Do you know what an amazingly fun job it is to hand pick women to be in my courses?

Not only do I get to reach out to these incredibly talented women hoping they will be in the course….but then they tell me that want to do the course!

How did this happen:-)

The line up for the new Creatively Made Home {home for the holidays} is so beautiful that I keep pinching myself.

Each week I want to highlight one of the teachers, their style and why I chose them in the first place.

I didn’t just choose a woman because of her style…I chose her because of her heart and how she loves on her family, home and others.

This week I want to share about Andrea Fowler from Keeping It Cozy.

I have loved Andrea’s style from the first moment I came across her blog.

To me her style is a cross between French country, Scandinavian and prairie.

That probably doesn’t even make sense…haha.

She makes me want to run out and get chickens and make some biscuits with my kids in the kitchen:-)

Andrea was also one of the winners of Country Living Magazine’s Blue Ribbon Blogger Award (pretty amazing and she deserved it).

When you visit her blog her heart shines off the screen.

She is about family.

She is about home.

She is about making memories and creating a life full of what matters to her and her family.

She is about using what you have and thinking outside the box to create beauty.

Andrea and her family are creating a simply beautiful life together…and we get to tag along for the ride.

I have to share Andrea’s home with you because her style and lifestyle is stunning.



I can’t tell you what her projects are (sorry) but she will be sharing one of her family’s favorite recipes (it is so yummy), a decorating project and a gift giving project.

And on a side note you might want to make THIS for your family this weekend!


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