Just Dreaming About It Won’t Get You There

In the new year there can be long lists of dreams for the year and maybe even a yearly bucket list.  What I have found to be true is that me just dreaming about something has never led to the actual doing and experiencing.  If I want to learn something, go somewhere, spend time with someone… I have to make a PLAN OF ACTION.

There have been more times than I can count that I had no idea how I was going to make something a reality but I jumped in anyway.  When I know something is important to me, my family or my creativity I get really creative to make it a reality.  That “dream” doesn’t need to stay that way.  What fun is an incredible “dream” if you don’t walk it out and make a plan of action?  That dream can become a reality through planning, sacrifice and just jumping in.  That whole just jumping in is really the first step of action that leads to more action and then something wonderful being accomplished.

I get to travel to some pretty incredible places for my business and to teach art.  I also have traveled to beautiful places just for me or for my family.  I hear many people say to me, “I dream of going there too or someday I hope to have the money to…”.  The thing is that we never know how long we have on this earth and there is never enough money.

I remember the first time I went to France and I remember originally showing my husband the retreat and just KNOWING this trip was for me.  My pretty amazing husband took one look at my face and said, “I don’t know how we will do this but we will figure it out”.  Guess what?  We did!

Going to France that first time and spending time in the south of France and then Paris changed my creative heart.  It CHANGED it!  What if I hadn’t asked?  What if my husband wouldn’t have said that we would figure it out?  That first trip has opened up more trips and relationships.  It has made my world smaller and more intimate.

Did you know that I found one of my closest friends on that first trip to France?  I actually met one of my closest friends that also happens to be a lover of travel, family, art and the Lord!  I now believe with my whole heart that I was supposed to go on that trip to meet HER.  The Lord knew I would need an artist/heart friend that I could grow, travel and create with.  I don’t know what you have been “dreaming” about lately and the things you want to do in your life.


I would just encourage you to take steps of action this year.  Don’t wait.  What is waiting for YOU if you step out and figure it out as you go?

Maybe you don’t need to travel across the ocean and maybe you just need to open your home, step out your front door, go to a museum or find those women just like you in your community.

I just want you to not regret not doing things that are a part of your heart because the timing isn’t perfect.  It never will be. Believe me…I know. We make it perfect by our actions and sacrifice.

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  1. Amy G

    Jeanne, You are absolutely right! A few years ago I told my husband that I really wanted to attend Brave Girls Camp. It was kind of hard to explain at the time. I wasn’t even sure how to describe the retreat to him but I knew I really wanted to go. So…I went and it changed my heart. I met some wonderful, brave women who have become my closest friends. This summer I’m going the Christy Tomlinson’s She Matters art retreat and I can’t wait. Someday I’d love to attend one of your retreats they look and sound amazing…I love what you are doing and that you have been so brave in following your heart(and your calling) and sharing your talents with all of us. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  2. Racheal

    I love this! Reading this has shifted something inside of me! Thank you for your words. Thank you for your creative heart and helping others like me to see the possibilities that could happen if we just take that step and believe.

  3. Peggy

    You know this is exactly the reason I am going to Savannah on the 23rd. Chris knows how much I love travel and how much I needed to spread my wings… it is so hard for me to go places without him. Trust me going to France with my son and the rest of the kids in the French program at his high school a few years ago made me realize that time will stand still for no one! Now I am looking for local cooking classes as that is a passion of mine. Thank you!!

  4. Stacey M. Curry

    Jumping in is a good goal for 2015. 2014 seemed to be a year of adjusting…but I need to jump in. I am good at coming up with so many excuses as to why something won’t work…I have for so long and it’s now 2015 and I still have some of the same dreams that I had 10 years ago… and I still haven’t jumped in to. It was easy to say when the kids are older…but now “they” are older and there is a new sweet baby…so it’s just time to jump in! Too believe in myself and my dreams…for me and my kids! Thanks so much for ALWAYS inspiring!

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