebrate that it’s a normal day, no stress at work. I know it’s a weird thing to celebrate, but for months something is making me sick at work and having brought it to the attention of mgmt has been extremely stressful. So I celebrate the days when the office air is clean and no drama. 🙂

  92. Tandra Boyer

    I celebrate that I got to wake up this morning! Sounds corny, I know, but its true! The first celebration of the day is opening my eyes!

  93. Sandy Hutchinson

    I’m celebrating my Mom’s 93rd birthday and Mother’s day all in one weekend!

  94. Teresa

    I want to celebrate everything about today! I woke up, it is a gorgeous day! You are having a BIG giveaway! There is just so so much to be thankful for and celebrate! Congrats on 10,000 followers.

  95. distresseddonna

    I am celebrating a graduation, an engagement, and the health of my family.

  96. Tonya

    I’ve been waiting for an important event, I’m celebrating that today is 2 weeks until it happens 🙂

  97. Carol Nelson

    My celebration today is that I will get to spend a short time weeding in the soil.

  98. Rita

    Love your classes and approach. I am celebrating the beginning of Spring today (finally) and the joys of life. Liked on Facebook and pinned on pintrest. Thx

  99. Samantha

    I want to celebrate surrender. Letting go and the freedom and hope it brings.

  100. Elaine Neidig

    I celebrate my faith and the many blessings I have in my life. Thanks so much for your classes which have been such an inspiration to me.

  101. renaissancemoon

    Today, astrologically, is my (moon) phase day, the same phase under which I was born, which is the crescent phase, a time of emerging and turning on your growth potential. Things feel ready to burst forth, and so I want to celebrate the new me, at 60!

  102. Sandy Ady

    I am celebrating joy and peace unspeakable that He gives in this crazy world ~ through all ya’ll and the wondrous creativity/talent that we can access and share online AND in person. Blessings.

  103. tammfran

    I am celebrating a little thing…I successfully got my printer working again so that I can print off the pdf for the creative girl class I am enrolled in AND I am celebrating a BIG ting…our new puppy Diego…he is so smart and such a good little pound puppy…now all I need is to win one of these amazing and generous prizes and things couldn’t possibly get any better!!!

  104. Rita Seed

    I want to celebrate the gift of this community of artists and, in the words of Anne Shirley, kindred spirits. Through you I feel part of a wide cosmos of talented stars rather than someone creating alone in the darkness. So I celebrate the sisterhood of creative, loving, women I have met on line and in person, and the blessings we have been given. xxxxx Congratulations Jeanne you are an inspiration.

  105. Serena

    HOLY WOW!!! what a giveaway. I love the way you celebrate 🙂 I’m celebrating my business growing its wings and taking off. love you!

  106. Virginia Jaquez

    I want to celebrate that fact that I have the ability to create ART! I am very blessed! Thank you very much!

  107. Kathie Maruska

    I am celebrating CHANGE through a healhty, relazed lifestyle with lots of ART in my life!

  108. Heidi Medhurst

    Today I am celebrating friends! Have a happy day – Heidi

  109. Pam Hemmerling

    Today I am celebrating the joy of discovering the creative side of my life. Thankfully it is true that you are never too old to start a new endeavor. Thanks for a chance to win big!

  110. Giggles

    Learning to be creative daily!!!! Challenge to be renewed and recharged!!!

  111. Amy Murillo

    I am celebrating that it’s a beautiful spring day, my garden is weeded and ready for seeds and plants ~ yippee!!

  112. Peggy Mcdevitt

    I am celebrating the sun and warm weather is on it’s way.

  113. erinb

    I am celebrating learning to accept myself and being okay knowing that right now I’m doing the best I can.

  114. amie

    Every day I celebrate the true blessing my daughter (now 14) brought into my life. She is just a million times WONDERFUl!

    1. erinb

      Meant to say that I pinned this post on Pinterest (darn auto-correct!)

  115. Heather

    Oh my goodness – what a wonderful giveaway! So beautiful – so gracious – so generous all! I am celebrating joy in the midst of suffering, sweet life lessons learned in the cool shadows of chronic health issues, and 5 minutes of ‘normal’ hearing this morning after weeks of near-deafness – the first sounds of my daughter practicing her piano pieces that I’ve heard clearly in such a long time. Lots of little joys for every moment fill my heart with thanksgiving to God for all of His good gifts!

  116. Heather W.

    I am celebrating the blessings of everyday life. Simple pleasures that bring me deep joy. Coffee with sweet cream, clean paint brushes, fresh watercolor paper and a palette full of watercolor paints! True love, laughter, wood stove fires, books to read. Living near salt water, pale green beach glass, wee wiggly babies. The green of spring, the miracle of seeds, the color of summer skies. Imagination, language, and music. There is much to celebrate and be grateful for.

  117. marysu4

    I am celebrating Artventures of all kinds, as I become willing to: take risks, face fears, conjure courage and embrace the path before me. Become willing and great things happen!!

  118. Amber K

    I am celebrating the beuatiful weather that has finally come after such a long cold winter. Seeing spring’s renewal makes me feel alive and gives me hope. I am also so grateful that I found this site thru Christy Tomlinson’s. This is just a really great community of people!

  119. AbbyC.

    Celebrating the courage to put fear on the back burner and take that leap in my life, to love more, to accept the things I cannot change and to live with my heart wide open. 🙂 Congratulations on your success to such a great online community! 🙂

  120. Lisa Wright

    I am celebrating the amount of work I got done today. I’d been suffering from writers’ block but today the words flew out of my fingers! Happy me and happy clients!

  121. Monica Mota

    I’m celebrating my art! My art is going to be licensed by a brasilian company! WOW!!

  122. Jennifer Marsh

    I am celebrating my children!!! May is busy but I love it and them!

  123. Bonnie

    congratulations for your milestone:) we celebrate with you and are happy to be able to enjoy some of the fruits of your creative life expression….this is what i am celebrating as well… the beauty of life lived in that fashion and fashioned by its beautiful flowering!!!
    also i shared to facebook!!!

  124. Lisa Crail

    I am celebrating this creative journey – the meeting of others on the same path – the sharing – the inspiration – the community – the giving…

  125. Shannon Yonge Crawford

    What an accomplishment- dreams do come true. Congratulations on this milestone. xo

  126. ladylyn

    Today I want to celebrate that it’s a beautiful, rainy spring day. (FINALLY! Spring comes slow in Montana.)

  127. Kimberly S. J.

    Congrats! What an accomplishment. And a GREAT giveaway!

  128. Chris

    I am celebrating the loveliness of YOU and all artful people who inspire me every single day!
    So glad I found your network through my friend @somepinkflowers ANOTHER person to celebrate!

  129. Jane Simons

    Congratulations!!! I am celebrating my miracle in progress, that God is healing me of a very long health challenge and I am able to create art once again after 20 plus yrs of not being able to! A true miracle! And as He creates thru me I am in awe at what comes out of me!

  130. Chris

    I have shared about this on my blog, and instagram is a moment away. Thanks for being a great resource.

  131. Brandi Evans

    I am celecrating the I am celebrating the pursuing of dreams!

  132. chris

    How many times can I comment? I just wondered, because there’s now a police officer looking over my shoulder. Sometimes this social media thing can be treacherous…

    Anyway, I just instagrammed and tweeted. I’m exhausted– time for a latte.
    @parabolicmuse on IG
    @prismtrail on t.

    have a lovely day.

  133. Julie Johnson

    Thank you not hiding your faith. May your talents continue to bless others. Thanks for the celebration!! I am close to Castle Rock if you are having a BBQ.

  134. Erin

    Today I’m celebrating bringing art back into my life! I just purchased a watercolor class and I’m so excited to get started!!

  135. Karen Short

    What a wonderful time for you and your creative network! CONGRATULATIONS! I am celebrating my graduation from university and finally receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting – woohoo! Also, this month I am celebrating a birthday… I am full of excitement for what this next season in my life will bring! (Hopefully some wonderful Jeanne Oliver prizes <3) Best of luck to everyone, and very warmest wishes! -Karen

  136. Angela Heather

    Congratulations Jeanne and Kelly! <3 Thank you for including us all in your celebrations :o)
    Today I am celebrating the fact that I have (finally!) turned into an implementor; a follow-through-er!
    I dreamed lots, I started lots, but in recent weeks I have begun following my passions (including my art and crafts) in smaller chunks of more-productive time, and have really and truly made progress which in all honesty had been missing for a long time. The satisfaction I get now, I cannot tell you!
    A tiny example is that I have had the desire to make dream catchers for a long time now. I was gifted stacks of vintage ribbons and trimmings – perfect! and I even bought some hoops/rings, and yet.. still nothing. Today I just went and did it! Made my first one.
    So here's to completing projects, following your passions, and sharing those passions with the world! xxx

  137. Fiona

    I wish to celebrate the freedom that I have to create and fulfill my dream of being courageous and open to the flow of creative energy. Thanks for the inspiration that your courses have given me…a much needed source of nourishment and joy. I wish to celebrate future artistic adventures!!!

  138. Amy

    Celebrating positivity, and letting go of disloyal friends……

  139. Rhonda Zamora

    I love your blog. It is always inspirational. I would like to celebrate family and friends. I have been blessed with a family and friends who love each other and take care of each other. Thanks for a chance to win one of these awesome prizes!

  140. Amy

    Pinned it!!! Thank you to all contributors! Celebrating each of you!!!

  141. Leslie McNeil

    me? i’m counting it all.. joy! and i’m delighted to be a part of the many people you have reached throughout your site’s many options. thank you jeanne. God Bless

  142. Tanya Miller Poling

    i am celebrating living in the moment! Today was gorgeous outside, so i had the chance to paint and play with my kids in the back yard for hours! seriously im tired but i know we will all sleep good tonight! 3 Cheers to a good nights sleep! 🙂

  143. Susan Houghton

    Jeanne you are such a creative inspiration to all of us. Thanks so much for just being you!

  144. Tanya Miller Poling

    Liked and shared on Facebook! so exciting! Love your blog, videos and how you pull all these great artists together! Congrats!!!

  145. di@Cottage-Wishes

    I am happy to celebrate my husband is cancer free still after 4 years! Di@Cottage-wishes

  146. shemann

    Just signed up for the watercolor class! Just got back from Dallas where I spent 10 wonderful days with my son!

  147. amy bruce

    Celebrating God’s faithfulness and strength through hard times!

  148. Silvia

    I’m celebrating the ability to make changes and move on to greater and better things in life!

  149. petrahrziwnatzki

    I am celebrating the fact that art has come into my life at the most perfect time. Was needing something for Me while staying home with my three small boys!! It has literally changed my life!! It is something to celebrate for sure!!

  150. Diane Humphrys

    I’m celebrating NOW…time to step out in faith!

  151. painttheskywithme

    I am celebrating that God recently got me through a devastating fire so that I can continue to enjoy making art and everything life has to offer!

  152. Carol deSousa

    I want to celebrate that I finally took a live watercolor color class at my local community center with a very talented Artist. I’ve wanted to learn this medium for years and I finally did it!! Yea!
    Congrats on your 10,000+ members!!

  153. Linda Robison

    I’m not so lucky so I doubt I will win but wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all you do….did you ever think you would be this? love you.

  154. Mariza

    My dear dear friend thinks she is not creative… but I used this sales as an opportunity to get her to give it a go.I hope she gets the satisfaction I got from doing these courses.

  155. Thelma Louise

    I want to celebrate health, good friends, and warm temperatures.

  156. Nita Yuros

    I am celebrating a successful Art Walk that raised $57,000 for worthy students to attend school. And I am celebrating the opportunity to work with dedicated middle school students who come to school each day at 7:30 a.m. to be involved in Fine Arts..

  157. Kelly Steindorf

    I am out in Missouri celebrating life and will celebrate my daughter graduation from college on Saturday. We have been having some amazing time together and will have an amazing road trip home to California. I have been so inspired by the trees and the surroundings. We went to Marceline today, which is Walt Disney’s hometown. We saw where he was truly inspired to do his art!

  158. Teresa beg

    I want to celebrate family and friends. Thank you for the great classes and giveaways!!!!

  159. Penny G

    I want to celebrate the wonderful sunny day we our having today.

  160. Rachael Jones

    I want to celebrate truly trusting in God! He will take care of you when you turn it all over to Him!! 🙂

  161. Brandi Evans

    Just pinned to online classes …. User name octoberlee. Thanks for the extra chances!!!!

  162. Donna

    I’m celebrating the sun shining today. I took a walk at lunch to soak up the warmth of the sun and the light

  163. Brandi Evans

    Me again just shared on Facebook!! Brandi Velthouse-Evans 🙂

  164. Pam Ballard

    Posted on instagram. Username PAMBALLARD excited about this giveaway!

  165. studiojru

    i am celebrating stretching my creativity and trying new things!

  166. Karen C

    I am celebrating the start of summer!! It is warm, the sun is shining and the trees are green … finally!

  167. Rene

    When I walked out the door to go to work this morning, the sun was shining, birds singing and I thought, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad in rejoice in it.!” I celebrate Life!!

  168. carolimoore

    Celebrating a life in the mountains with bluebirds and wildflowers with an art studio that enables me to create and to share with an elementary school where we make art.

  169. Melinda Bloom

    I signed up for two classes today! Happy Tuesday to me!

  170. Melissa

    It is a simple thing, but I am celebrating watching my daughter swim tonight – it brings me so much joy to watch her in swim class 🙂

  171. Andrea

    This school teacher is celebrating the year end countdown! 13 days left until summer vacation!

  172. Shelli

    I want to celebrate The Lord’s faithfulness and goodness.

  173. Andrea

    Shared & wrote about this post on Facebook. Thanks Jeanne!

  174. Toni Santanello

    I am celebrating that I am going to become a gramma in December and celebrate my life by making healthier choices and choices that are better for me all around.

  175. Phyllis Ann

    Celebrated the outdoors today – landscaping, playing in the dirt, watering plants and flowers, and being thankful for sun and warmer weather!

  176. Bonnie

    Love’n this site and celebrating a new life in Art. Thx Jeanne for your time and talents!

  177. Sherry

    I am celebrating God’s blessings on my life this day and every day, and He continues to keep me cancer free.

  178. Traci Severson

    celebrating today, and each day, that I have my health, my children, my husband, a job and a roof over my head…..celebrating life each day!

  179. leeann1227

    Today I am celebrating being brave! I did something today that I’ve been so afraid to do for so long. And it felt great!!!

  180. suzieq23

    Today is National Nurses Day and we celebrated our loving nurse at our school by cards, hugs, and yummy chocolate cake to show her how much she is appreciated. She has patience and can deal with everything from a bee bite to just giving extra love to those who may need it that day. I applaud her and respect her and celebrate not only her kindness but her knowledge of nursing. TLC is the name of the game when it comes to Nurse Michelle. thanks for the great videos and art you bring to us.

  181. Dawn

    I am celebrating one of my students graduating today. I am an Assistant Coordinator/Teacher at an Alternative/Adult School. My student was in such shock that she actually finished that she couldn’t stop crying. As challenging as this job can be, these days make it worth it. I am thankful.

  182. Janet

    A lot to celebrate–spring (finally), health, family and friends.

  183. Ali Coates

    I am celebrating that you have opened up a whole new world to me through your online courses!

  184. Octavia

    I am celebrating my brother surviving a blood clot in his left ventricle. Thank you Lord.

  185. Dottee Odom

    I’m celebrating Spring and all her beautiful abundance!
    I’m celebrating

  186. Anita Haines

    I am celebrating the joy of creating and our awesome creative God who brought us together on this journey together.

  187. Liz

    I am celebrating my encouraging artist friend!
    I emailed her your link~

  188. Angie Myers

    Just want to celebrate that God is not done we me yet:) and continues to let me live this awesome life !

  189. Jenny

    Today I am celebrating a happy life. I have worked very hard to get where a am in life, it is far from perfect but I am happy and that is what is important.

  190. Beth.Ann

    I just shared on Facebook and can’t wait to check out the classes 🙂

  191. Sandy Ady

    Shared with my FB friends, too. . . ya’ll, I’ve taken the Santos Cage Doll class and works in progress with the most AWESOME Studying Under the Masters and planning to sign up for two more tonight. Just the best!

  192. Marcy Fomin

    Celebrating being happy with who I am and knowing who I am and what I do is enough. Also pinned and liked on FB. 🙂 The prizes are awesome!

  193. nachell sturges

    I’m celebrating another day of life for my dear friend diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, and the blessing she is to me.

  194. CD Muckosky

    SO excited for you guys! It is always great to see how you are using your gifts to shine your amazing light in the world, you Bless so many people far and wide

  195. Helene Fuhrman

    I’m celebrating friendship, from my lifelong friends to the new friend I just met today. What a joy!

  196. Lottie Petersen

    Celebrating the opportunity for new beginnings… Getting a chance to take a “hobby” to the next level and all that that adventure will bring!

  197. uswoll

    Celebrating my mother’s 92 nd birthday with family in her home town. Pinned and shared too!

  198. Jo Ann

    I am celebrating being cancer free almost 6 years, I am celebrating the Lord and my family, I celebrating my plan to open a booth space and getting my creativity back and I am celebrating your success!!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win such wonderful prizes!

  199. Jo Ann

    Just pinned this post! Thanks again for the chance to win…

  200. Stephanie

    I’m celebrating getting to see my grandkids in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see their faces and smell them when they’re sitting in my lap and hear them say “Honey, I love you so much.” in their sweet little voices.

  201. Judy A. Earley

    Today, I am celebrating the many gifts that my 5 children share with me. As their mom, I am very proud of them, of course. But, when I think about their individual gifts and how they share them so freely with others (including me) without even knowing that this is what they are doing…it is very inspiring to me. Tonight, I will make a point of telling them how their gifts are special and how generous they are in sharing them.

    This is a very generous giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win such lovely items.

    I have posted the info on my social media pages. Good luck to everyone!

  202. Annette Tyrrell

    I am celebrating having my daughter come home for the summer. She goes to college in Ohio and is coming home to Washington to be with us this summer. It makes my heart sing. AND thank you for offering this giveaway. Our Heavenly Father is so good!

  203. Liz Atmore

    I am celebrating Life filled with Big Love, Joy & Hope because Papa God gave me the gift of Life – filled with my loving husband ? beautiful children ? a new start in marriage, new country, renewed Hope ?

  204. carroll piper

    i am celebrating the return of spring and the renewal of hope that it always brings!

  205. Jackie P Neal

    Jeanne and friends! I love your site and am so happy for your success!! Today I am celebrating my conscious decision to move forward and realize my dreams!! hugs to you!!

  206. Pamela

    I’m celebrating coming out of the storm-clouded Dark Ages of over 20 years of very traumatic times, into a Renaissance of Creativity for myself and my 5 children. We are so thankful to have lived through it, to receive spiritual expansion from it, and to let our spirits express this glow through our artwork! I couldn’t be more thankful! Celebrating with everyone here on their accounts too! Thank you God/Love!

  207. Jackie Jones

    I celebrate this wonderful new community I found through Junelle Jacobsen’s site. I came in late to the Amazing class Studying Under The Masters. I’m a learner for life and enjoying the class and appreciate all the hard work and research all the teachers have put into it.
    I am also happy that I got in from the start for the gem that is CreativeGirl. Danielle Donaldson’s is a wonderful creative spirit and I thoroughly enjoy her style of art and learning from her. watercolor plus Acrylics-who knew!? (well, maybe the rest of you did).
    Thank you Jeanne for putting this all together. I have shared on FB and plan to grab some other classes right now! have a wonderful day! Jackie J.

  208. Priscilla Andonie

    I am celebrating my birthday. Thank God for 76 years of A WONDERFUL LIFE.

  209. Heather Williams

    Congrats on your fabulously huge success, Jeanne!!
    I’m celebrating & toasting to dreams coming true…for myself & others! 🙂
    Thank you so, sooo much for such a generous opportunity!!!
    Blessings ~H?~

  210. hkholden

    I am celebrating life today. Just the fact that we have breath means he (the lord) is not done with us yet. #thankful

  211. Jenn H

    As a family we are celebrating after 2 years of searching for a church, we found one that we LOVE!!!

  212. Kristin

    I am celebrating being the Mama I am. One year ago we decided to pull out of everything that was distracting us from the parents we needed to be, closed our business and started homeschooling my two youngest. Putting it all in God’s hands and working hard. It truly is a celebration.

  213. Michel fletcher

    I want to tell you how beyond thrilled I am to have been introduced to your painting with the masters class, yesterday was my bday and my hubby bought me the class and so far I am on awe…just watched the first video Jeanne and I am in love with you and your class in Peace & Paint muchel fletcher

  214. Emily Geleske

    I’m celebrating the progress I’ve already made in my goal to run a 5k this fall! I started from not running at all 6 weeks ago and I’ve already noticed such a difference in what I’m capable of – physically AND mentally 🙂

  215. Emily Geleske

    I also tweeted about the giveaway. Jeanne, thank you so much for always been generous and supportive to the rest of us dreamers!

  216. Fonda

    I’m celebrating using old tools and supplies in new ways with new techniques you bring to us thru your network!

  217. janet

    i love all the gifts…my celebration is an email from my hubby about meditation…seems small but it really made my day!

  218. Dona Bumgarner

    Today I’m celebration being at home after some unexpected health issues landed me in the hospital for surgery a few days ago. I can’t wait to get back in my studio!

  219. Amy Trinkle

    I am celebrating a redeemed life and the pleasure I find in also redeeming and creating from found objects.

  220. Beth Cole

    Congrats on such a successful network, Jeanne. I am celebrating everything I have learned in your classes and all the friendships I have made. I pinned your celebration on Pinterest. Thanks for your generous heart.

  221. Christa Thomas

    Sooo excited for you Jeanne! Today I am celebrating getting my husband home from the hospital after a bad mountain bike crash. Two broken arms, broken nose and bad concussion, but it could have been much worse. So I’m celebrating bike helmets and trauma teams today!

  222. vanessa soto

    I am celebrating finding my own style in my art! Congrats! You have built an awesome community.

  223. Christa Thomas

    And pinned!! Now off to see if there are any classes I’ve overlooked:-)

  224. Jeanie Rock

    I am celebrating life. Thanks for sharing. Hope to take all of the classes.

  225. Gail

    Pinned on Pinterest! Thanks for the opportunity!! Love your site!!

  226. Jeanie Rock

    Pinned your sale and drawings to Pinterest. Thanks again

  227. Terri Levensailor

    I am CELEBRATING my sweet husband’s complete recovery from heart surgery. So grateful for the Lord and his tender mercies.

  228. HeatherD

    Congratulations – oh wouldn’t a BBQ be so fun! Today I want to celebrate because I am going “home” this weekend to celebrate my sweet Momma. Miss her so.
    Thank you!!

  229. Donna

    I’m celebrating the new scanner that will allow me to sell prints of my artwork. So excited to be “setting up shop”!

  230. Danielle

    I’m celebrating the the return of a sunny spring day with a warm weather and flowers in the gardens.

  231. Lisbeth

    I’m celebrating the strong creative women on this site that have inspired me to move forward and just create without worry of being perfect:)

  232. Debbie

    I celebrate a husband who is so encouraging concerning my artistic endeavors! I feel very blessed!

  233. Julie B

    Celebrating the beauty of this day!!
    Such a fantastic giveaway!

  234. Pauline Clark

    I am celebrating that my daughter turned 28 years old yesterday and is still the beautiful, free-spirited, happy and positive child she was 20 years ago. It’s a real celebration that she has managed to maintain that in our serious world.

  235. Judith Thibault

    I am celebrating that I get to be creative in my studio tonight!

  236. Alice

    I daily thank the Lord for my many blessings and celebrate Him through my creative life. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  237. Judi

    I am celebrating the beautiful spring weather after a long cold winter.

  238. Tammy Mohr

    I’m celebrating my best friend. It’s been so long since I have had a girlfriend to craft with, talk with, complain to. And one who understands my health issues enough not to get upset when I once again cancel our plans. I am celebrating Jennifer. She is awesome!

  239. Jackie Beeman

    I celebrate life! As I get older each day becomes more precious, because I know they are limited, and I am thankful for the chance to do what I love, with the people I love!

  240. katie

    today i will celebrate being back in our home after a remodel.
    thanks, katie

  241. katie

    i pinned the post.
    (i have taken a lot of your classes.
    so many of them have been fantastic.)
    have a good day, katie

  242. Amy D

    Today I am celebrating taking another step towards starting a creative business by signing up for one your classes!

  243. Chris S.

    Celebrating a month filled with blessings! My Dad turned 90 and is in fabulous health. One of our sons graduates from law school this weekend. Spring is appearing in ND.

  244. Pat Wolfson

    Today I will celebrate having a whole day to paint and create.

  245. jen

    Celebrating all my blessings. Life is not perfect but I am so grateful for my family.

  246. Angela Lathem-Ballard

    I am celebrating my daughter who just turned 6 months, and the discoveries she makes each day! What a blessing!

  247. JanetB

    I am celebrating growth, huge life change in job, getting healthy, and art!

  248. Susie

    I am celebrating the sound of all the birds outside my window.

  249. arlsmom

    Today I am celebrating that I am learning to set boundaries and learning to express what I need better. Asked for help today and actually very happily received it. Being an introvert is hard in a house full of extroverts at times… thank you for the chance to win! Huge congrats on such a fabulous achievement….I am just one of those 10,000….but I’m a happy one!

  250. Tracy Hoover

    I am celebrating change today.
    I shared the giveaway on twitter. @lovehopefaith01

  251. Skye Gregerson

    I’m celebrating spring! It’s my favorite time of year!

  252. Merry

    Today I am celebrating the roof over my head and praying for all those who go without one. Thank you for your classes!! May God continue to Bless you!!!!

  253. Diva Kreszl

    I am celebrating that God has blessed me with three amazing sons and has given me the privilege of being their mother. As adults I know that they belong to Him but he allowed me to raise them!

  254. Valerie W

    I want to celebrate CREATIVITY and love that you all share yours!

  255. Gina

    Today I am celebrating that the sun is shining and my youngest child is coming home from college today for the summer.

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